Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End Of 2014!!!

 I can't believe we are at the end of 2014!!!!! Everything went super great, I had an incredible Christmas, it was so wonderful, we had 7 dinner Appointments, it was so crazy hahah, but it was so much fun being with the members and just eating like a boss. Skyping my family was sooooo awesome and incredible it was soooooo great to see them again, I had the best time, I'm excited to just catch up with my mum, dad and sister and spend some quality time with them, They are all doing super well, it was crazy listening to them as they are super English haha, they have the most English accents I have ever heard!!! It blew me away, I never noticed it before :P  It was funny as my family knows how much I love my dogs back home, they sent me a Christmas card with 2 paw prints in and it said Merry Christmas Sam, lot of licks and woofs hahah, I Loved it :) It put a big smile on my face :) ! It's New Years eve we have to be back in the flat at 5pm and stay there for the whole evening, so I'm not doing much, but we have heaps of Pancake Batter Mix, Chocolate, like $400 of Chocolate it's like the only thing I have been eating hahaha, just straight Lindor all the way ;)  It was awesome as we were knocking doors yesterday and we ended up teaching a woman called Natalie and her daughter and by the end of the discussion she was super excited to come to church this Sunday and all it was an awesome day, yesterday as we also met with Lynn and went over the baptismal Questions with her and just helped her prepare more, she is so ready and is being baptized on the 10th of January and 10:00am :) Also we made an old lady cry in the good way ;) we helped her in her garden and done service for her and after we sung her a Christmas hymn :) It made her Christmas :)  I'm loving this work and i'm making the most of it and I'm loving this weather it's 33 degrees outside as i write this to you :) It's the best weather!!! We also went down to Mooloolaba Wharf the other day and helped out on a boat, we were sanding it down and filing it and make it also nice and smooth, It was super awesome just working on it on the Sun and the Mooloolaba Wharf is super nice :) Also we are moving flat!!! We will move a little bit of our stuff today, so I guess that it what some of our New Years will be :P So also i just thought i should put about how weird it is not having a cold Christmas and the fact that we ended up having an Aussie BBQ!!! BBQ on Christmas, it's actually pretty awesome,  It's a great thing!!! Also I tried Camel hahaha, I know :P but it changed my life hahaha, it's actually surprisingly really great :P

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Here are some photos that I have been sent over the past year or so. Hope you enjoy them. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Message

So I'm really looking forward to Skyping home as well as that will be super awesome!!! It will be so great to see the family again and be able to speak to them!!! I'm really happy about that, so I actually also get to spend Christmas at the King's. I Love how there is a family in the ward called the Kings :) It's weird spending Christmas with the King's but in Australia haha :) It has been a great day already, we just got finished with hiking up Mount Coolum.  I Loved it!!! It was so nice up there, and I heard this couple speaking Spanish, and I was with my friend, and he can Speak Spanish, he was born in Sydney but his parents are from South America. We started speaking to them in Spanish, but they were both from Europe. the girl was born in Finland, raised in Sweeden and the guy was from Italy. The week was great as well, we set another 2 baptismal dates. so Lynn for the 10th of January :) and also Meegan, who we just found for the 21st of January, we are also going to try and set another date this week, with Gary, for the 17th of January and we have Kathleen on date for the 7th of Janauary, so overall that would be great to see all these wonderful people enter the waters of baptism. Also it is 1 year ago and a big shout out to Caitlyn as she was baptized and confirmed a member a year ago. :D That is super awesome and I'm so proud of her!!!! This week we are also going Christmas Caroling and I remember when we all went out a year ago and done Caroling as well and Caitlyn came it was super awesome :) Also the weather this last week has not been that great, but today is super nice!!! So it was also awesome as we were also able to help this family with service and he was the missionary who served my family when he was in the London South Mission, so it was great to be able to repay the favor :) Also one of my friends a while back we got matching One Direction toothbrushes, as he knows I Like them and I'm from England, and the toothbrushes sing a few songs as well, it's awesome haha!!!  I Love this work, I will continue to work my hardest we are seeing great success in like one of the hardest areas!!!! the next P-day I get to go to the Brisbane temple on New Years Eve!! Something we Love to share and I don't know if you have seen it yet is the Christmas video on christmas.mormon.org It's only about 3 minutes long and is centered around the Savior. http://www.mormon.org/christmas I'm looking forward to this coming week though, It's awesome to be able to share the Christmas message, people got up in church yesterday and were like have you got the Elders round to share a message with it was the best, they shared it to my dad who was not a member and we have never seen him act like that before he loved it and now wants to learn more :) It's little things like that which are awesome, who would have known it would have had such a big effect :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

I am One of A kind, Rare Kind

So it is crazy as in 4 months I will be back!!! and It was awesome as we were knocking doors this week and the houses were right by the canal and this person is like there our dolphins in there all the time!! I also love that it is like Summer time here, wake up in the morning play some Basketball and then by 9.00am on someday it's already 29 degrees out :) Gotta love Summer ;) we will love it together, it is weird having this at Christmas time though!!! and this week we have the ward Christmas party!!! it's a cotton tree park at the swimming pools and it's crack up because we can't go in the water, so I'm just going to be smashing all the bbq food instead :P So the goal in the mission into have by the end of the 700 + convert baptisms as a whole ABM, this has only been done like twice before and both those times were when Papua New Guinea was part of this mission, so i have met quite a few people who served there!!! I know we will do it!! we set a baptismal date for the 7th of January!! Also we had an awesome experience we got a referral from someone who was not active and we went and the address did not exist, then we continued knocking around the area and we knocked on this one door and this other person was like Stacey is not in, I think I mentioned Stacey last week, the single mum, well we invited her to prayer and find out that there was a God, we promised her she would find a full time job and all, and then as soon as we left she went and prayed and within the hour she got a phone call with someone offering her a full time job!!! so crazy!!! Love it!!! Prayers work, I knew it before and had a strong testimony of it, but this just increased it heaps. Also we have been smashing heaps of Mexican food, I'm loving it hahah! and the other night we went to Carols in the park, in cotton tree in Maroochydore it was awesome Anthony came out with us :) and Guess what I'm the only English Mission here in the ABM!!! I'm a one of a kind, rare kind!!! The only one!! I'm really looking forward to Chrtistmas to Skype back home as well, it will be so great :)  Also Top shout out to those from my ward reading this!!!  Buderim ward is the best!!! a big shout out to Chelsea and the Portors family, As i know you will read this!!! :)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Australia Zoo

 So It is Transfer day today and I did not get transferred :) I'm staying here which I thought I would which is awesome!! So the week was great we had a very special Sacrament meeting and it was across the whole of the Pacific, it was known as an Invitation Sunday. It was really centered around Jesus Christ and we had quite a few non members turn up :) and the missionary work here is going really great, and we should hopefully be able to see a few more people enter into the waters of baptism. Lynn will be Baptized next month, 2015 what the hahah :P and we are teaching this guy called Gary and as we left he said just out of the blue 'You can helped me get baptized right??' and we were like we sure can haha! So we will continue to work with him. We also had an awesome experience yesterday were we ended up teaching this single mum, who is really going through a hard and tough time, she is in her 30's and is so humble and loved the lesson we shared with her. And she is coming to church this Sunday we are actually trying to get her to someone's house for a dinner this week :) We Also got to go to the Australia Zoo, and for like a lot of the day we just done impersonations of Australian accents :)  It was soooo awesome and I got to see some Red Pandas :) I'm getting closer to seeing the other type hahah, one day I will get to see one!!! Also the keeper's were walking a Cheetah and we were about 4ft away from it, it was so incredible :) and I got to stroke and cuddle with a Koala!! it was awesome, we also saw the bird the Cassowaries. and I also at this other time they were walking a wombat on a lead and I got to stoke it, then it climbed into a thing they had made for it a 'wombat wagon' and then they wheeled him away haha :) we also got to go and see heaps and heaps of Kangaroo's and lye with them and feed them and just mess around with them it was soooo much fun!! I also got to see a Tasmanian Devil. and got to watch the Crocodile and Tiger shows. We also got to see Giant Tortoises and something I have always wanted to do is go and see the Giant Tortoises on the Galapagos Islands :)  we had Thanksgiving at our friends home who is actually from Vegas and we had Pumpkin pie and Root beer floats. I also went on a few trade-offs last week, and we went to Coolum Beach, it was awesome and to Mount Coolum it is so nice there :) I should also be going up to Noosa, or Noosa Heads in a week or so on another trade-off, and there are a few other places also, Sunrise Beach, Peregian Beach etc. Also I found Spongebob Sqauepants home we are always going past this place near Forest Glen ways called the 'Big Pineapple'. we are super excited to start this Transfer are we straight ravished the last Transfer! We are happy we are both staying in the area, people actually were writing to the Mission President and just asking for us to stay. Or is there any way you can stay here. It was so kind and thoughtful, I truly love this ward and the people in it :) When we were finding out Transfer deliberations, we had a group of members listening in as well and when they heard that we were staying they were cheering and shouting haha, it was sooo sweet off them!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Best Transfer of My Mission

