Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Transferred Again!!!

 HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! well as I right this 2 you, It is new Years Eve and I have to be back in the flat soon! Also as I write this to you, I'm writing it from my New Area!!!!!! That's right I got transferred here about 30mins ago hahah I'm now in Eight Mile Plans :) I have my new companion he is new on the mission, been out just 3 months and is from the Factory, Yes Utah hahaha! I'm excited for this transfer, going to smash the work here! Can't believe I already finished my time in Brisbane North! Saying goodbye to Caitlyn was super difficult and hard, but I told her it's not goodbye, It's only a See Ya Later!  I had a great time in my last area! I know I was meant to have been there! and have met Caitlyn and go to the Temple with her!  I can't believe 2014 is here! and that when I will be in 2014 it will still be 2013 for you haha! I'm looking forward to this coming year and to share this wonderful spiritual experiences with you as well!  So one of the sisters was from Finland like i mentioned before my friend Sister Pherminson and she was baptized my President Henderson. the mission presidents son, who I met today :) I got a picture with him! It was awesome as he served there 3 years ago! Such a small world and it was crazy as i was talking to this sister missionary who i was in the mtc with, she is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and well i know the people in her ward hahah! Such a small world! It's pretty awesome and I did'nt tell you about my friend Elder Blinkov he is from Russia, I met him a few months back, he awesome, we get on super great, it was funny as i learnt a little bit of Russian of him, then later met a woman in the streets who was from Russia and got to use it yesterday! :)  also I have been working on my study journal lately and have been making it all fancy and flash or whatever and It's really helped me! I know having a good structured and organized study journal has already helped me become a better missionary, and the work will keep on being smashed! my new Zone will be awesome, I have a lot of awesome people hear! so my friend Elder Ly Waut from Tahiti, well I lived with him for the half a year i was in the Gold Coast and guess what I'm living with him again, when we saw that we were living with each other again we went crazy haha, it was sooo exciting haha! Have a Happy NEW YEARS AND START TO 2014!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Elder King!

So just with Friday, it was super awesome, so Friday was the high light of the week without a doubt! Because Caitlyn who baptized last week, went to the temple on Friday night to do Baptisms and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super awesome to be able to witness that, and go in the temple with her on her first ever time! She had only been a member for 5 days and already went to the Temple, it was so wonderful to see it and so fast, it usually never happens this quick, but super glad it did and in time for Christmas, i don't think she could properly explain how much she Loved the temple, she had such a wonderful time in there, Just Loved it!!!!!!!! It was just a great experience to see her already take that step and she had, had a super tough week! so that made everything better, and her friend that has been helping her, came and got her temple recommend just before Friday and came :) which was awesome and we talked for a bit, as she is in my ward, she is living next week, as she is travelling the world for a year, but she sent me a text thanking me, saying because of you I actually have a relationship with Christ now ect and just Thanked us again, to hear that made everything! and made the week going to the temple, as for the week, I have actually been sick, and I have been up every night, pretty much got no sleep, so hoping I can recover fully, as we are having a big Missionary Party tomorrow being Christmas Eve which will last most of the day :) So also we had a great end to the week, as I don't know if you remember me telling you about the Japanese Girl, who we found on the street, and was just praying and we answered her prayers and she has been a less active back in Japan for years and years and well she came to Caitlyn's baptism the other week and came to church for the first time in ages yesterday which was awesome :)  Also we went to the Christmas Devotional last night, and that was really awesome as Caitlyn came and we got to meet Caitlyn's mum who is a Muslim yesterday which was pretty cool just to briefly be able to say hello! I have not really picked up an accent I won't lose my accent however I do say some words different and there are words which I use a lot now which I never used before I came to Australia :) , just reading the scriptures, daily prayer and attending church are the 3 important and little things we can do that will help us spiritually, i have seen since I came into the church, that if i did not do those things, then I really noticed a difference. 

So the Christmas Eve Party the other day was soooo good, it went on for the whole day!!! It was awesome, there were about 240 + of us missionaries in the same room, we done a few funny things on stage and just chilled the whole day it was really great!! and Christmas day was amazing, It's soooooooooo Hot here at the moment, it's blazing outside! It was so weird to have such a hot Christmas we had a BBQ and played Snooker (Pool) and just ate so much food hahah!! We started by going to Caitlyn's then we had a mean feed for Breakfast, then went back, and had a little power nap, had Lunch, smashed some more Food, then went back to Caitlyn's and kicked it there and then, Elder B, got to Skype his family, unfortunatley I have not been able to Skype them yet, as there were some apparently really crazy storms and all the power went out, so they are sitting in the dark for the whole of Christmas and today, the power i think is out for a few days, so it was really sad as my mum could not Skype me I was pretty upset about it, but i just sent her an email reassuring her that we will Skype within the next few days :) I just can't believe the luck haha. I guess bad Weather in England..............What a shocker haha!!!! but i can't wait for when i do get to Skype them :) My day so far has been good, just been at Caitlyn's for the morning as my friend Skyped his family there, so I have not done, much I just sat there outside waiting, it was nice soaking up the sun though, although it's too hot to be wearing a shirt and Tie.  and for New Years, New Years is going to be sooooo boring here hahaha, Missionaries have to be back in the flat by 5pm! That early, just nothing to do and it will just be sooo hot outside haha!!! Well I will have to come up with some thing creative to do!!! So as you know this Mission is now a Book of Mormon mission and what Not, so i was reading the Book of Mormon, i got to Mosiah, but then when this challenge came along I started the Book of Mormon again, and I'm just finishing Alma!!!  I got the a present yesterday, from this Less Active woman from NZ and altogether it must have been about $200 worth, like it was 8kg's heavy and was in 2 seperate boxes and was just full of Christmas decorations for our flat, she also gave me $50 and said I had to go and buy $20 worth of Fish and Chips haha! It was so kind of her, just super unexpected out of nowhere, she just wrote me I have been drawn to you since the 1st day I met you and just thought I could be related to her family in NZ it was super random hhaha!  Just so nice, I'm still in shock haha! I want to call her to say Thank you! I Loved the Gold Coast ward I was in!!! You know I;m going to Die coming from living in Australia to Idaho hahah, like I'm literally going to not be able to handle the cold haha When I saw Australia is hot or warm, It's a different kind of heat on another level!!!! When I come back here it will be so amazing and also Mission President said in 2018 he is having a massive Missionary Reunion so that every single Missionary that would ever have had him as a mission president is invited! He wants to see us and our wife's and what not. I think that is pretty awesome that he is doing that and it was cool, that on the Mission Party, we had to write something down and put it in the box and we won't get to see it again until that party :)

