Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Probably His Last Week in Gold Coast :(

So the Temple was amazing It was so awesome, I really looking forward to going back in another 6 weeks, Unless I get sent up North then I won't be going as it is to far, But i had such a wonderful time there, I really enjoyed it and I ended Up be like the last missionary to leave the Celestial Room, but I did not want to leave there as it was so peaceful in there!!!!!!!!! It just felt soooo nice and I was so relaxed :)  So Nikki's Baptism WAS AWESOME, IT WAS SO FANTASTIC AND I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so blessed to be able to witness such a special Occasion such as Nikki's Baptism, and It was just so incredible, It is kind of hard to put into words, It was emotional!!! Nikki is just such a strong and amazing woman and Really just is a fantastic person, with 2 beautiful children. That definitely was just fantastic and Made Last Week! To see her progress so much in this Gospel was really moving for me as a missionary and being the one that was able to teach her was incredible, she was so sweet and was on about how she was glad I was the one that taught her etc, I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am for having that chance and that opportunity, you know what Amery, the reason, I wanted to come on a mission Is obviously because this Gospel has blessed and changed my life so much and has really set out my future and where I'm going in life. This Gospel means everything to me, I could not imagine life now without it and without you and I wanted to go on a mission to help change someone's life on as my own has been changed, I wanted to find someone out there, who was so willing to embrace the gospel with both arms and just want to immerse them self in it and to keep on learning and learning and to see it make a family change for the better. I have already been able to achieve my goal on my mission by Nikki, I know that i was meant to meet her and she knows it, the gospel has came at the perfect time in her life! It really has! I fasted for Nikki today, as she finds out about a Job tomorrow and whether or not she will get it, she is a mid-wife and has delivered so far 41 babies :) So the Mathieson Family also took as out last week to a restaurant  and Kate was there it was the day before she got set apart it was called Wahoo's a Mexican Restaurant and It was awesome :) We also just us 4 missionaries in the flat had a McDonalds Ice Cream cone Eating competition just after we smashed some dinner at a members house and it was the first one to be sick from eating as many ice creams as possible, we all got 8 done, and it was the worst feeling but was entertaining watching it other :)  I was about to be siiick hahaha I ate way to much food before, that :P I heard No Other Love as I was getting my haircut at a place in Burleigh called the GodBarbers some Awesome GC hairdressing place! The Wednesday last week we spent most of the day going from Doctor to Doctor as my toe nail that came off :p got infected I know it's disgusting so I had to get that checked but it has healed up so quickly already the antibiotics sorted it out no problem :) Love, Elder Samuel King XXXh

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