Ahhhh Everything here is going so great It was an incredible week and we are just smashing it here!! I'm Loving life here. You should check out Black Swan Park in Maroochydore and also Maroochydore Rotary Park, this is where we GQ like 3 times a week, we were there yesterday morning before Church and it is Paradise, the Sand, Sea and just the best Weather! :) The Reason it was such a great week was because Anthony got Baptized on Saturday and Confirmed yesterday :) I will try and get you the pictures :) It was the best thing, I can't tell you how much I Love Anthony and wanted to see him enter the waters of baptism!!! Ahhhh I felt the Spirit so strong and was just so humbled. I remember when I had first met Anthony nearly 6 weeks back I had known him for only 5 mins from the time we knocked on his door and had walked to the park next to him home to teach him, I then talked to him and shared my conversion story with him for 15 mins and then we committed him to be Baptized and he said Yes, and Wow since that day he is a changed man!!! Like he is so comfatble around us and we see him like every day :) and He has really come out his Shell. He is a great man, he is 34, looks like he is 22 hahah :) I'm just so Happy, This has been the Best Transfer of my mission. So many Blessings. We actually should be having another Baptism in 2 weeks time on the 7th of December :) her name is Lynn, her husband is a member, we had the most powerful lesson with her, I hope so but I don't know if you saw the picture i sent you with me with the glasses, saying I'm loving the work here, having a great night in a tropical storm, well after i got those pictures just for kicks and giggles, we taught her and asked her to be baptized and she just said YES. We are just trying to find out a date that would be best for her!!! :) Also I have to show you something 'cool'' hahah So the church was established in the year 1830 on the 6th of April, and there were 6 members of the church at the time. so if you go to your scriptures and go to Mosiah chapter 18 verse 30. (1830) and then read that verse you will read the word Mormon 6 times ;) 1 for each member hahah :) So guess what in like just over an hour we are actually going to the Australia Zoo, I'm taking the District there, as it is the last week on the Transfer! It should be awesome, can't wait to hug me a Koala. Also I got to interview a woman for Baptism, her name is Nisha, she is from Karikkatoor. Kerala in India and she got Baptized on Saturday 2 hours before Anthony so we went and watched her get baptized and took Anthony to that :) Also on Saturday night we went down to Mooloolaba, to the Esplanade to watch our friend Sing and play guitar :) Which was amazing, he is the Man!!!!!! and he smashed it and the whole Atmosphere was just awesome!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

G20 Summit

 So it has been hectic here because of the G20 summit, like so many cops it's unreal. and Today is a Zone P-day so we are going up to Gympie, so you can check it out, I have no idea if there is anything cool to do there, but that is where the Zone is meeting up :) Also it turns out my friend in this ward helped set up the church In Malaysia and all and he done a heap of work out there and then I was thinking back earlier this year when I was able to Baptize this girl from Malaysia and thought about how awesome that was, that he help set up the church there and then someone i taught was from there and went back there!! Also I got a phone call yesterday, and that same guy was like I just met this woman on the streets and she is a member from Crawley Stake! Her surname is Collings maybe your Dad met the Collings family?? We knew heaps of the same people as when he was talking to her on the street he called me and put me on the phone to her hahah! then she came to church the next day to meet me, she was in her 40's. So that was really random but pretty awesome :) Also Anthony is doing really great and is getting baptized this coming Saturday at Noon now and it is very exciting, I'm also interviewing this Indian woman for baptism this Friday at 2pm which is awesome :) Also guess what I caught another dog and got a picture with it, I actually caught 2 dogs recently one was called Chloe and one was Pepper! #thedogcatcherstrikesagain #10 Also there are heaps on Pelicans here that you can just go and feed it is pretty awesome you should check out this park called Cottontree Park in Maroochydore :) we go here to GQ people :)  It's crazy for me to think the sisters I came in with are going home next week!!! So many amazing things are happening here the work is going sooo great, I'm really giving it my all!!  Yesterday here it was about 34 degrees Celsius :) I Love this tropical weather!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I forgot to post last weeks email, so I will post them both together- Amery

November 3rd
  I'm Loving life right now and loving the Sunshine Coast! The work is going amazing, just totes ripping it up!!! just soo busy, even with today being P-day we have a few lessons during our P-day, just because we are that busy right now!!! I have sooooooo much to tell you, like it's crazy!! ) So i got a cool little email from my boy Danny he said ''literally know everyone. Two girls in my ward, Michelle Skonnard and Emily Rowe apparently met you in Utah when you were on the train. These connections are crazy hahaha!'' That is pretty crazy hahah.  I also had a cool experience where I met this person at church she was from Orem, and I said you might know this family I know in Orem and I dropped a few names to her and she knew them :) Or like This one time we went to see this elderly man who is nearly 80 and he said that he lived in Charters towers ages ago, and I said I we know the same man, I was very close with this one man, who used to be the mayor of charters towers, i used to go visit him 4-5 times a week, then he had to go to a care home, but it turns out he knows my friend who was the mayor there and that was awesome to see, even though this man was so much older, we still had the same friend from there :) Also, I was able to meet a family in my ward and I know there family on the Gold Coast because off when I used to serve in the Coast I was in there ward. :) It;s having little experiences like this that I treasure as well :) So we are having a baptism this week, her name is Vicki, she is 57 and she is amazing, we actually when and visited her daughter yesterday and started to teach her :) Vicki, is just incredible and she is being baptized this Saturday the 8th at 10.00am and it is at stake conference and in the evening she is going to talk at stake conference, what a boss!!! just no fear :) and it's awesome because at this baptism obliviously stake president will be there, and also our mission president and also a General Authority :) also had the best interview with President yesterday :) Great things are happening here in Buderim. we having a saying here in the Sunshine Coast, when someone shouts out 'SUNNY COAST'' our response is ''RISE AND SHINE''. Also we had a few more people at church, but Anthony the other one getting baptized on the 25th is just loving everything and is soaking up church. I unfortunately have to go now :/ but All is going well all is going great!! Sunshine Coast is amazing :) 