Sunday, 15 December 2013


 I Love my Mission, My mission is incredible, I would be no where in the world right now rather then here, everything else can wait. AHHHH this week has been BOSS!!!! Been smashing it Like A Boss. Caitlyn got Baptized Saturday and it was so amazing, even the mission President came to this special Baptism I had spoke to him a few weeks earlier, explained the situation that was happening at the time, and He said that he would come, So she was Baptized and he spoke as well at her Baptism, It was so powerful, when we were waiting for her and Elder Davis to get changed we played some videos as there were some non members there About how every Prophet Testifies of Christ, and then we watched one on the Book of Mormon about Christ visiting the Americas. Caitlyn is probably up there with the most amazing incredible people I have ever met, she is one of my Best friends and we got on so well, it is crazy, when I say we have a lot in common, we really do hahaha! So I have not got long left on emails at all, time is ticking, which has been like nothing, but that's ok, well I was able to Confirm her on Sunday, Yesterday which was SOOOO awesome, I was nervous as I have never confirmed anyone before! and I remember that only yesterday, It seems like I was confirmed a member of the church well a lot can change in that time. After the confirmation and Church we went Christmas caroling together, me, her and the rest of the Missionaries in the Brisbane North Zone. It was awesome. Anyways with time running down the coolest thing happened Caitlyn just got baptized and confirmed and has already got her Temple Recommend and she got it Yesterday and I'm going to the temple with her this Friday to do Baptism :) It is the coolest thing ever and for her to go to the Temple in less then a week of her being baptized within 5 days of her joining is crazy we had to make a few calls and set up some interviews but it was worth it you can definitely write about this on my blog, but I will write you more next week about what happened this weekend, please Pray for Caitlyn and get your family to do so, she is going through the toughest and most hardest times, It is super sad, so please pray for her always and I will and always do pray for you and your family :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Baptism This Week :)

Sam didnt say a lot this week, but I got some pictures:)
I have exciting News I HAVE A BAPTISM COMING UP THIS WEEK :) On the 14th of December with Caitlyn!!!!!!!!! It's so exciting!!! and we are trying to get her to the temple by the 20th of December as there is a temple trip so we want to get special permission and we can go with her to do Baptism's :) My friend, who I live with the one from Washington is Baptizing her which is awesome! we are going to spend Christmas with her!!! We are seeing her everyday this week.

Sam's investigator Caitlyn sent me these pictures:)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hot Christmas in the Down Under

My P-day was Today and I only found out late last week that it was changed as I ended up going to the Brisbane Temple Today :) Christmas is so weird on my mission and also as it is super hot, I mean I Love the hot, but it is weird it being hot at this time of the year!! I was wearing a Santa on the Brisbane Temple Grounds. So we had an awesome Miracle this week, we were tracting this random street, just out of nowhere, Not even sure why we are there, but I saw his Asian Girl walking up behind us, I was busy just knocking on some door and I said my Companion go and Talk to her, so off he went and then I came over after we were talking and she was from Japan she must have been early 20's she had just came from Japan 1 month ago to Australia on her own and was feeling very lonely as she was the only was there of her family, well she could not speak a lot of English, and well she just started crying and kept crying as we found out she was Actually a Member, who had been Less-Active for most of her Teenage years, she said we were an answer to her Prayers as we found out just 30 minutes earlier she had prayed because she felt lonely and did not know what to do, then we turn up and we are talking to her and she keeps crying because she is so happy to see us and she was on about how she has no friends here as she is finding it hard because of her English and we were just like we are your Friend and the conversation kept going, we are also going to help teach her English and we are seeing her this Saturday :) So the other Night was awesome, I was bearing my testimony and sharing my Conversation story as the person really wanted to hear it, I was also asked the Question 'How did you come to Believe in God' as Obviously I never believed in God for pretty much my whole life until I was 17 and a half, and as I was sharing the story I got really emotional about it as I was thinking about how much has changed since then for the better.
 Also the other night, I was able to string up or put up some Christmas Lights at night time, so it was pretty funny I climbed up on to the roof of this house and was doing the Christmas lights for our Investigator who by the way is getting Baptized in less then 2 weeks :) It was awesome doing the lights and being up there. Her name is Caitlyn and she is 22 and has the most adorable kids, one is turning 6 and the other is 2 and they are so sweet, the 2 year he has a problem with his windpipe he cannot speak, he is the sweetest, he keeps wanting to just give you hugs and stuff, and the other day he gave me a Christmas decoration put it in my hand, walked me over to the Christmas tree and pointed where he wanted me to put it hahaha they are awesome :) 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Ward, New People, New Experiences

 Church was really great, being able to meet the new ward :) and there was a Baptism, and we were able to get up and share our testimonies also my new companion  Elder Bejarano is the man and and we are getting on super well!!! I have been learning some more Spanish as I want to learn Spanish, well at least enough to get around :)  I just know like real basic Spanish, Like nice to meet you, what my name is, like I'm doing really good Thank you, and some cheeky Spanish, How do I get there etc.  I'm not joking I also get i'm from Spain, or Italy everyday when I'm talking to someone, and I they like wait a minute your not Australian, where are you from? I saw somewhere in europe, but you will have to guess they look at me and say I Spanish, I'm like nope, Italian? I also Always get I'm mid 20's hahaa! although my arms have gone kind of brown, people are now like your arms are not white, they have tanned pretty well, but I got smashed by the Sun the other day, I looked like a tomato, but it just went to a Tan :)  It was also super funny but awkward a like 2 weeks ago, we were teaching this elderly gentleman and he offered me a glass of water, It so hot so i was like Yes! Well he gave me a drink and i saw his ear wax fall out of his ear into my drink, It was disgusting, it was floating there, i was like Thank you so much for the water, I did not drink it I said what is that over there??? He turned around I ran to his sink and poured it down there and i said Thank you that was very refreshing hahaa! It was pretty funny at the time! So the other day, my friend and old ward mission leader just bought his New Audi, I think it was like the S5 V8 model something just expensive, he took me out in it as we were visiting members and we were driving down the GC highway I turned to him and asked him the question, can It go fast, just joking around, next second we are flying down the GC highway, it was a lot of fun though. the other week at Southern Conference when we had that massive Missionary meeting, there was like 200 of us there, and President Henderson says Elder King, can you come up here, so i get up and walk to the front and he shared a thing with everyone which i had just fond out earlier that Morning, so what happened is President's Son served his mission in Finland and he Baptized this Girl In Finland and brought her into the church, this girl is friend, as she has been serving her mission in the London South Mission, and I would see her heaps, we would also be laughing and joking around in the visitor centre, I had no idea President son baptized her though, When I found that out it was crazy!!!!!! Also This Mission is becoming a Book of Mormon Mission, we all our reading it together and will finish it just before Valentine's day. and also this mission the Australia Brisbane Mission is the biggest Mission in Australia and has 262 missionaries and they were thinking about whether or not they should split the mission because of the size, but they are not going to!!!  the place I'm serving in now is pretty Ghetto but I Love it, Me and Elder Bejarano done service for a bunch of Aboriginal people, and got food after :)  My companion is just the best at soccer growing up in South America, he learnt the craziest moves, so now we will just be playing soccer together in the morning. I have to get going now, Love, Elder Samuel King. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Transferred to North Brisbane!!!!

