Sunday, 23 February 2014

P-day Domination

I don't have that long on email today. Today has been a Zone P-day so we spent the day as missionaries together, it happens once a month, so there was 29 of us :) and all and it was a lot of fun we done Laser Tag, and you know in Laser tag how you get given a random name and all well my name was Phonix and I came top out of everyone in Laser tag out of the 29, mine was at the top of the board so I got a picture of it and at the end of the game, everyone was like who is Phonix, they destroyed hahah, then I'm Like I'm Phonix hahaha, everyone looks, around then I saw 'God Save the Queen' something really random and it was crack up though, I never knew I could play Laser tag, guess I'm just a dork hahaah :)  President has upped the time that missionaries stay in one area, but that's ok because I love it here and we have been super busy, we taught 25 lessons last week, which was really great :) and that work is going well, and the hard work is reflecting it, and I'm super excited and nervous as Chelsie is getting Baptized this Saturday the 1st of March :) at 3pm :) and I have never Baptized someone! We also had Stake Conference, on Sunday, which was pretty long, but it only happens once a year haha so It was not that bad, Also I was able to go on Trade off with that Elder Beauchamp the new missionary, who also is a recent convert and we got on and get on so well, we just get each other and understand each other, and we went out and knocked doors and smashed the potentials got a load of return appointments with him :) It was super successful!!!!!  P-day, is not next Monday, but next Wednesday as it is a Temple P-day which will be great!
-Elder King

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