November 12th
So I have just got back from the temple it was a long journey down to Brisbane and I have barely got any time as P-day is nearly over and we are hectically busy, but i love being busy,  Ahhh I can't believe it because as i traveled back from the temple up to the Sunshine Coast I had to go through my old area Brisbane North and the train stopped for a brief second at Zillmere station that is where Caitlyn lives and she lives really close to the station, It was crazy as i was there nearly, well pretty much 1 whole year ago!! Big shout out to Caitlyn and her beautiful kids :) It has gone so fast but so many blessings have happened, I'm so glad Caitlyn was able to enter into the waters of baptism and that President Henderson was there!! The baptism with Vicki happened the other day and it was soooo incredible wow!!!! It was so lovely and President was also there :) So that was super neat!! The work is going amazing, Anthony is now going to be baptized a few days earlier on the 22nd of November at 10am!!! It is always a blessing being a instrument in the lords hand and helping these beautiful children of his change and grow in the gospel :) Everything is going super well, we are really smashing the area and the area has never ever since this much success :) Also on the way back we also had to get a bus back and it took us to the Australia Zoo :) So we will definitely properly go there one day and I'm going to try and get the whole district to all go together :) Also you have to check out the Glass House Mountains!!! So incredible and Beautiful, I Love it here, and seeing them!! 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

I Know Like Everyone

I have soooo much to tell you but like no time :/ I have kept getting phone calls during email time as we are sorting out things for tomorrow like I will be training to the Zone and doing Role Plays and just sorting out heaps of things, but I'm glad I have this little amount of time, prob like the best week on my mission, I just want to always be able to tell you all the exciting things that are happening here. I Love the Sunny Coast, I Love this place so much and I know I'm here for a reason, I don't want to sound like big headed, but I know like everyone here hahah, i don't even know how i just meet people and I already know them, or they have heard all about me. My first 2 days here, I set 2 Baptismal Dates, totally smashing it like this week was crazy taught so many lessons, just going As hard As i can, my companion, i love him dearly we get on great, he was shocked with me just inviting people to get baptized, but now we have 3 baptisms coming up in November, one on the 8th of November Vicki, and then Sarah on the 15th of November and then Anthony on the 25th of November. Blessings and miracles are happening here in Buderim. By the way my Love I'm totally bringing you to the Sunshine Coast, we are so going here together, it's the best :) So I had like the craziest and coolest experience on Thursday, we were out knocking doors, in the beautiful weather and we saw 2 sales guys, approaching us, it turns out that these 2 random guys on the street happened to be RM's, one served in Chile. Then the other guy turned out that he served in my home mission and he was the one that was visiting with my parents and family :D he had just got back his like last ward was my home ward :) He saw my family often :) his name is Dean Ormsby and he is the man!!! we got on well and got some pics, they are up on FB, I have no idea if you have seen them??? How crazy is that????? this random business man on the street happened to be the one who was seeing my family :) SOOOOOOO AWESOME :D I had always wanted to meet him, ever since I heard about him, and then we meet randomly on a street in the middle of the Sunshine Coast. Then On the Opposite side of the road there was this guy having problems with his car so the guy who served in Chile, he actually just moved in to our ward, well he is a mechanic and sorted out the problem asap, and it turns out the girl spoke Spanish so I'm speaking to her in Spanish, then he comes in Speaking Spanish and we are just throwing in around like there was no tomorrow, it was like for a short time, i entered into the Spanish speaking program, it's coming along well and my companion had served in Chile, it was pretty awesome.  I just can't believe I met Dean on the streets!!! It was not by chance, i don't believe in coincidence's i know that the Lord's hand was in this. And because I'm DL I'm going to go on trade offs to there ward and have dinner with the Ormsby family one night :)  I have sooooooooooo much to say but no time AHHHHHHHH!!!! So on Saturday night a few days later after meeting Dean, I go to this guy's mission call opening, well i think it is just this guy, well when I walk in with my companion we already have met each other and guess where we met??? He meet me my first like 3 or 4 days when I had arrived here in Australia, he listened to my first ever testimony at church in Australia, it was my 1st Sunday here!!!! He remembered me like just yesterday, it's so crazy and that testimony I bore that day has had an everlasting impact on him, like just the way he was talking and telling every one at the opening about it, I never knew that I had such a big affect on someone and he is also called Sam :) It was soo awesome to see him again and now be serving at the end of my mission and to see him on my first week!!! Then I met this Girl at the Mission opening and she is from South Afirica, I spoke some Afrikaans to her and it turns out she is leaving in 1 week to go to my mission, so hopefully she can see and help my family :) and she had actually just heard about me from Dean before, so she could not believe she was meeting me and I could not believe she was going to my home mission. And I asked her if she knew my friend in South Africa, who actually met my mum and she Knows him :D All this crazy stuff is happening, we knew some of the same people in South Africa. So we got a few pictures :) and Then at church the next day, I met her again randomly she is not in Buderim ward  and also Dean was there, so we all got a picture together!!! I really hope she meet's my family as well as she is friends with Dean. And at Sam's mission opening there was my really close friend from Eight Mile Plains was there, he is Georgie's cousin the one who we  got to baptize on like my last day there. Then at church on Sunday there, were other random people from EMP there as well haha!!!! So many exciting things have happened here!!! I LOVE THE SUNSHINE COAST, I'M SO HAPPY!!! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

District Leader in the Sunshine Coast!

So here has been so hectic lately so much has happened and I have like no time on email to tell you everything. So today was Transfer day and I'm emailing you from my New Area, that's right, I got transferred and I'm now The District Leader (DL) in the Sunshine Coast :) I'm in a place called Buderim I just arrived here 15 mins ago, P-day is pretty much up and it took us over 2 hours to drive up as I had to go to Leadership training after transfer meeting, this is crazy for me because the Sunshine Coast is the hardest Zone for missionary work in the mission, Cleveland was about next and Now I'm District Leader in like one of the toughest areas, but there is a reason I was called and sent up here to serve these other missionaries and especially the people of the Sunshine Coast, I was so sad to Leave Camp Hill It killed me hhaha, It was so tough, i love everyone so much there and I love that ward, one of my closest friends just got made Bishop there on the Sunday just gone, I can't tell you close I am to his family, they have 5 young kids under the age of 10 and we are soooo close so I got him a gift when he was called as Bishop I will have to explain what it was I got him when I got back, I used my imagination :) We got pictures and i will have to send them to you some day,  He is the man!!! Such a champion and the best Bishop, I was so happy for him :) I had people come up to me in Camp Hill and just grab me and hug me and say Don't leave!!! I really Love that ward, more then I ever knew I would. So I have my new companion he is brand new on his mission and has just came out and yes he is from the Factory, his name is Elder Meyers, but I will make sure I set the best example for him that I can, and Love him and serve him and help him grow as much as I can as a missionary and in doing that I will also grow myself. I've had quite an amazing change these last few weeks, General Conference, really helped me and I've had a lot more Spiritual experiences things happen, great things are happening here in the ABM. I was shocked in Transfers when I was called into Leadership haha and with a new missionary, but I'm definitely doing my best to rise up, I'm making the most out of my time :) Great Things are happening here, I'm a different Missionary now then when I first came in, I'm really Obedient and have seen a great change, It's awesome as I started in the Gold Coast, I was born there, and now this will probably be my last area before I finish, which is crazy but it will be awesome to know that I went from 'COAST TO COAST, FROM THE GOLD COAST TO THE SUNSHINE COAST'' :) Which Is really cool. I'm excited for the work I have heaps to learn and do in my new role especially as this time as like November will be the most exciting month in the whole South Pacific areas :) I can't wait to meet the ward :) I'm excited for everything. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