 Transfers were awesome, I'm emailing you from my new area I have just got to! So my New area is called Bracken Ridge and I'm in the Brisbane North Zone, My new companion is from Limu Peru :) He has been out for 4 months, so I'm follow up training him and also we have both been what is called white-washed into a new area, an area we have both never served in so we are going to have to start from the area book and smash the work, I can't believe that I have finally left the GC the Gold Coast! But I'm excited from this new Transfer. I live with the Zone Leaders here now! I have to unpack later , that is how fresh I'm to this area :) Amery I can't believe I have been out for HALF A YEAR tomorrow :)  the 6th Month Mark I'm going to burn one of my ties I think :) and then at a year a shirt or something! The Gold Coast was soooo awesome to serve!!!  I'm really excited for this Transfer Its going to make me a good missionary I feel I'm the senior companion and as he has just been trained I'm going to help him as much as possible, we are both in a new area, we have a baptism coming up on the 15th of December, I can see myself really stepping up in  the next few weeks!  So I would burn a tie at 6 months and a shirt at 12 as it is like a tradition, there are some crazy missionary traditions but i think it would be pretty cool, we down a shirt for my mate's 12 month mark back in Burleigh! at the end of your service you burn your suit, I don't think i would do that I like my suits hahaha!  I can't believe it has been 6 months at first it was really tough and it still has been, but my mission keeps on getting better and better! I will deff keep up working my hardest, I have some awesome news which meant a lot to me, so when I was in the Gold Coast, I was working with a Less-Active woman from England, I had been working with her for a few months and i made a promise with her, I said 'Bev, you have to promise me, that on my Last Sunday here on the Gold Coast, you have to come to church with me' well she has not had anything to do with the church or been to church in over 30 years which is a super long time, well I was working with her and she came to church for the first time in over 30 years! I was so happy! I had dinner with her yesterday to say Goodbye :) She is 51 :) I have to get going now!! Love, Elder Sam King XXX

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Last week in the Gold Coast:(

Honestly this week Amery is stacked, every week as a missionary is so busy, trying to find time to set apart everything to do!  the last weeks We have been working so hard, I have just noticed the change I have really been trying to KILL it lately and I'm not just going to KILL this week I'm going to KILL and SMASH every single week and make the most of it! So the last week and a bit was awesome we had massive lightning storms on one day and had a blackout on the Gold Coast highway, all the lights on the road and everywhere were dead, So there was nothing to do during dinner time as you could not see anything, so i just went to bed for a little bit. So the other night at church we had a ward activity a Trunk 'N' Treat where the Trunks of the cars or boots if your back in England is all decorated with candy etc and that was a good night a few non members came! I think next week, could be must last week in the GC transfers are coming up on the 19th! then my Half Year mark! So on one of the days I was woken up at like 4:00 am as we live pretty much on the Beach someone was having a firework display hahah it was awesome.  So I met people from a place called the Torres Straits the other day and the first people i also met from Papua New Guinea :) I love meeting all this people from all over it is so awesome!  So I also can't believe that this could be my last week in the Gold Coast, P-day will be next Tuesday for me, I feel I will be moving so the next time I email you could be from a different area. This week has been great though we have done a lot of finding and for every 6 people we spoke to we got a potential, like a return appointment and a lesson, so this week, It honestly will be the craziest and busiest week, especially as it is the last week of the transfer, we are going up to Brisbane again this Thursday for a thing known as Southern Conference! where all the missionaries come together in South Queensland for a special day of meeting and trainings. Church was really great, there was a massive thunderstorm outside that was really cool, to watch and we had our investigator come to church and a few other non members came, and also I have been working closely with this less active woman from England and i made a promise with her that when my last week comes you have to come to church with me, so she will be coming this week and we have been teaching the lessons to her again, when we met her she was not prepared to come back, but after getting her to a few activities she is feeling more ready :) and wants to work towards the temple :) we went to Brisbane last week for the temple, well we also had to go up to Brisbane the week before that to pick some things up from the mission office, and we will probably have to go Brisbane again next week for Transfers! It will be sad leaving the GC the ward is awesome, I got on so well with the people in the ward! It will be sad, but I'm really excited for a new area as well.  I can't picture snow anymore not here in Australia hahaha! I can't tell you how crazy it feels here at this time of year hahaha the Christmas trees are with the palm trees :) Talk to you next week! Love, Elder Samuel King XXX

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boxing Kangaroos

 I saw some awesome things this week, I watched some Kangaroo's have a full on boxing match, they were smashing each other, and then started kicking each other, it was actually sooo cool to watch haha. So this week has been a great week, we are really struggling for teaching as we are down to 1 investigator but he is awesome and hopefully we can set a baptismal date with him this week, so we have been doing a lot of finding this week! but it has been awesome, the investigator we have is reading the book of Mormon like a Boss, he is just a champion haha, he takes absorbs the information like a sponge, the only problem we have is that he has Word of Wisdom problems, like he is addicted to cigarettes he smokes like 5 just while we are teaching him, he is also addicted to Alcohol, i can relate to him in this area, but i'm so thankful for church standards, and now to be living the WofW as i honestly notice the change and anytime i have slipped up I always notice the impact it has, but I know we can help him overcome his trials, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change anyone, i have seen the changes so much in my life, since i have started to join the church, I know that Gospel Standards are there for a reason :) So we also had a Barn Dance night with Square Dancing and Line Dancing etc, country style we were not allowed to go as missionaries, as apparently it was not appropriate but it was a great night I heard, we got a less active to go and I'm determined to get her back to church before i get moved into a different area, I'm nearly there and seeing her later tonight, so hopefully she can start to come back :) I also got to teach Primary Yesterday and the kids were awesome! They were really well behaved, well most of them haah, then we went to the Mathieson home although none of the Mathieson were there hahah and we had Dinner with a guy in my ward who is living at the Mathieson's and Nikki and her kids it was awesome :)   Love, Elder King XX

Sunday, 20 October 2013

5 months down!! :)

