Sunday, 23 February 2014

P-day Domination

I don't have that long on email today. Today has been a Zone P-day so we spent the day as missionaries together, it happens once a month, so there was 29 of us :) and all and it was a lot of fun we done Laser Tag, and you know in Laser tag how you get given a random name and all well my name was Phonix and I came top out of everyone in Laser tag out of the 29, mine was at the top of the board so I got a picture of it and at the end of the game, everyone was like who is Phonix, they destroyed hahah, then I'm Like I'm Phonix hahaha, everyone looks, around then I saw 'God Save the Queen' something really random and it was crack up though, I never knew I could play Laser tag, guess I'm just a dork hahaah :)  President has upped the time that missionaries stay in one area, but that's ok because I love it here and we have been super busy, we taught 25 lessons last week, which was really great :) and that work is going well, and the hard work is reflecting it, and I'm super excited and nervous as Chelsie is getting Baptized this Saturday the 1st of March :) at 3pm :) and I have never Baptized someone! We also had Stake Conference, on Sunday, which was pretty long, but it only happens once a year haha so It was not that bad, Also I was able to go on Trade off with that Elder Beauchamp the new missionary, who also is a recent convert and we got on and get on so well, we just get each other and understand each other, and we went out and knocked doors and smashed the potentials got a load of return appointments with him :) It was super successful!!!!!  P-day, is not next Monday, but next Wednesday as it is a Temple P-day which will be great!
-Elder King

Sunday, 16 February 2014

New News

That is super exciting About Joe!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE IS GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I ALWAYS ALWAYS HOPED THAT HE WOULD AND NOW THAT HE IS THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  Where is he opening it at????? That is super awesome though!!!!! I wonder when he will leave?????????? Ahhhhhh he better get called to this mission ahhhhhhhhh that would be 2 crazy It would be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T THINK THIS WILL HIT ME FOR A WHILE!!!!!
 It is crazy to think that by the time he lives I would have been on my mission maybe for a whole year haha!!! So My Day So far has been good Just played Basketball in the morning and that was about it hahaah!!! So I have heard back home in England, the weather is just super bad, and it has been the wettest winter there in 250 years!!! I'm lucky I'm here in the sunshine State :) So I was so happy to finish reading the Book of Mormon again and now I have started reading the New Testament I'm in St.Luke, on page 102 :) Chelsie is having her baptismal Interview tomorrow evening and then after going to Young Women's I just know that this is the best decision she can ever make in her life and I'm very grateful that I have the opportunity and Privilege to Baptize her :) but she is really happy about church life and all these new doors opening up to her and the blessing that she will receive from it and all :) I just thought of how much my life changed since I have come into the church. So the work in this area has been going super well lately like really great, We are always busy, busy, busy and have been able to teach a lot of lessons, last week we taught 21 lessons which was awesome and have been working with a few people and they have started to come back to church :) but if you could please continue to pray for Chelsie and Neve, but also especially Chelsie that would be great :)
So For the rest of the day, I will just go back cook up some food and then just Eat heaps of stuff and then in the evening we are visiting, this Less Active woman from Liberia and she has a few children and they have never been taught before and so we are going to teach them and all and then later after that I'm going on a trade off tonight and this new Missionary I'm going with his background is from NZ he lives in Perth WA. (Western Australia) and he has only been a member for a year and a half and this is his 1st week on his mission so he is Fresh As still so I'm excited to be with him all of tomorrow and also both because we joined at similar times and all, when we met we already just got on super well so there is a lot to talk about tomorrow and we will be teaching a few lessons together, hopefully I can help him learn things that will benefit him for the rest of his mission :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Transfers and Baptism Plans