General Conference

 So I had a great week, It was really great the reason being is because I got to finally watch General Conference, which I Loved! I always love General Conference and when our leaders address the world, it is just wonderful it was a very powerful weekend. I thought it was awesome the President Hamula, gave a talk because I got to meet him and shake his hand not that long ago, while he was working here in the South Pacific, I was hoping that he was going to share a story and say something like 'when I was working in the South Pacific, I came across'' and then go into a story but unforunatley he did not haha. My Favourite speaker from General Conference, was David A Bednar, he smashed it and made it funny at the same time, I really enjoyed what he shared and how he delievered it I found it very powerful, he also shared like my favourite scripture which is in 1st Nephi Chapter 8 and it is verse 12. I had a cool experience as well on Friday night, as we were working with a family that is very close to my heart, they are a part member family and we have really built up a great relationship with them and I Love them dearly, can't wait to see them again this week. I shared with them a spiritual thought, I had a feeling to share Helamen Chapter 5 verse 12. so me and my companion resighted Helamen 5:12 out loud to them and also there Home Teachers were there haha, but it was awesome it was such a wonderful night that was Spiritual and what I Loved is that over General Conference they kept reffering back to Helamen 5:12 which was really awesome. I will never forget my first General Conference when I joined the church it was a week and half after I joined and i still remember Part of President Monson's address which hit me so strong, and now to think for my next GC, I will be back home, it's crazy how quick it is going. I have already been going over my notes heaps and have been learning a lot of new scriptures that were mentioned in this conference, I had one of the best Personal studies this morning and I gained many insights. Conference is what I needed to help me in the work. It's tough here in Cleveland Zone, it's like the hardest Zone in the mission, but Miracles can and will happen, even if it is my last week here, I know I have been called here for a reason, I hope to stay, but we will see what happens. So also I keep seeing the most adorable thing outside our new flat and it is a mother Possum with a baby Possum holding on to the Mother's back and they are walking on the ground then, climb into the tree's I Love Possum's so much, The Possums here are different though to the one's in the States, I might be wrong but do you call them OPossums there??? Apparentley from my companion, the Possums here are a lot nicer looking. I'm excited for this coming week and for everything:)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Nightmare Experience

So This last week was hectic, It was a roller coaster of a week that is for sure with some great things happening and some not so great a things that occurred. Well last P-day was awesome, it was a great day and we got to play heaps of sports and It was funny because there were like 20 other people in the park and most of them spoke Spanish, it was super random, but Spanish is coming on really well at the moment, and my friend Elder Bejarano, has not heard me speak Spanish yet to some one from like South America, so I he was listening to me speak to these people in Spanish and was really impressed about how quickly I was learning. On Tuesday it was a massive Zone Conference, from 8.30am-4pm, which was a great and amazing day, it was a shame that for that day that I had an eye like infection thing and i was in a lot of pain, but it went the next day which was great. But at the Zone Conference we were doing Real plays so we were just teaching these other people in a big group, and we smashed it. I have not felt the Spirit so strong in a long time, and I felt it sooo strong there, I was teaching some women from England. I can't tell you how strong I felt the Spirit then, i Loved it and I really needed it. It definitely has helped me keep going this last week. So we moved Flat also, we spent the whole on Wednesday and Thursday moving in and had to clean all the walls etc and move all our furniture in we live at the top so we had to go up 4 flights of stairs. I was on the phone so much over those 2 days, like a little business man calling and sorting out everything, it was awesome though as when we officially moved in it was just such a good feeling getting a nice newer place. We still have no fridge and sofa etc but we are expecting it all to come today. Also we were in a hardware store getting some supplies and I met this man again, and we remembered each other straight away his name is Jason and I knocked on his door over 1 year ago while I was serving in the Gold Coast, not it is crazy to think that come tomorrow the 8th of October I have 6 months left and come the 8th of April I will already be back home, that is crazy for me to think and I have had some great spiritual experiences this week :) . I taught him a few times as well when i first knocked on his door, it was so awesome to see him again, I could not believe it, it was an awesome experience, it felt just like yesterday though when I first knocked on that door. It was a shock when we saw each other and it was in the most random place we were getting hoses for our washing machine to hook it up and make it work and there he was hahah. So come Saturday, Saturday morning we got a phone call, from a member inviting us around for dinner, we said we need a non member to be there on the weekend other wise we cannot come for dinner so we call our investigator Brad up to see if he is available, him and his family and is free for Saturday night, so Saturday night comes and we are all at the members house having dinner and it was a wonderful wonderful night all was going so well, Brad's kids were playing with the members kids in another room we were all at dinner having a great time, then 10 mins before we are about to leave and call it a night, Brad just starts dropping swear words shouting them out of no where, like dropping the 'F' Bomb. and the 1st time he dropped it we were like that's ok, but then he kept doing it and then burst up out of his sit and started smashing the table with his fist and screaming and swearing at the member and challenging him to a fight and saying let's go let's take this outside, absolute has gone completely crazy at this point while sitting next to the members wife, this was absolutely out of nowhere, he is about to go and attack them member and I just burst out my chair and push him back now I'm toe to toe with him and I just calmly say  Brad think about this, you don't want to do this. He replies to me ''you know I can hurt you'', so ''I say I know you can'', but let's take this outside, instead of in front of everyone, I'm like let's just go out side and you can get some fresh air, so I gently start to push him back towards the door and I make him walk out their house and I go outside with him and he is going crazy, not at me but on about how he wants to fight and go and smash the member all apparently because he gave him a ''weird look'' he then just ran off into the night ran up the road and that was it. my companion then walked out the house and I was like he just ran off. we went back inside and we were just in shock about what just happened it was the most embarrassing night of our missions, we were so up set and disappointed with Brad's behavior and the way he acted it was honestly out of nowhere just imagine every is sitting having a great time, then all hell breaks loose in the matter of seconds. I felt so sorry for the member being threatened in his own home but a crazy man. Then obviously later that night the calls come, from that member who was about to be attacked and he was totally ok with us, as we did not know that such a thing would happen and he was just happy with us, he was not mad at all, then we got a call from Bishop and others etc. Then came Sunday we obviously thought Brad would not come to church on Sunday after the scene caused the night before and it's fast and testimony meeting so open Mic and who comes busting in the chapel but Brad and a few people knew so we were all on edge he went right to the first row and then we sat with we knew that if anything happens we would have to do our best to restrain him, lucky my companion is also a bigger guy, we were so on edge, he stayed for the whole of church and nothing happened,  but It was nightmare experience. The last few days for us have been hectic trying to sort everything out, the members wife came up to me after sacrament and just said thank you for intervening, by standing up to him and taking him out side, I just was thinking I don't dare want to see any one else get hurt I don't care if I get used as a boxing bag haha but I know I can defend myself when it comes down to it, but i did not say that to her, i did not say much, but as long as  he did not hurt the member or his wife or some one else etc that's the main thing, and also the Lord watches over his missionaries. So nothing bad happened to us..... few want an eventful last few days.  Also I had a cool spiritual experience during personal study, so I love to memorize where scriptures our like for example in 1st Peter Chapter 3 verses 19-20 it talks about the spirit world. So there was this one section all about the spirit world in section 138 of D&C and I thought I don't know this section so i turned to it to look at it and the revelation was received on the 3rd of October 1918 and it was by Joseph F Smith and it was on about him pondering about the Spirit world on the 3rd of October while he was sitting in his chair and I was going over section 138 and it was the 3rd of October when I was looking at it and I was pondering and sitting in my chair about the same thing that he was but like 96 years later hahaha It was pretty awesome at the time. I'm excited for General Conference this coming weekend here in Australia :) I'm really looking forward to it.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