 I can't believe it is 5 months and yes soon enough 6 and quarter of the way done. So This week was awesome as on Wednesday night we had a kind of ward activity around Tasmin's home and that was really great, it went really well and our investigator Brendan came along and I really want to try and set a baptismal date with this week, the night went well so we are having another one this Thursday night at a different members home :) Also we try and talk to as many people as possible and want to share the gospel with everyone we talked to this woman on the beach front for an hour and a half and most of the conversation it was going nowhere and she kept asking the same thing over and over, however by the end of the conversation we got somewhere and she said i really might consider joining your church, she just felt and amazing and then she told us that, that morning she had left her house and prayed to God to find the true church and then she meets us :) So that was awesome we will be in contact with her shortly and hopefully it will go somewhere, she was more then happy to take a Book of Mormon though :) We also gave quite a bit of service this week, we helped move all the furniture out of an apartment into another one it was really great to be able to help we got rewarded yesterday as she baked as a massive cake just to say thank you :) So also during Tracting this week or Door Knocking as it known I was on a Trade off with the Zone Leader in his area in Mudgeerba, it went really well and we were able to teach a few lessons, however one guy at the door really tried arguing with us and putting as down, we get this so much and he was just saying so much rubbish about the church, then i thought i could not just leave then i said to him, do you really think that me and my friend here would leave are loved ones back home, etc all that we had before for 2 years all because of a Book which is made up? I then just said I know what we share it True etc and I went on from there, but afterwards as I walked away It really made me think of why I'm out here on a mission and I just know it is the right thing without a doubt and yes you have to sacrifice when you go on a mission but it is the most rewarding thing that you can do. We visited a less active and she is from England but moved to Australia, well she was baptized about 20 + years ago, and the person who baptized her is from Evanston Wyoming :)  So we are going to try and track down the missionary who baptized her and reunite them and we have his full name we are going to see if the mission president can help, she was so sweet though, she said to me if he had not have baptized me I would have chosen you to do so, and It so sweet for her to say that to me, but i just said you know what at least you have found the gospel in your life, some people are still on a search they don't even know that they are on :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

General Conference

General Conference was soooo awesome I Loved it and I really enjoyed watching it, especially as a missionary that was awesome!! Yea having the picnic yesterday was awesome and the weather was really great, The other day I was able to see some more Kangaroo's there as they are on the church grounds so i got some pictures. So I have found out that I get to got to the Temple on week 5 of the Transfer so I can't wait for that! So this week I have just been doing a lot of finding and That is what this week will be, not to much happened, the highlight was definitely Conference and also it was awesome that there was an Australian guy speaking there :)  So This Thai Lady is being baptized next week, I meet her at Conference and she cannot speak English that well but as I testified about how I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true and the sacrifice I made of going on a mission, she started to cry with happiness and I thought even though she might not be able to understand all that i say and the accent does not help ;) however it made me think the Spirit only speaks one Language and I could just tell it was working in her when i was testifying to her of the truths :) So next time I email you will be like my 5 month mark :) Love, Elder King

Monday, 7 October 2013

He's staying in Gold Coast again!!!

 I actually cannot believe I'm staying here in the GC again!!!!!!!! That is so awesome, I really was not expecting it though :) I Love the Book of Mormon Amery, I know without a doubt that it is true, I Love reading from it everyday, it has changed my life, it has changed everything and I'm so thankful to have the Book of Mormon in my life, I never thought I would be religious or be a missionary, I never thought I would believe in God but If i never got handed a Book of Mormon when I was 13 I would not be here now and it took 4 and half years for it to have an effect on me, but it has changed everything. So I'm going to start reading it again :) I have also started reading this morning the New Testament :) So I'm excited to be starting that my goal is to finish it by the end of this Transfer :)  So something else awesome happened this week and it was such an incredible experience for me Amery and that was to help confirm Nikki a member of this church :) Wow it was awesome and Nikki has come so far, I never thought in my wildest dreams that when I joined the church i would be out on a mission, get to teach and see someone so close to me get baptized and then help confirm them a member of this church, as I helping Confirming Nikki a member, I thought back to when I was being confirmed and all so that was a great experience for me and I was really excited that I was able to be a part of that Amery :) So the other week on the 25th of September, that was my year and a half mark in the church from when I got baptized back on March 25th last year! It has gone soooooo fast and so much has happened in that time.  I'm so grateful for the gospel and none of this would have been made possible if I never got handed that Book of Mormon at 13, so much has changed and for the better. I was able to be with Nikki and Drew last night, unfortunately I could not go to Tasmins for dinner, but I'm sure i will be there soon and It important and I love spending time with Nikki as she has just become a member, she is awesome, the amount of hardship she has gone through to be where she is know is incredible! Also someone in Fast and Testimony meeting shared about something and it was about when I shared this scripture with a while back, they did not mention who, they just mentioned about someone coming into there home and sharing this scripture with them, It was the one i shared with them, a favourite of mine and a common one I can know recite word for word, it is also Kate Mathieson fav scripture and is Proverbs 3:5-6 I did not think it would have that big of an effect on them but it did. So Also Amery, yesterday it was 37 degrees Celsius out and I think that is near like a 100 Fahrenheit  you might have to check I'm not that sure but it was getting super hot and it is only spring! then it dropped dramatically to 24 degrees! But it is getting hot 37 is the hottest i have seen it here so far!  I'm getting a tan! It's funny as my arms are now so much darker then my legs, my the difference looks crazy :p  and not to much else happened this week, I was able to do quite a bit of Service in gardens, so I done quite a bit of gardening but other then to be honest not to much! Not to much on week 6 happens because of Transfers and a thing called Deep clean where we have to clean the flat and make it spotless for at least 4 hours, But we are just trying to pick up the teaching and finding more people to teach so hopefully we can find some miracles this week, I'm sure we will we also see miracles for sure :)  I actually went for a run with her yesterday morning there was a group of like 10 + of us and it was pretty intense run for me seeming as i just have not run is so long hahahah, but it was awesome, I hope to do it again sometime soon, but no joke my legs are wrecked hhaha I can barely walk on them every step i take hurts hahaha, she is probably fine the thing is i injured my right calf ages ago I'm not even sure how to the point where i could not run on it because i was in so much pain, so yesterday was the first proper run in done other then the MTC and it smashed me, I'm feeling it today, so i'm just going to stretch out my calf again after, also when i went on the run with her i did not stretch before i went straight into it. I'm looking forward to Conference this weekend and as missionary :) Love, Elder King XX

Here is a picture his friend (in the picture) sent to me. He thinks he is so gangster....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Probably His Last Week in Gold Coast :(