So My week has been awesome, I did not go to Transfer Meeting as I'm staying in Eight Mile Plains which I'm super happy about, I will be here for a while, Elder Naumann is staying as well, but this will be his last transfer here, which means I will stay again most likely :) I just had to sort out a load of things, we had to move all the furniture in the flat as we are have got to new elders in here with us, they are both part of the Chinese programme :) They are super awesome, one is a new missionary, and the other one, I was with in the Gold Coast, but did not live with him! Now I'm the only one in the flat not from Utah hahaha not from the Factory!!! 3 Utah white boys, my worst nightmare hahaha!!!!  The last week of a Transfer is always interesting as there is so much to do, especially if you leave and want to say goodbye to everyone, but it was super good we done heaps and taught heaps of lessons :) So Some really great news is that Chelsie, and her friend Neve are still super excited about baptism on the 1st of March. :) Chelsie is the daughter of Kelly, who has that disability, I never knew that stopping Kelly on the street that night, would lead to her daughter wanting to be baptized and all and then her friend happening to be sitting in on the lessons and her wanting to be baptized etc :) So amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! So Chelsie, has also gone through a lot, she is 15, coming on 16 in April,  well I has a massive phone conversation with her yesterday, and This whole church concept to her is so exciting and all :) Like it really means a lot to her, and when we were talking on the phone, she was on about how grateful, she is that we are here and I was on about how thankful I am to be able to teach her, I will be baptizing on the 1st of March, So it is super exciting :) I have never baptized anyone before But I can't wait!!!! I know she will be blessed exceedingly for this decision and especially at the age she is doing it at. I also explained about the church uni's in America, and how many doors will open to her when she joins :)
So this week there was also a Presidency Broadcast going on across the Pacific, so Australia, NZ, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands etc :) just addressing about the work in these areas :) It was really great!!!!!!!! I always enjoy the broadcasts as it also gets the members, more involved in the work and they always seem to step it up afterwards :) 
So, I have been obsessed with Languages lately as you can probably tell hahaha, I Love learning words from different languages especially cheeky words haha, but like just basic greeting like Hello, How are you and I'm now able to do it in 54 Languages. People Love it as well and it always makes them smile, I Love to make people laugh and smile hahaah!!!!!
So also we have been teaching this man English, the one from Iraq and in exchange he has been teaching us Arabic, but I have been learning about fast like surprisingly quick, as I have the best teacher a man from Iraq who can only speak Arabic, mainly and it was soo awesome. In the week, I knocked on a door and a woman came out she looked like she was from the Middle East and all, and I asked where she was from she said Iraq and I just started speaking Arabic to her, I asked her in Arabic, can I Please have a drink, and then she replied come, in, and we started speaking and she was impressed, then I said in Arabic, 'We teach about Jesus Christ' and when she feeds us, I'm able to say things like this food is delicious, Your house is very nice, is there anything we can do to help you at all? It was lovely meeting you, have a great rest of your day etc, she was shocked, then asked me where learned to speak Arabic, I said, well I don't know that much but I'm learning of my friend from Iraq :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Great Week for the Gospel Down Under

I had a great week this week!!! It went super well, and the work is Cranking here, one of the other words I have been using!!!! But the work is going really well here!!!We had 7 Investigators come to church yesterday!! Smashed it!! It was so awesome to see them all there :) They really enjoyed it, we hoped for 10 investigators to come, but We were so pleased when 7 came!!! :) Hopefully we can have that many come again this week, or more, and Transfers is happening again this next Sunday. So you know I told you about the woman the other week, who I was thought was drunk, and well we have been teaching here family, I set a baptismal date with her daughter and her friend and they will be getting baptized on the 1st of March :) It was so awesome, we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ :) So also this week a cool thing happened, I was able to go in this Jeep Cherokee, that had been done up and had, all the seats taken out except for the front 2 and the rest of the inside of the car was a massive Speaker, with mini Speakers around it, we got in closed the doors and the owner wanted to give me the full experience of the 4 massive sub-woofers in the back, it's about 5,500 watts all together, which is crazy. Also we had Trade-offs and I went with my Tongan Friend Elder Fifita!!!!!!!!! He is the man, We had a great time!!!!!!!! and then we went on Splits in the evening, so I went with a guy from Elder Fifita's ward and he had been a member just under 2 years and So have I and we taught a guy who has been a member for one year, but just less Active, and he needed to be re-taught, so we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and we all had such an awesome chat about joining the church :) So We met some people from El Salvador this week, different families in different locations, It was super random, but i learnt the other week, My Name is Elder King, I'm from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Spanish, so that was really cool, I was able to use it to introduce myself, I'm still practicing my Spanish :) and I got to learn a few basic words in Afrikaans and it was weird as the guy that taught me served in South Africa, he is 27, but one of my good friend's back home was his District Leader when he served :)  I have to get going now! I hope that you have an amazing week and that everything goes well.  -Sam XX