World G20 Summit

 I'm definitely looking forward to General Conference, I always get a lot of things out of General Conference and I will fast while it is on. So the week was a great week, we were working soo hard and It was really nice as we were visiting this member he is less active, and his sister and her children were visiting, his sister has a non-member husband, but she has stopped the missionaries from coming around and visiting him, as they were 'To forceful' and then  she just  told me ''why can't we have you in our ward, isn't that right kids, a cool awesome missionary like Elder King' It meant a lot to me for her saying that as she said she would gladly have me over any time and I could teach her husband as I'm Kickback and still work hard but also I can joke and have a great time and actually be friends, I'm not robotic in any way I'm just myself,, I just love becoming people's friends and then after I can share more about the gospel with them, they love it. Also we had dinner with a wonderful family in the ward and she said to me ''If it was not for you, we would not have you elders around the house, you are the reason we have you around''. I did not really reply to that and she said she did not like my old companion, but that the only reason we were still coming by was because the family really loved me'' and it definitely means a lot to me to know that coming from the members because that is great if they like me as an individual and want us to come around and share the gospel.  I try to help the best way I can, but I just Love the people and Love the people in this ward, I really want to stay another 6 weeks, please pray for me that I will be able to stay for another 6 weeks. I also made some friends with these wonderful people from Sri Lanka they are our neighbours, they were so happy when I spoke some Sinhalese to them. Just a few words, they then just wrote on some paper there address back home and said come and stay with us any time :) Also we helped with service in the back garden and I got permission to go and start this big fire, we had the hose there under control we had to cut down and burn all of this excess waste to create more room in the garden, I guess you can kind of say we were like Moses and had are own Burning Bush Experience......Literally, then after played soccer with the kids,  Also we have been seeing our investigator Brad, like every day, he is coming along really well, we Love seeing him and he loves seeing us. He has been having a lot of problems with family etc, but he just can call us up at anytime and talk to us for ages and we love it, we love that we mean that much to him we he just call us and we want to help him so much we love him and his family. I will have to send you a picture of Brad, his partner and there kids, the most adorable kids ever, it will be awesome for you to put a name to a face :) We will get a picture this week. :) So also the world G20 summit is coming to Brisbane and soon and there is much preparation and anticipation that is going on, especially the way the world is going right now, It will be interesting to see what happens when It comes to Brisbane and we are only like less then 10 mins away if that from were the summit we be held. I also for the first time ever yesterday in Church gave a friend the priesthood, he is a recent convert who I have been seeing every week since I got to this area, his name is Jack and he is mid 50's  it was one of the coolest experiences being able to give that to him, his excitement was so wonderful after and he just was soooo happy, I Love seeing happy people and he came up to me after and Said 'I will do anything to serve the church in any way that I can' He is not all there mentally, but it was the sweetest thing when he said that to me. The Love I have for him and his willingness to help even in the slightest way. So this week should also be great coming up, tomorrow with have a massive Zone Conference that goes from 8.30am-4pm So it's going to be an awesome meeting tomorrow and I'm really excited to receive something out of it. :) Also we should be moving this week, into a new place in Morningside, which will be fantastic as we live in a really not very nice place at the moment, let me just put it like that, so that will be great, it will make everything a lot better. Also I met up with my friend from Eight Mile Plains ward, he is an active member and his family are awesome, there are from New Zealand, there are heaps of Kiwi's here. Kiwi being a person from NZ. So I have not actually had my own set of scriptures for months on end, it has been tough. I gave them to him to get them fixed up and I finally got them back, but they look like they our brand new again, It's so nice to have them back and to see where I marked everything, there is nothing like your own personal set of marked scriptures which is personal just to your self. We met up had some Lunch in a place called Hogs-Breath Cafe and then we talked for a while then, he went back to EMP. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


 I just got back from the temple, I put you and your families name on the prayer roles!! :) Please also tell Natalie that I put her name on the prayer role also, and I also say a massive CONGRATULATIONS!!! to her as well for getting her mission call and that she will be an incredible missionary. So there is a cool video I want to try and send you over email sometime, I have been playing a lot of soccer lately and really getting into it and all and with the video we parked the car a while away and popped the boot (Trunk) and the video is of me getting the soccer ball in from distance into the trunk, it might sound lame, but it is pretty cool and was definitely harder then it looked :) So last week was an awesome week, the best week, work wise since I have been here in Camp Hill and I'm continuing to work my hardest to build up this area. Also I had this cool experience this week, this less active man had been struggling and we got a call from him to come and see him, we knew it was bad and I was just bold and asked him straight up because I knew I could and the moment was right, ''Have you been having suicidal thoughts'' and he opened up immediately and said yes I have, I was thinking of killing myself earlier today. Then talking to him and reassuring him about everything and all, by the time we left he was happy and now he is fine :) So that was a relief, but at least I was able to help him before something bad happened, my companion was not there, i was on trade off with a member from our ward. Also this weather has just been fantastic and the weather again today is looking great so far :) We are also having another ward activity this week, 2 in a row, we had one last week, we had bare foot bowls and a bbq after our investigator brad came and he loved it, and he also came to church on Sunday which was fantastic and he has made heaps of friends in the ward already which is great!!! we see him pretty much everyday and teach him. :) Guess what Amery, I saved another dog hahah, there have been a few more as well and this brings the total up to 5 :D #Thedogcatcherstrikesagain. We found him near the chapel, but he was so dehydrated as well, so I took of my belt when I caught him, tied him to a pole under some shade, then got a big plastic container filled it with water and then called the RSPCA and the Brisbane City Council, we had to wait to 2 hours with him, but in the end he was safe :) while we waited we had a meeting in the chapel, and you could keep seeing him jump up at the window to get in! It was so cute, he is now our Mascot hahah. Also yesterday was awesome, Elder Nelson, my good friend, came and stayed the night with us from Toowomba, we had a crack up time it was soooo much fun!!! we might room together in byui, probably not but we will kick it for sure. Ahh it was crazy, Dinner was the funniest, it involved me wheeling myself around in a wheel chair, we ate quite a bit, but usually I can smash the food and I'm fine,

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

They Know Who I Am

So I have so much to tell you, but unfortunately I do not have that much time :/ It is Transfer day and we have been so busy, My companion Elder Parson left early though, yesterday morning as he had to fly up to Townsville, he will serve up there until he dies, it's his last area. and I'm better now as well, I'm so happy with that as the last few weeks have really been tough!! but got through it and all is well! So I'm with my new companion Elder Higham he is from the Factory #Utah. hahah another one from the Factory hahah! It will be great though, you should have seen how happy he was and is that he has me as a companion, he lit up like a Christmas tree when he i stood up and he was announced that he was with me!! you see he had heard a lot about me as well, also we have both served with elder eldridge from the Factory also, so he has heard a lot about me through him and different missionaries. I'm also the oldest missionary in the flat haha again. It's funny because all theses new missionaries are coming in and I have no idea who they are, but they know who I am haha! So my friend I have been with my whole missionary Elder Harris is done we took him to the Mission Home and he flew back today, he is already back in New Zealand, we have been with each other my whole mission, like every Zone I have been in, he was there, so it was weird saying goodbye to a good friend. After dropping off Elder Parson from the Airport, me, Elder Harris and Elder Bejarano were driving back to the flat when Harris just broke down crying, it just hit him all at once. It has been an awesome week, but a really weird one. Also a big shout out to Caitlyn, as Elder Huntington, came and stayed the night with us and we were talking about how awesome she is. The days off Bracken Ridge. We miss her greatly and Love her lots. It was also Father's day here in Australia :)  I'm doing my best with the work here in Camp Hill and I'm excited to start off this Transfer with Elder Higham! Also my family doing great, my mum went to the Visitor center the other night and listened to some converts on why they joined the church which is so awesome :) I also saw my old companion Elder Naumann, who I got at the start of this year well I actually got him December 31st last year it goes so quick!!!!!! and we were so happy seeing each other again, he just told me and it meant so much to me, he said the best 3 months of my mission were serving and having you as a companion, nothing else has compared to that. It really means a lot to me, that other missionaries think that, some maybe not haha, especially when I used to spike their muffins with hot sauce ;) hahah! but he was from the factory, so you will have to let me off on that one ;) But it was a really nice Transfer meeting hearing all these things and catching up with some good friend and old companions. I sat next to Ly Waut in the meeting my boy from Tahiti! we finish togther. :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sick Week