So the Temple was amazing It was so awesome, I really looking forward to going back in another 6 weeks, Unless I get sent up North then I won't be going as it is to far, But i had such a wonderful time there, I really enjoyed it and I ended Up be like the last missionary to leave the Celestial Room, but I did not want to leave there as it was so peaceful in there!!!!!!!!! It just felt soooo nice and I was so relaxed :)  So Nikki's Baptism WAS AWESOME, IT WAS SO FANTASTIC AND I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so blessed to be able to witness such a special Occasion such as Nikki's Baptism, and It was just so incredible, It is kind of hard to put into words, It was emotional!!! Nikki is just such a strong and amazing woman and Really just is a fantastic person, with 2 beautiful children. That definitely was just fantastic and Made Last Week! To see her progress so much in this Gospel was really moving for me as a missionary and being the one that was able to teach her was incredible, she was so sweet and was on about how she was glad I was the one that taught her etc, I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am for having that chance and that opportunity, you know what Amery, the reason, I wanted to come on a mission Is obviously because this Gospel has blessed and changed my life so much and has really set out my future and where I'm going in life. This Gospel means everything to me, I could not imagine life now without it and without you and I wanted to go on a mission to help change someone's life on as my own has been changed, I wanted to find someone out there, who was so willing to embrace the gospel with both arms and just want to immerse them self in it and to keep on learning and learning and to see it make a family change for the better. I have already been able to achieve my goal on my mission by Nikki, I know that i was meant to meet her and she knows it, the gospel has came at the perfect time in her life! It really has! I fasted for Nikki today, as she finds out about a Job tomorrow and whether or not she will get it, she is a mid-wife and has delivered so far 41 babies :) So the Mathieson Family also took as out last week to a restaurant  and Kate was there it was the day before she got set apart it was called Wahoo's a Mexican Restaurant and It was awesome :) We also just us 4 missionaries in the flat had a McDonalds Ice Cream cone Eating competition just after we smashed some dinner at a members house and it was the first one to be sick from eating as many ice creams as possible, we all got 8 done, and it was the worst feeling but was entertaining watching it other :)  I was about to be siiick hahaha I ate way to much food before, that :P I heard No Other Love as I was getting my haircut at a place in Burleigh called the GodBarbers some Awesome GC hairdressing place! The Wednesday last week we spent most of the day going from Doctor to Doctor as my toe nail that came off :p got infected I know it's disgusting so I had to get that checked but it has healed up so quickly already the antibiotics sorted it out no problem :) Love, Elder Samuel King XXXh

Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Crazy Stories!

My week has been incredible! I just Love it here! So I guess where to start this week, Well I was able to teach Nikki a few times, which was awesome, we went on splits on Tuesday Night and I went with Drew and we went to Nikki's and I taught the Word of Wisdom, (recap) as I already taught that on the Sunday, just seeing how much was understood and how I could teach it better but she just knows so much!!! She is so awesome, just the best investigator ever! she has become one of my closest friends and her kids and the best, Felix drew a picture of me yesterday when we were at Stake Conference and It was so sweet it is says 'Elder King' on it and looks like an Elf hahaha It puts the biggest smile on my face, he also drew a Lion in my planner, and it makes me so happy and to think one day when ever i have children will be so amazing! Then after recapping the word of wisdom I taught the Law of Chasity, It was the funniest and best lesson, I will probably have on my mission, just so many jokes were made, and she said she loved the lesson and plus she is already living the Law of Chasity now and has been for a while, so no problems there, with just me and Drew there is was such a laugh a good time, Drew was perfect fellowship for her, just a great guy and his inputs are the best, the Lesson was also so great as it was so heartfelt, Me and Nikki were talking about how we know we were meant to have meet each other, how much like we care for each other along those lines and about how when Felix grows up on about how she would like him to go on a mission! That would be so awesome! We know we are really great friends for all eternity! and we were on about coming to each others weddings! I was thinking I could also see Milan be baptized next year when she turns 8 :) and That is awesome to think about that I could be there when Nikki goes through the temple, we taught Nikki her last lesson yesterday after stake conference about Tithing and Fast Offering and we planned the Baptismal Program and I'm so grateful I get to be a witness to watch her enter the waters of baptism :) And to open up with a prayer to invite the spirit,  and all these things, one of the hymns are 'Famlies can be together Forever' I have meet quite a few people from Spokane here!  We are on about how small a world it is, like the woman I met from Spokane yesterday while I was out talking to people along the Burleigh Beach Esplanade. Also Kate Mathieson had her farewell this week! I could only make 30mins of it, as we were on a tight schedule and had to sneak out early because we had to get back, one of her best friends just got called to the London South Mission! It is weird to think that Kate is living this week on the 28th! I will see her one last time before she goes sometime this week and give the Book of Mormon to her parents, which they can hand to my parents etc! If you type in 'KATEY'S FAREWELL' on to Youtube you might be able to find a video with loads of pictures of her growing up the one we watched, and someone playing the Uke and singing about Katey, he used to be in my home ward back home way before I joined though, still a small world! Then me and Elder Eldridge had the weirdest experience this week we were going to teach our investigator and we go to his apartment, he comes out super drunk and then his Gay friend walks out buttoning up his shirt, and it was so weird, we go inside and then because they are both drunk they don't know how to tie a tie, so I'm trying to teach him and as I'm teaching the investigator,he puts his face to my face and starts growling at me and grinding his teeth and his eyes are so crazy, we realized there not just drunk as but they are on hard out drugs, we know It's time to get out a quick, he then starts to get aggressive towards me and wants to fight me! he throws a punch a my face and stops just before my nose I did not move I just stood there and tried to reason with him saying about how we have caught you at bad time, we will see you another time, as he is fine before, he then wants me to hit him in the face and and continues to get aggressive and growling at me, while the Gay friend is like you need more drugs! we got out of there and fast, we just walked! It was such a crazy experience, we both got out and were like what just happened :P Well Amery, that was interesting to say the least :P Also  I had something stupid happen, I have had a bad toe for a while now, now I have no big toe nail :/ It is sickening I had to pull it of last night, as it was lose, I know you probably don't want to know but that is what I was up to last night, wrestling with my Toe, It finally came off as it was all nasty and black, so Then i have just been disinfecting it, I hope it heals, I don't want it getting infected :P but it had to come off, it has been damaged for years now, but last night just ruined a member stepped on it and it pretty much just wrecked it even more so i kind done surgery on myself :P All is well at the moment though hahaha! Also this week I went on Trade off's with the Zone Leaders and I went to Mudgeerba, with Elder Carling from Utah :) He is my good friend and is super awesome! We picked up some mini missionaries from centery and Brisbane Stake, they are 1st cousins and are Samoan they are awesome, they are only 16 but seem so much older, we got on sooooo well, I took one out GQ'ing and we handed out 3 Books of Mormon and all the things we had on us in a short time and then I took the other one out Tracting which was awesome, Then We got a phone call and I had to go to Robina Hospital and give this lady a blessing :) As i was doing i was nearly crying, it was pretty emotional, but so awesome! So today I was studying 3rd Nephi chapter 11 and just got so much out, I could study this one chapter for hours! I Love reading the Book of Mormon! Also i have been able to share my conversation story loads, last night in fact I was asked to share it again as they really wanted to here it then the night before, in full detail as well! I'm always sharing it as people are really interested! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AMERY AND I CANNOT IMAGINE LIFE WITH OUT IT!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CHURCH AND I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE IN IT!! Love Elder King, XXX

Monday, 16 September 2013

4 months down this week!!

