Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Ward, New People, New Experiences

 Church was really great, being able to meet the new ward :) and there was a Baptism, and we were able to get up and share our testimonies also my new companion  Elder Bejarano is the man and and we are getting on super well!!! I have been learning some more Spanish as I want to learn Spanish, well at least enough to get around :)  I just know like real basic Spanish, Like nice to meet you, what my name is, like I'm doing really good Thank you, and some cheeky Spanish, How do I get there etc.  I'm not joking I also get i'm from Spain, or Italy everyday when I'm talking to someone, and I they like wait a minute your not Australian, where are you from? I saw somewhere in europe, but you will have to guess they look at me and say I Spanish, I'm like nope, Italian? I also Always get I'm mid 20's hahaa! although my arms have gone kind of brown, people are now like your arms are not white, they have tanned pretty well, but I got smashed by the Sun the other day, I looked like a tomato, but it just went to a Tan :)  It was also super funny but awkward a like 2 weeks ago, we were teaching this elderly gentleman and he offered me a glass of water, It so hot so i was like Yes! Well he gave me a drink and i saw his ear wax fall out of his ear into my drink, It was disgusting, it was floating there, i was like Thank you so much for the water, I did not drink it I said what is that over there??? He turned around I ran to his sink and poured it down there and i said Thank you that was very refreshing hahaa! It was pretty funny at the time! So the other day, my friend and old ward mission leader just bought his New Audi, I think it was like the S5 V8 model something just expensive, he took me out in it as we were visiting members and we were driving down the GC highway I turned to him and asked him the question, can It go fast, just joking around, next second we are flying down the GC highway, it was a lot of fun though. the other week at Southern Conference when we had that massive Missionary meeting, there was like 200 of us there, and President Henderson says Elder King, can you come up here, so i get up and walk to the front and he shared a thing with everyone which i had just fond out earlier that Morning, so what happened is President's Son served his mission in Finland and he Baptized this Girl In Finland and brought her into the church, this girl is friend, as she has been serving her mission in the London South Mission, and I would see her heaps, we would also be laughing and joking around in the visitor centre, I had no idea President son baptized her though, When I found that out it was crazy!!!!!! Also This Mission is becoming a Book of Mormon Mission, we all our reading it together and will finish it just before Valentine's day. and also this mission the Australia Brisbane Mission is the biggest Mission in Australia and has 262 missionaries and they were thinking about whether or not they should split the mission because of the size, but they are not going to!!!  the place I'm serving in now is pretty Ghetto but I Love it, Me and Elder Bejarano done service for a bunch of Aboriginal people, and got food after :)  My companion is just the best at soccer growing up in South America, he learnt the craziest moves, so now we will just be playing soccer together in the morning. I have to get going now, Love, Elder Samuel King. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Transferred to North Brisbane!!!!

 Transfers were awesome, I'm emailing you from my new area I have just got to! So my New area is called Bracken Ridge and I'm in the Brisbane North Zone, My new companion is from Limu Peru :) He has been out for 4 months, so I'm follow up training him and also we have both been what is called white-washed into a new area, an area we have both never served in so we are going to have to start from the area book and smash the work, I can't believe that I have finally left the GC the Gold Coast! But I'm excited from this new Transfer. I live with the Zone Leaders here now! I have to unpack later , that is how fresh I'm to this area :) Amery I can't believe I have been out for HALF A YEAR tomorrow :)  the 6th Month Mark I'm going to burn one of my ties I think :) and then at a year a shirt or something! The Gold Coast was soooo awesome to serve!!!  I'm really excited for this Transfer Its going to make me a good missionary I feel I'm the senior companion and as he has just been trained I'm going to help him as much as possible, we are both in a new area, we have a baptism coming up on the 15th of December, I can see myself really stepping up in  the next few weeks!  So I would burn a tie at 6 months and a shirt at 12 as it is like a tradition, there are some crazy missionary traditions but i think it would be pretty cool, we down a shirt for my mate's 12 month mark back in Burleigh! at the end of your service you burn your suit, I don't think i would do that I like my suits hahaha!  I can't believe it has been 6 months at first it was really tough and it still has been, but my mission keeps on getting better and better! I will deff keep up working my hardest, I have some awesome news which meant a lot to me, so when I was in the Gold Coast, I was working with a Less-Active woman from England, I had been working with her for a few months and i made a promise with her, I said 'Bev, you have to promise me, that on my Last Sunday here on the Gold Coast, you have to come to church with me' well she has not had anything to do with the church or been to church in over 30 years which is a super long time, well I was working with her and she came to church for the first time in over 30 years! I was so happy! I had dinner with her yesterday to say Goodbye :) She is 51 :) I have to get going now!! Love, Elder Sam King XXX

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Last week in the Gold Coast:(

Honestly this week Amery is stacked, every week as a missionary is so busy, trying to find time to set apart everything to do!  the last weeks We have been working so hard, I have just noticed the change I have really been trying to KILL it lately and I'm not just going to KILL this week I'm going to KILL and SMASH every single week and make the most of it! So the last week and a bit was awesome we had massive lightning storms on one day and had a blackout on the Gold Coast highway, all the lights on the road and everywhere were dead, So there was nothing to do during dinner time as you could not see anything, so i just went to bed for a little bit. So the other night at church we had a ward activity a Trunk 'N' Treat where the Trunks of the cars or boots if your back in England is all decorated with candy etc and that was a good night a few non members came! I think next week, could be must last week in the GC transfers are coming up on the 19th! then my Half Year mark! So on one of the days I was woken up at like 4:00 am as we live pretty much on the Beach someone was having a firework display hahah it was awesome.  So I met people from a place called the Torres Straits the other day and the first people i also met from Papua New Guinea :) I love meeting all this people from all over it is so awesome!  So I also can't believe that this could be my last week in the Gold Coast, P-day will be next Tuesday for me, I feel I will be moving so the next time I email you could be from a different area. This week has been great though we have done a lot of finding and for every 6 people we spoke to we got a potential, like a return appointment and a lesson, so this week, It honestly will be the craziest and busiest week, especially as it is the last week of the transfer, we are going up to Brisbane again this Thursday for a thing known as Southern Conference! where all the missionaries come together in South Queensland for a special day of meeting and trainings. Church was really great, there was a massive thunderstorm outside that was really cool, to watch and we had our investigator come to church and a few other non members came, and also I have been working closely with this less active woman from England and i made a promise with her that when my last week comes you have to come to church with me, so she will be coming this week and we have been teaching the lessons to her again, when we met her she was not prepared to come back, but after getting her to a few activities she is feeling more ready :) and wants to work towards the temple :) we went to Brisbane last week for the temple, well we also had to go up to Brisbane the week before that to pick some things up from the mission office, and we will probably have to go Brisbane again next week for Transfers! It will be sad leaving the GC the ward is awesome, I got on so well with the people in the ward! It will be sad, but I'm really excited for a new area as well.  I can't picture snow anymore not here in Australia hahaha! I can't tell you how crazy it feels here at this time of year hahaha the Christmas trees are with the palm trees :) Talk to you next week! Love, Elder Samuel King XXX