So this week was pretty decent, went out with the AP's on Monday night and Tuesday and we had a great day together, although he was really sick, we still smashed the work out. I went out with my friend Elder Jensen from Draper Utah, Jensen is such a Mormon name :P 
We had a blast together :) unfortunately I became very sick from it and was in bed for 2 days after special training with President, and being sick on the mission sucks, as it is so boring hahaha 
I gave service for some woman in her garden, then was in my bed after that and was sick on Friday, It was the sickest I have been on my mission and only the 2nd day since serving which I had to take off, because I really could not work.
But we did have a miracle this week :) It was Wednesday, we were sitting in a park eating lunch in a place called Morning Side. A man walks next to us and says hello, I say would you like a seat, and I move along the bench, he sits and we all end up talking for an hour and half, we got a return appointment on Saturday and when I was feeling slightly better, went back and we were talking in his kitchen and said 'So when I get baptized' and 'I know I have to be clean to go to the temple' So he is solid, his name is Brad, and no joke, he likes to talk way more then I do :P I have actually by far met my match hhaha!!! He has 2 adorable daughters :) and we will have to get him married first, but even if it is sometime in the future it will be done :) and he invited us to dinner, so we are going tonight :) That was a miracle last week. 
Also we were able to teach Primary Yesterday which was fun as always :) and I don't know if I told you, maybe I did, but my companion Elder Parsons, well his Parents and sister are coming to England next month on holiday and they are going to visit my family :) which is super awesome :) 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Faith and Trust in the Lord

Everything is going well, but not much is happening to be honest, like it's such a hard area, I have not got much to write in way of work I would love to be able to but I just don't as we have no one to teach, nothing is really happening, so It's pretty tough, when you try every day but are getting no where, I just need to have more Faith and Trust in the Lord, that everything will be ok, we are going on trade-off tomorrow with the AP's (Assistant to President) which will be fun :)
and The ward is finally having an actual activity this coming weekend, first one in a crazy amount of time and all like years. My little sister finds out her exam results this coming Thursday and all. and just to let you know that I'm always still everyday praying for you and your family. I also just thought about something that is happening this coming week, we have 'Specialized Training' and Mission President will be there and it is a Zone P-day today. So we will be just sports, I'm still doing my best to keep fit by doing a lot of running etc. I have not played Basketball in like a month at all. But I have been playing a lot of soccer, I have started trying to get into it even more and have started to really enjoy it. :)  Say I say a big Hello from Down Under :) I'm also now starting to read the Doctrine and Covenants and all. I have a goal of finishing it before I finish, that and the New Testament and the Book of Mormon again

Friday, 15 August 2014

White Boyz Going Wild

Not to much happened this past week or so!!! But I did get to help out all these awesome aboriginals and do service for them, one of them is crazy, she said that if me and my companion, came in skirts and done her garden work for her that she would come to church this weekend! so we came in LavaLava's which is close enough right??? 
It was so much fun, while I was in it and wearing my snapback looking ridiculous, I was shouting out 'White Boyz going wild'. Also when we were out finding, knocking on doors, outside this one door was a skip bin and all and it had a few books in and we were going through it and all, and my companion he found our churches gospel principles book in there :P son we tried knocking on the door but nothing......... so we will go back next week and try to find them and see how they got that book! A miracle could definitely happen. Also with the Aboriginals we were chilling with, one of them was a 32 year Grandfather, that's right, 32 and a Granddad hahah!!! So we also helped with service to a member family and we helped them move there house and what not :) and we also went out in our ward mission leaders new truck a dodge ram 2500n heavy duty, in white, it's awesome, I know you always get big trucks in America, but it's definitely something you don't see back home. Also I jsut got back from the Temple and I had a wonderful time, I finished reading the Book Of Mormon again, I read the last chapter, in the celestial room, then said a prayer regarding Moroni's promise of reading the Book Of Mormon, it was a awesome and sweet experience, we had a great time :) We are doing are best just still trying to find people to teach and what not!!! but I hope you have a great rest of this week!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Only Ones Left

So with transfers and me staying we got a new guy in the flat, but he is already my good friend, Elder Bejarano is the flat with us and it's so much fun, the most awesome flat!!! I have learnt so much Spanish, it's so great!!! and is so much fun!! and also I got to see my friend the other week Elder Beauchamp, it was so great, me and him are so close who is also the convert of just a year before he went on his mission, I took him on trade off, his first week on his mission! but that was half a year ago already. We also had a crazy week, as our next door neighbour got deported back to India, it was so crazy, he knocked on our door at night after 10pm and was like boys, I need your help to move all of my furniture out of my apartment, so of course we did, we just felt so sorry for him, he is such a great guy!!! I can't believe are neighbour got deported :P and our other neighbour ran away to Turkey!! So now we are the only ones left!! we live in the Ghetto hahah! So this week was also got to Spray paint Elder Bejarano's bike All Black, it looks sick!!! and with our neighbour living to India, he locked my companions bike in the downstairs room, and we could not get in, so I just kicked in the door, one massive kick and the door broke off the hinges, it was so cool, it was like something out of a movie! and he left some sub-woofers for a car behind so we but them in the mission car, the toyota, so now the boot (Trunk) has massive 2000 watt subs in :) That's how us missionaries roll hahah! Also this week stopped and talked to a guy on the street who was walking his wild Dingo, only in Australia, will you find someone walking a dingo haha! Also we have been doing more Service for this woman, called Jackie and she is a 'carny' she works in the carnivals and we were sorting out her garage and we were literally swimming in 1000's and 1000's on soft cuddly teddies! Once in a life time experience haha, it was crazy!!!  This week was also fun because I got to train on 'Revelation through the Book of Mormon' and got to teach Gospel essentials as usual, I taught about the Church of Jesus Christ in former times. and I also got to Teach Elder Quorum and taught the Plan of Salvation!!! and we had such a spiritual lesson yesterday, It was pretty much all in Tagalog, for just over 1 hour, so me and my companion could not do much just a few words and a lot of smiles etc, but the fellowship was great! and at the end I shared my testimony about the Book of Mormon, and just started crying as I shared 1 Nephi Chapter 8 verse 12 :) 