Sorry I havent posted in a few weeks! I have just started school today, so ive been busy moving in and getting things ready! Sam has not said a lot these past few week about his mission! I wish I knew more. He also has been having computer trouble at the library where he emails. I thought I would post a little bit for those that are checking the blog! He has been teaching a lot of people and really loves his investigator named Nikki. She is planning on getting baptized and he is so excited for that! This week he will be out for 4 months!! It is going by so fast, but so slow at the same time! Thanks! Also, here is a link to his "I'm a Mormon" profile page that he created before he left. It has his testimony and things about him and his faith on it for everyone that would like to read it. :) http://mormon.org/me/bjrb

 The week has been going well I'm loving my new companion, he is the man just a really great guy, we get on super well and both love a good laugh, he gets on really well with the ward.  I eat at members house only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday however I can eat at a members house from Monday to Thursday but only if there is a non member there! so hopefully i will be going around the Mathieson's for dinner soon and Nikki will be coming so that will be awesome, I honestly can't tell you how excited I am for Nikki to be Baptized on the 29th of this month not very long.  It will get pretty cold in the coming months, its so weird for me to think that it is only going to get hotter and hotter here! It is going to be so humid as well! I will have to have like a BBQ or something! and that sounds awesome!  there are some really tough days, like crazy days, up so early working as hard as we can until bedtime! but it is all worth it!! Also Tell Joe, without him or his family, i would not be here or where I am today! Tell him, i can never Thank him or his family enough for all that they done for me! and yea I met a guy who worshiped the Sun, it was sooo weird, some random Italian man who was old hahah, trying to get out of that home was crazy, but i was not trapped in it hahhaha! I have met some crazy people here on the Gold Coast, you really do get the weirdest people haha! but you got to Love them! The mission is going well! Love you all! Elder King xxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Companion!!

So my today has been hectic hahah we have had Transfers and I'm with my new Companion!!! and I'm still here in the Gold Coast :D I'm soooo happy!!!!!!! So my New companion is called Elder Eldridge and he is from guess where? Go on you will never guess it ;) from Utah, he is actually from Logan Utah so the Cache Valley, where McCall is from, and get this he knows McCall, he went to the same high school Mountain Crest and had a class with her, they had a Chemistry class together! It's such a small world can you believe! haha! That is so awesome! Elder Eldridge is the Man! He is a really nice guy and although I have only just met him, I'm sure we will get on just great! So, so far I have had an Australian and American companion! Elder Eldridge has been out for 10 and half months and has just came down from the furthest North part of the mission - Cairns!!!!! He served up there for 6 months. It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Carswell, but it was fine as we will see each over around in the mission! So in the flat where we live Elder Kozak has finished his mission and is heading back to Toronto Canada tomorrow! and Elder Ly Waut is in the Flat still and his new companion is Tongan but has been raised in Sydney, his name is Elder Nalesomi, so there has been some big changes :) So Amery a massive Miracle this week was on church after Sunday, we were not sure where to Tract (knocking doors) and we where lead to this place in our area we have not been as it is really out the way, but we felt like we should go there, so we ended up knocking on this door and this man came out and he is called Steve, and Steve was really happy to see us, he had just got back church and we started talking to him and he said his Brother is a member and that he has family living in Utah now and we set up a time to come back and see him this Thursday at 4pm, we left him with a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet with our names and numbers on the back. So yesterday I got a phone call and it was on a private number so I had no idea who was calling I picked up and said 'Hello Elder King speaking' Steve responded hey Elder King it's Steve here, I read and prayed about the pamphlet that you gave me and I know I need to become a Mormon, I prayed to God and he answered my prayers' I was reading about the 3 heavens, Telestial, Terrestial and Celestial and it all just made so much sense to me' I know being a Mormon is the thing I have been needing my whole life, reading that Pamphlet filled a gap in my soul which i have been yearning for my whole life' Amery how incredible is that! My mouth dropped on the phone hahaha I was sooooo happy! We had a great conversation, and he is really excited to be seeing us on Thursday! I will set a baptismal date with him :D It was the coolest experience. Also this week we found a Mauri Family Mauri being from (New Zealand) well this family from New Zealand we tracked into and it was awesome they were interested in hearing more, as we spoke to the woman we came back around there house and The dad is actually a Less Active, who was raised in the church and turned away at about 15 and has not gone for many years! He wants to come back eventually and he wants his son to learn about it, and his son has never been raised with it or anything, the wife is a non member as well as the son and they also have an older son who is 14 :) So there is big potential to help bring this family into the church :) We also got talking to another family from New Zealand yesterday and they are struggling and are down on there luck at the moment and they are living in a tent, we were able to buy them nappies for the babies, (Diapers) being American ;) and Milk etc and help them out! And we are seeing them tomorrow and will be having a lesson with them as they invited us around to do so as they are interested! So more potential there with another family. and I told you about Nikki last week how I have been teaching Nikki for the last few weeks and how I set a baptismal date with her for the 29th of September and she can't wait for Baptism :) She is so sweet and kind, she and her children are lovely the gospel has completely changed her life already :) and I'm teaching her again tomorrow night :) and I can't wait for her baptism my first baptism and she is so awesome It is hard to describe I have wrote so much in my Journal about Nikki :) Nikki was telling me the other night about how her children are praying to Heavenly Father for the first time it was the cutest thing! I have to get going now! Love you!! Elder King XX

