Sunday, 16 November 2014

G20 Summit

 So it has been hectic here because of the G20 summit, like so many cops it's unreal. and Today is a Zone P-day so we are going up to Gympie, so you can check it out, I have no idea if there is anything cool to do there, but that is where the Zone is meeting up :) Also it turns out my friend in this ward helped set up the church In Malaysia and all and he done a heap of work out there and then I was thinking back earlier this year when I was able to Baptize this girl from Malaysia and thought about how awesome that was, that he help set up the church there and then someone i taught was from there and went back there!! Also I got a phone call yesterday, and that same guy was like I just met this woman on the streets and she is a member from Crawley Stake! Her surname is Collings maybe your Dad met the Collings family?? We knew heaps of the same people as when he was talking to her on the street he called me and put me on the phone to her hahah! then she came to church the next day to meet me, she was in her 40's. So that was really random but pretty awesome :) Also Anthony is doing really great and is getting baptized this coming Saturday at Noon now and it is very exciting, I'm also interviewing this Indian woman for baptism this Friday at 2pm which is awesome :) Also guess what I caught another dog and got a picture with it, I actually caught 2 dogs recently one was called Chloe and one was Pepper! #thedogcatcherstrikesagain #10 Also there are heaps on Pelicans here that you can just go and feed it is pretty awesome you should check out this park called Cottontree Park in Maroochydore :) we go here to GQ people :)  It's crazy for me to think the sisters I came in with are going home next week!!! So many amazing things are happening here the work is going sooo great, I'm really giving it my all!!  Yesterday here it was about 34 degrees Celsius :) I Love this tropical weather!!

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