Friday, 25 July 2014


I can't believe that my Boy has been gone over a week, that is so crazy ahaha, Mad proud of him and for his decision, I saw some of the pictures, I got sent a few from his Mum, as he was set apart and all, but i'm sure there are heaps that I have not seen :), It was crazy for me to remember when I was set apart and all it has gone so fast since then, do you remember seeing those pictures go onto FB just after I got set apart. and also I can't believe Austin Leaves this week either that is super exciting and all, and that he will maybe see Joe around in the MTC. So this week has been pretty decent, We are doing are best to find new people and teach, we taught not a lot last week as like I said we have no one to teach but are doing are best to find some amazing people to teach. I met quite a few English people this last week, there are heaps of Pome's here, in Aussie, but known of them can tell I'm from England, as my accent has changed heaps already. and It was funny as I was talking to this one woman, and she was from Gloucestershire, I went down there on my 19th Birthday but she was like you sound Australian, you even say Heaps hahaha!!! and when I was talking with these other guys because I got to speak some of there language and knew a little bit about there country, they were so happy they were like I guess you all 'Cultured up'. As you know I also Love Husky's and I saw this type of Husky I believe it is called an Alaskan Malamute, (Not sure how to spell it) It was a boss of a dog. Also the dogs I really like are Pugs hahaha!!! So it was funny as I had a Chocolate Craving and I was in this store and I was like man I could really do with some Chocolate right now, then as I walk around the corner, a woman is standing in front of me dressed in a Lindt Lindor uniform and was like would you like some Lindor's I was just like heck Yea I would, and I ate it the proper way.
So also this week was awesome because we got to do quite a bit more service, so I was up on this ladder, then went on t the roof after and was cleaning out the gutters, for this man, he was American, from Colorado, but has been here in Australia for 30 + years, but he has such a strong accent still :) It was so much fun helping this man out and then after cleaning the gutters, I was on the roof and got a Chainsaw and had to cut down the top of this tree and all It was a heap of fun. 
I also got to do service for this lovely 93 year old woman, we done the garden work for her, and then had a wonderful chat with her afterwards, and It was super funny as remember me telling you about the Jehovah's Witness Ear wax experience when I was in the Gold Coast, well a similar thing happened even a glass of water again, but this time instead of ear wax she gave me this glass of water, but it was full of like dead insects floating around and the glass was really dirty, she walked out the room and I turned to my companion and was like Bro I can't drink out of this hahaha, it was so crack up. then I rushed around the table before she came back and poured the glass of water on to one of here plants that she had, then rushed back round to my seat just as I got to sit back down she walks in, It was really funny at the time :) Also this old woman has a really old car in the garage, like a 1950's model that has not been used for donkey's years. and I was looking at it and tried to open the door and it just opened and I was like what the heck hahah, then I look in and there is just this possum (bush baby) in my face just staring me down hahahah, i thought it was awesome that he lived in there, just chilling, kicking back like a villain. 
Also yesterday, I went of Trade off with Elder Harris, and the weather here in Australia has been pretty decent, I've only seen it rain twice in the last few months, and one of those days was yesterday and it came hard, we were going wild just sprinting in the rain down a few streets as we had just finished knocking doors and while we were running, we were getting smashed by hail also just hitting us in our face hahah! It was lot of fun though, then we got a lift back to the flat freshened up, then went to English Class, and it was so much fun we were just doing all these activities using a map of Australia, and every one in the English class is from the middle East, from Iran and Afghanistan, so they all speak Persian (Farsi) So I had a heap of fun trying to improve mine, this man was like this is so wonderful that you speak my language, what do you think of it, then I replied to him in Farsi 'I think Persian is a Beautiful Language' and his reaction was so priceless hahah! :) Also there is some exciting news, so Iran is being baptized so many people are joining the church here from Iran, and remember how I mentioned I was teaching my friend called Amir, and set a date with him, and then I got moved areas, well he is being baptized this weekend. the reason it took longer is that he had to be interviewed by the mission president and all and the area authority needs to give permission so that it can go ahead. It is so exciting, I'm so happy for Amir and his decision. So today is also a Multi Zone P-day, so 4 Zone are coming together, as our reward for the 100 baptisms in June and it's actually a ''full day'' P-day like untill 7.30pm which is awesome and it is at Karawatha chapel, if you have not checked it out you should do so :) we will be playing Basketball like crazy, President will be there and really wants to play, he has got out the basketball shoes and got a new basketball, it should be so much fun :) just kicking back and chilling shooting some hoops. So I'm also going to ask President If I can get permission to go to Amir's Baptism and all as EMP is just so close anyways. hopefully so. Also Transfers are next week :) and hopefully I will be going to the temple this Friday with Georgie, we are trying to sort it out :)

Fire of Motivation

So I had a good week, it was pretty decent, last P-day, we ended up instead of playing Bball, we went to an indoor sports center and we all played Netball, and some Cricket, it was the first game of Netball I ever played in my life, I was playing the position of Goal Attack, the only reason being because I play Basketball. Cricket was also fun playing it has been ages since I last played and we were teaching are American friends on how to play it :)So also in this ward, I am teaching the Gospel Principles (Essentials) class, I have been teaching it my whole mission. Also I have been asked to speak in sacrament meeting again next week, so that should be great. one of my very close friends, who I have been with for pretty much my whole mission, we were in the Gold Coast together, and Brisbane North and now here in the Cleveland Zone, and it is so much fun living with him His name is Elder Harris, we have such a blast, if I was not in the flat he would go crazy and be so bored hahahah. Have you ever seen the film 'Forever Strong' I love watching that film, well he played for the Highland team. BYU wanted him to play for them but he turned down because he said that the Rugby is better in New Zealand.
I will have to contact my friends in Kuwait and see how they are doing, we will have to go to Kuwait one day :) They also have a house in Idaho, 2 and half hours from Campus and they said I can go they anytime :) 
So this week, we also had a Mini Missionary with us and just took him out for the week to show him how it is done and he had a great week and loved it, It was a good experience for him, and he is excited to go on a mission. 
So this week, I also got to try a deep friend Mars Bar, Have you ever tried one????? They a massive in Scotland. Also this week I have been trying to get more motivated, I have lost so much motivation lately, I just have not been the same, I'm trying to get back my Fire, and they last few weeks I have been really finding in hard, I have been listening to a lot of motivational things which have really helped me, by this man called 'Eric Thomas' Maybe you have heard of him and listened to one of his things??? Also every lunchtime for the last few days, I have been practicing my dribbling in Basketball, my shooting is not bad and that's because I practisced heaps, but I not that good at dribbling the ball, so I thought the only reason why, is because I have never practicsed it, so I know that if I practice, during my lunch break even for a little bit  I will definitely improve. Also Guess what??????? I saw Elder Elisara, as the area I am in connects with Eight Mile Plains, and one of the people we got permission to visit lives in Eight Mile Plains so It was crazy to go back to my old area, and Elisara happened to be in the same neighbourhood, called him and we met up :) So this week, I had one of the best days on my mission, I went out with my good friend Elder Nelson on trade offs. I was also with him down in the Gold Coast, he was one of the first missionaries I ever met. I met him when I had just got off the plane at the mission home, and he remembers the first time meeting me and seeing me, I was the only one walking around the mission home talking to every one and introducing myself all the other missionaries were to scared, or nervous, he said I remember seeing you 'Elder King Loud, and No Fear' he is going to BYU Idaho aswell so we will kick it there, will be awesome. we had a crazy day, got up to crazy times, it's good to be able to work hard and have fun, i Always think of this 'Work Hard, Play Hard'. He is from Yuma Arizona and he is the man at Basketball and Golf., So happy got to work with him we were just cracking jokes all day. Also one night we were bored so Elder Harris and me decided to shave a massive Crown into my thigh haaahaha it was crack, i Just hope it grows back hahaha

Sunday, 6 July 2014

All Around the World

So My week was awesome, work is going well here, we have not really got anyone to teach at the moment, which kind of sucks hahaha, but we are doing are best to find new people and got 10 return appointments in 1 day, so hopefully these potentials can turn into solid people really wanting to learn more, Also I met this guy, who had lived in England for 4 years, he is a member and he just moved back from Kuwait in the Middle East as he was out there for 4 years, and I asked him if he knew my friends 'The Bomans' who live in Kuawit and he is bestfriends with the son of the Bomans, and the reason I I know this family is became I became really good friends with Melissa the daughter as she served in the London South Mission, when I was Investigating and Joining the Church and then just after i Joined. So i thought that was awesome that I had that interesting connection to Kuwait, again, I always find this connections haahah It's awesome :) we got a picture together and sent it to them. saying that I serving in his ward. Also this week we have been working a lot with the recent converts like Stephen, he just got the priesthood and we were working with Josh, he brother plays Rugby for England, which means he is a Boss, and Josh is playing for Queensland and will probably end up in the NRL over here, National Rugby League, he has been scouted by a few teams and all, he is in Darwin this week in a competition. But it is great to see these young guys coming into the Gospel. I have been very blessed so far on my mission with being a Convert being able to connect so well to people, one of my friends Brother Baptista, well his son is on his mission in Perth, he asked me about my story, I shared it with him and all, and then after I said your friend might know one of my friends from my home ward he is also serving in Perth, unfortunately a few weeks ago I found out my friend had to come home early because he has Cancer, he had been serving for 18 months, he is a champion, I have so much respect for him, I really look up to him, he is actually from Arizona, but moved to England, well I was telling Brother Baptista about him and how his son might have met him, then I go to Brother Baptista's fridge to get something out and who do I see on the fridge but a big picture of my friend with his son, at a baptism, it turned out my friend who had to go back, trained Brother Baptista's son :D I Love these connections, there has been a few this week, but I always randomly get these, for all around the world. :)