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

3 Months Down 21 To Go!!

I have had a great week thanks I had some awesome things happen this week, So i have been teaching a woman called Nikki lately we had a few lessons this week and she is just amazing, she is a single mother and is 28, she has 2 awesome children i believe 5 and 6 called Felix and Milan. Teaching her has been going so well, she just loves the gospel so much, It is so great to see, so on Wednesday we were tracting (door knocking) and we knocked on this woman's door and she came out and said are you 'Latter Day Saints' I replied yes we are Madam, have you heard much about our beliefs' she said a little bit, and then she said my daughter went to your church on Sunday in Mudgeerba, we were shocked, we were like that is awesome, what time did she go and the woman replied at 1pm and we said that is when we went to church, what is your daughters name and she said 'my daughter is called Nikki, do you know her' I replied I know Nikki really well now in fact I'm having dinner with her later tonight and i have been teaching her, we have a lesson just before dinner. Nikki's mum was so happy she was like Nikki Loves church she has been telling me all about it and how much she can't wait to go again! and how excited she was went she came out of church last Sunday! We had a long conversation about church and Nikki, with Nikki's mum and her mum is not against it at all not one bit, apparently meeting us made her day, she said Nikki has been telling me all about you and how your a young man and how you have given up your time etc to do this and share this message etc etc, after talking with Nikki's mum we went and had a lesson with Nikki and we brought up to Nikki that we just met her mother and she was like 'Oh no' what was she like and I was just on about how kind the mum was and how excepting she was of Nikki coming to church. The lesson that night went great with Nikki and she said 'you know how some people hear all this things and it scares them away or people are to pushy well' well it does not scare me i just want to keep on learning and learning more and more and i hear all this new things and I love it' so yesterday at church Nikki came again and we taught her and we talked about Baptism and she said this 'I'm definitely going to get baptized' 'I can't wait' It was one of the best things ever, the best thing ever that i have heard as a missionary. She is so excited about baptism, i would have committed her to a date then to be baptized on, however we are sorting one out for her at the moment, so Nikki will definitely be baptized within the next transfer and I'm going to go teach her again this week, I hope i stay here so much on the Gold Coast Amery, it would mean everything to me and especially as Nikki said she wants me to continue teaching her! This week has been amazing to see her progress this much in the gospel and is such a great testimony builder for me, Miracles do happen! I know i have been put here on the GC for a reason and that is to have met Nikki, i know that if i stay one more transfer i can help her work towards baptism for sure, all of her closest girlfriends are in our ward, the fellowship we have for Nikki is just the best.  I think I'm giving a training tomorrow in front of the Gold Coast Zone, I'm not sure what on, i just got told earlier today. also speaking of companions Elder Carswell is doing really great and I will most likely not be with him next Transfer :( We wanted to spend another Transfer together but we will still keep each other updated and i will see him around at big missionary meetings!  LOVE  ELDER SAMUEL RYDER KING!!!!!! XXXXX 

This is a picture that someone in Sam's ward sent to me. It is with Sam and his best mates in the ward he is serving in! I'm so glad he has made such good life long friends while he has already been out!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gold Coast pictures

Since transfers are coming up in a few weeks and Sam could go anywhere in Queensland, or stay in Gold Coast, I figured I would post some pictures of beautiful Gold Coast where he is at now. It is so beautiful I'm jealous he is living there!!

I'm not sure exactly where he is living but I know it is somewhere around the yellow line on the Gold Coast Highway. He can see the ocean from his bedroom window!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Living it up in Gold Coast!

This week has just been just amazing and so much has happened in it! So On thursday I was able to have an interview with the mission president, presdient Henderson from St.George Utah, I Love him so much and he really is a great man and example to me! They know my friend who is serving her mission in St.George at the temple there, she is from Dublin Ireland and she served in the London South mission for a while, while she waited for her visa's! On Wednesday night as well we were just cycling back and we talk to everyone well as many people as possible and i cycled past this bus stop and this woman was sitting down with some children it was late and my hands were covered in oil from the bicycle chain as it had came off and i needed to fix it, so i went and just started seeing how her day was and we started talking about church and she had got a divorce from her husband and she said i really think if i had church in my life i would have never of got a divorce and she is like I'm looking for a family orientated church! So i was thinking Perfect there is nothing better then this one and i started sharing about how the gospel can bless families and how I;m the only member in my family but how i want my future family to be raised with the gospel of jesus christ at the foundation of it and she said i want to come to your church that sounds perferct so we gave the address got her number and all, she is away in Sydney for a while but she wants to come so when she is back we will hopefully start teaching her :) 
Also i have not told you i teach gospel essentials/principles class every week in church and there was a non member there who is a young single mum with 2 children who loves hearing about families so i taught my class on how the gospel can bless families and how god is our loving heavenly father just a few basic points in an hour lesson, but by the end she was crying it was an awesome experience:) Also my good friend Elder Ly Waut from Tahiti, we get on so well he is just amazing i have so many good friends here well he cut my hair for me Friday night and it came out interestingly you should say haahhaa it looks pretty crazy but it will grow back hahaha It's not that bad at all though he done a pretty good job! 
So today is my P-day but yesterday i had a great experience I went to Brisbane yesterday and most the missionaries in Queensland where i think the only ones who were not present were the ones in the North, so i got to see my district from the MTC again it was so good seeing them most of them were sisters all America from Idaho, Utah, California but i also got to see my MTC companion again Elder Farr so it has been months since i saw him last and he is doing really well :) He is great just a wonderful person, but yesterday was really good as i got to meet a member of the 70 Elder Pearcing I'm not sure if i spelt his name correctly though but he spoke to us for about an hour and a half, his wife was my old mission president, President Langelands sister! I got to speak to Elder Pearcing breifly and he said to me 'Thank you for your service' It was lovely :) I'm going to surfers Paradise later well pretty soon as it is P-day and we have been allowed to go so I'm going with the rest of the Gold Coast Zone which will be fun! Also yea I have to wait for my letters the zone leaders brings them to us like once every week or 2 but I just love it when i get them :) Transfers are coming up in the next 2 weeks, so i will let you know what happens, they are occuring on the 28th :) Love, Elder King

Friday, 9 August 2013

Happiest girl right now! :)

I am the luckiest person right now! I received this package from Sam today! It includes the flag of Australia, a photo album with tons of photos of him and his companion and beautiful Australia, a Book Of Mormon with tons of notes and writing in it- and his amazing testimony. I have no idea how he got the license plate, but I love it. A key chain of a crown. About 5 letters and a video to watch! I have not watched it yet but I will let you all know about it! Oh he also put in a bag of Lindor chocolate, but that just exploded all over everything in the package! But it's the thought that counts:)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Very Special Day

           Today marks the one year date that I first met Sam. I can honestly say that was the best week of my life and I met truly amazing life long friends. I will never be grateful enough for that week at EFY in Provo Utah. I wish I had never left that place and those people. So much has happened in the past year Sam wanted me to post today. I remember skyping Sam just days after we all got back from EFY. For Sam it was a lot longer trip home than me. That first Skype, turned into many many more following:) We ended up skyping pretty much everyday the last few months he was home. His plans were to go to BYU-Idaho then maybe go on a mission. So much has changed from that. Sam never thought he would be serving the Lord in Australia over 2 months already. I never thought I would be going to BYU-Idaho, but I know it's meant to be and The Lord has plans for each and every one of us that we just don't see yet. I am very excited to be going to the same school Sam will when he gets back. So much can change in a short period of time, but I know if you always turn to The Lord everything will work out the way it's suppose to. The Lord sees the big picture that we cant and he wants to help us. I know Sam is where he needs to be. I know we were both meant to go to that week out of the whole summer for that EFY and meet. I can not explain how much Sam has influenced my life forever. He is my best friend and always will be. He only wants the best for all of you and his family. I know he is constantly praying for all of his friends and family. If any of you know Sam well, you are lucky people as well myself. And I only want the best for you too. Any of you can message me/ comment on this post, or friend me on Facebook anytime I would love to hear how you know Sam, stories of you and Sam(or any stories of Sam) or how he has influenced your life as well! Thanks! 
Love, Amery Abel

A Skype session while he was visiting friends at Uni! 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Another great week!

August 4th 2013
             This week has been great and I was able to go on a trade off with the zone leader, So i went with me and my good friend Elder Double' from Hamilton New Zealand and I went spent the day in the Mudgeeraba area and It was such a great day, just went out door knocking and had 2 really great lessons with non members and less actives, we shared all about the Book of Mormon and watched a short mormon message about the Book of Mormon and the video was based in London. So this week was also awesome because a few weeks back we were knocking on doors and I speaking to this lady in are 50's and she was really interested and wanted to learn more, weeks had gone by and we kept trying to see her again and she was really sick, but this weel we were able to have a lesson with her and it was probably the best lesson I have had on my mission so far, I always slowly progressing with my teaching we taught and went over the restoration and throughout the whole lesson she was on about how peaceful she felt when we were sharing and testifying to her and how she knows that the message we share with her is true, the reason we found out she was so interested is because a while back she done a survey to find out what relgion she was nearest to and Mormonism came up at the top so when i knocked on her door that rainy day a few weeks ago, it must have been a sign for her, I committed her to Baptism and she said possibly we are going to see her again this Friday and I have a good feeling we can hopefully get a date with her, she is really excited to see us again and, then staright after that lesson we went and taught this man named Nathan who is in his 30's his parents are strong Catholic and do not like the idea of him joining the church however, he is strongly thinking of it so we are going to be teaching him the 3rd lesson this week the Gospel of Jesus Christ and again commit him to baptism and he knows it is the right thing it is just his family who are not that happy. We also had another great lesson with this recent convert called Caitlin and now Caitlin got baptized early June, June the 8th she is 23 and is the only member in her family as well she has 5 siblings! and her parents are Catholic :p but she is awesome she found out about the church through her boyfriend who is thinking of a mission and is awesome we went over the Plan of Salvation with her which is one of my favourite lessons to teach and one in my personal study time I have been going over a lot lately :) after that we had an awesome Breakfast is Australia 'Brekky 'of Pancakes, Ice Cream, strawberries and of course Bananas and also Bacon it was a mean feed :) 
              Yesterday was also great as we were out last night at Burleigh Beach GQ ing people or golden questioning them as it is known and finding out a bit about them and this man from Brazil called Thiago ran up to us like Elders how is it going and hugges us and he is a less active and so is his parents and they live in our area Mermaid Beach and he said we need to go and see them, and gave us all there details and numbers so I phoned the dad today and we are going to go see him and his wife sometime this week to share a message :) We also were able this week to teach a Jehovah Witness man from Italy who was interested, and seeming as her is Jehovah Witness they usaully just want to bible bash with you but not this one! I spoke to him about the Book of Mormon and gave him and he was so happy to get one, which was awesome it is not everyday a JW expects the book of Mormon. :) We got a few potentials this week which was awesome the work in our area Burleigh Heads is really picking up! serving here on the Gold Coast is awesome and is really great :) Later today I phoning this man who we meet in the supermarket who Is interested in learning more he gave us his phone number and was eager to set up an apointment i have spoke to this man quite a few times so hoping something will happen there, we also met this less active guy this week called Sam who is just such a good guy, he is 23 and is thinking of a mission and loved meeting us and we are seeing him again tonight so we will hopefully help him work towards going on a mission, he has just started coming back to church :) He is full of good intnetions and has strong desires and also wants to baptized his best freind he has a strong impression, his best friend she is not a member but he pictured her at her baptism and all he was sharing this experience with us which was awesome:)
                 That is really exiciting about McCalls Bf getting called to Uruguay, i met this woman last year on the plane as i was flying from Salt Lake City to Dallas Fort Worth Texas and we were talking for ages, at the point i has only been a member for 4 months but i remember how much she wanted to learn more with the missionaries as i asked if she would like to learn more, so i when i got back to the London Temple i got a Book of Mormon in Spanish and Gospel Principles in Spanish and all the pamphlets in Spanish and sent it to her in Uruguay as she gave me her address and what not all i know is her name is Victoria, she lives in the capital of Urguay and says is it Beautiful there :) You never know maybe they got baptized her and her family or maybe McCall's BF Stirling who is going there on his mission will find them and baptize them as they have already been prepared. I hope all is well. Love Elder King XXXX

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One Direction in Australia?!? :))

Finally caught up to date!!

This is his last week email to me:) Im finally caught up on this blog! I promise all the future post will be way better and I will put more time into them! And maybe put some pictures up too! I hope you all are enjoying hearing about his experiences this far! I know he loves it down there, and I know this is where he is suppose to be. He loves all of you and only wants the best for you! From here on out,  I will post weekly unless something cool happens like new pictures or a cool letter or something else! Thanks everyone!
July 28 2013:
Hey Amery,
I can at least get back to you now, I just had to email the mission president and also I emailed back home, and they all seem to be doing really well :) My week to start was great, on Thursday I had one of the best days on my mission so far, and I was able to teach lesson after lesson after lesson, rushing around from appointment tot appointment, one of our investigators really progressed and that was Clinton, he has been studying witht the Jehovah Witnesses for over a year, but since meeting with us, he loves the message we are sharing we have taught him 3 lessons and last lesson went super well, he said he would deff be baptized 100% when he finds out what we are teaching is ture, he has so much faith and has really been thinking about Baptism, each lesson i have committed him to be baptized and he wants to be he just needs to get his answer, but it was a great experience i could see the change in his face as i testified his face lit up :) We got another baptism date for the 25th of August with our investigators however we got a text from her saying she wanted to continue learning, but we are not given up and are going to see her tomorrow and hopefully work with her to help progress her towards baptism and help her take that leap of faith. And are other investigator with the baptismal date of the 25th of August, we are trying to see a few times this week. The work here is going really well though and the members have been of great help to us. We went to our ward activitiy on Saturday night and it was lip sync so members signing to songs, they played One Direction 'That's what makes you Beautiful' Also after that played Justin Bieber 'One Time' I heard about the new one Direction song yesterday at church haahah :) some one told me about it because I'm from England :P I wonder if it really is the best song ever ;) It has a lot to live up to :P I will just have to wait a while to hear it :P Also i saw my first Kangaroo the other day ;) I will have to show you the picture. :) I hope you have a great rest of your week :) Love, Sam xxx