Monday, 30 June 2014

Hastening the Work

 So the last few day were great, Stephen, got baptized, yesterday, it was so lovely he also got confirmed a member afterwards, we had a goal in this mission to get 100 baptisms in June, and It has never been done before, like not even that close, but guess what this mission saw 100 convert baptisms this month, the first time ever in the history of this mission, so it was super exciting and guess what Stephen I'm pretty sure was the 100th one :) The Lord really is hastening his work, in this part of the vineyard. :) I was able to speak at the Baptism, about Baptism and I'm speaking again in sacrament, in a few weeks :) So it was awesome, as last week on emails, my companion's Dad emailed him giving him a referral in our area, you see my Companion's Dad served in this mission as well, the same years as when your Dad was serving, he told us to go and check out this house, and we went there and it was still the same guy who lived there :) It was super awesome, and the stories he was telling us Was great and I thought that was super awesome how his Dad served here. So the mornings here have been so cold lately like crazy cold I have been freezing my Balls off haha, So I have like an extra duvet cover on and I have my bright pink fluffy socks on keeping me warm, It's honestly been so cold, I hate it :P  I some times wake up and just think am I serving in Antarctica or Australia :P  So this week we are excited to help Steven prepare to receive the Priesthood this coming Sunday, So we will be working with him and hopefully he will be able to email you some pictures of us at the baptism. So these last few days, I have actually been getting phone calls from my old companion, he is really struggling, and he really misses me, He is having a pretty rough time, his new companion apparently does not say anything like ever, and he is finding it really tough, he was telling me that the flat miss me and it is different not having me there!! We are also excited for this coming week because we are going to go and see this Irish woman and her partner he is from England and there little kid, and she was telling us how her Dad used to be a Bishop back in Ireland and how her Partner is not a member, and she called us back setting up another time, which is also great. So i feel pretty good this morning, as I smashed Mt. Gravatt and run up it, and down, it was intense, but it was so worth it. :) I have probably have not been this fit in my life.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tour De France

 P-day came so late, I have just got back from the temple, it was awesome and was a really nice time, it was the first time I have gone in a while, my new companion is great, I Love the new view of Brisbane city, honestly every time I see it, it makes me happy, especially in the sunny weather :) how is the weather in Spokane??? also the view of the city at night is amazing, I would Love for  you to be hear with me and see it, also we run up Mt. Gravatt yesterday morning, going through all these bends to get to the top, I think it is in the area Holland Park, but the view is amazing at the top and my new companion he is from Two Rocks, a Beach town in WA (Western Australia), you can stalk it for me and we will have to go there one day, the last week was great and all, i gave a talk at church to introduce myself and they want me to talk again already hahaha! I love my new ward, full of good people, I also gave a few training this week, I trained on 'Conversion' and I came up with another training yesterday 'How does our attitude, towards the Book of Mormon, affect, us, others and our Investigators' :) I have also been smashing it on the bikes, but this area is super hilly, no surprise in the name camp hill ;) I cycled 50 + miles just on Monday, i have never cycled so much up and down the hills I thought I was in the Tour De France ;) everything is going really Great, we have a baptism coming up this Sunday of Steven, he is from Uganda :) we are super excited and have been seeing him every day preparing him for his special day and all :) Also Taught this really great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I felt prompted to set a baptismal date with the man, his name is Warren, this thought just came into my head, commit him to baptism on the 14th of July, I was like 14th of July why hahahh :P but I just went with it, and committed and him and he asked why I said 14th of July, and said I not to sure why, i just know that is the day because of the Prompting I received, he said well the 14th of July is my Birthday :) It was awesome, so he said yes, and we will do are best to work with him, he has a few things he needs to sort out and all! 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Baptism, Skype Home, New Place, New Companion= Amazing Week

I'm in a new area with a new companion, his name is Elder Parsons and he is from Australia, he is from Perth. He is a really great guy and I'm excited to start to serve with him, he has been out 1 transfer longer then me . I'm now in an area called Camp Hill, I'm excited to start serving here and will let you know how it goes, we just got back from the Transfer meeting, it was wonderful, went super well and guess what i Live now just a 5 minute drive from Brisbane City, I get this perfect view of the city on top of the hill. It's really great as just before I left Eight Mile Plains, I met this woman, who knew some people in my ward back home and every week for 18 months went to the London Temple, she said she was from Camp Hill, so hopefully I will see her again, now that I'm around her area. I Loved my time serving in Eight Mile Plains It was amazing, I saw a lot of success in that area, people coming to follow Christ more fully in there lives by entering the waters of baptisms, being able to baptize some incredible people and reactivating people who had not been at church in a long time. I left EMP, on the best note, Georgie, got baptized on Sunday, the 15th of June and it was an incredible and wonderful service, Georgie was also confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints straight after, we got special permission to do so, wow what a way for me to end leaving that area, I'm the happiest person, that I was able to see Georgie get baptized and confirmed, I can't describe to you all, how amazing it was, she was baptized by her uncle a fantastic man, when I first got to EMP half a year ago, I met Georgie, her family, mum and Dad started coming back to church, and Georgie started taking the discussions and was amazing, soaking up every aspect of the gospel, we always had tender lessons and her 1st cousin Halen was able to come with us to attend, he is preparing for a mission, when he lives I probably would have finished. There was some things stopping Georgie from being baptized before, I remember she told me before she would love to be baptized, but it would be in a few years, I always knew when those few years would come that she would be ready, and I always had the biggest desire to see and be there to witness Georgie entering the waters of Baptism, well those few years became a few months, things happened and changed and she was able to be baptized, I so happy I could see that wonderful day, although the last few weeks have been the toughest weeks of my mission, I know that the adversary was working triple time, everything that could go wrong went wrong, but we were determined and giving it our all, we were not going to let anything stop her special day from happening as she had such a desire to be baptized, so when that day came, the Sunday just gone was the best, she is a incredible Mother, who will go on and do many amazing and wonderful things, and I'm so pleased and proud of her for the steps that she has taken in her life to get to where she is now, I'm excited to think of the steps that she will continue to take and how she will continue to grow in the gospel :) 

Also yesterday must have been one of the most craziest days of my mission, what a way to spend my last day in EMP, so the car keys ended up getting stuck on top on the roof of the house haha, which was over 20ft up...................................................Don't even ask hahahahahah. I will leave everyone guessing how my good friend from Idaho managed that ;) we were just all cracking up so much, you see in situations where car keys end up on top of the roof at night, down worry, just relax and watch 4 missionaries come up with the most ridiculous ideas to get that down....................I want you all to try to imagine some of the crazy things we done. 
We ended up sprinting to the chapel on the look out for a 20ft ladder, but when to our surprise, but a 20ft Ladder, was there in front of our eyes, we don't even know how, all I know is the Lords timing is perfect :) The man chucked the ladder in the back of the Ute and of we were to fetch the keys, eventually we got them :) 
Then after we got the keys I went and visited people to say my final goodbye, well actually just a see you later :) 
I'm excited for Amir who is being baptized in 2 weeks and I'm grateful that I was able to teach him the lessons, I'm excited for this new week with my new companion we are going to go and smash the work in camp hill and watch miracles happen. 
I also last week, had an amazing and lovely opportunity to Skype home to my family, I just Loved every second and I did not want it to end, It was so great to see everyone, and they are all doing so well, It was Fathers day, on Sunday also and It is also my little sisters 16th Birthday tomorrow, time to get the shotgun out ;) I WISHED and WISH HER A VERY HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY :) I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to Skype back home, I have the best family in the world who I cherish and love so dearly, who mean everything to me, i'm so thankful for them :D