Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sick Week

So this week was pretty decent, went out with the AP's on Monday night and Tuesday and we had a great day together, although he was really sick, we still smashed the work out. I went out with my friend Elder Jensen from Draper Utah, Jensen is such a Mormon name :P 
We had a blast together :) unfortunately I became very sick from it and was in bed for 2 days after special training with President, and being sick on the mission sucks, as it is so boring hahaha 
I gave service for some woman in her garden, then was in my bed after that and was sick on Friday, It was the sickest I have been on my mission and only the 2nd day since serving which I had to take off, because I really could not work.
But we did have a miracle this week :) It was Wednesday, we were sitting in a park eating lunch in a place called Morning Side. A man walks next to us and says hello, I say would you like a seat, and I move along the bench, he sits and we all end up talking for an hour and half, we got a return appointment on Saturday and when I was feeling slightly better, went back and we were talking in his kitchen and said 'So when I get baptized' and 'I know I have to be clean to go to the temple' So he is solid, his name is Brad, and no joke, he likes to talk way more then I do :P I have actually by far met my match hhaha!!! He has 2 adorable daughters :) and we will have to get him married first, but even if it is sometime in the future it will be done :) and he invited us to dinner, so we are going tonight :) That was a miracle last week. 
Also we were able to teach Primary Yesterday which was fun as always :) and I don't know if I told you, maybe I did, but my companion Elder Parsons, well his Parents and sister are coming to England next month on holiday and they are going to visit my family :) which is super awesome :) 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Faith and Trust in the Lord

Everything is going well, but not much is happening to be honest, like it's such a hard area, I have not got much to write in way of work I would love to be able to but I just don't as we have no one to teach, nothing is really happening, so It's pretty tough, when you try every day but are getting no where, I just need to have more Faith and Trust in the Lord, that everything will be ok, we are going on trade-off tomorrow with the AP's (Assistant to President) which will be fun :)
and The ward is finally having an actual activity this coming weekend, first one in a crazy amount of time and all like years. My little sister finds out her exam results this coming Thursday and all. and just to let you know that I'm always still everyday praying for you and your family. I also just thought about something that is happening this coming week, we have 'Specialized Training' and Mission President will be there and it is a Zone P-day today. So we will be just sports, I'm still doing my best to keep fit by doing a lot of running etc. I have not played Basketball in like a month at all. But I have been playing a lot of soccer, I have started trying to get into it even more and have started to really enjoy it. :)  Say I say a big Hello from Down Under :) I'm also now starting to read the Doctrine and Covenants and all. I have a goal of finishing it before I finish, that and the New Testament and the Book of Mormon again

Friday, 15 August 2014

White Boyz Going Wild

Not to much happened this past week or so!!! But I did get to help out all these awesome aboriginals and do service for them, one of them is crazy, she said that if me and my companion, came in skirts and done her garden work for her that she would come to church this weekend! so we came in LavaLava's which is close enough right??? 
It was so much fun, while I was in it and wearing my snapback looking ridiculous, I was shouting out 'White Boyz going wild'. Also when we were out finding, knocking on doors, outside this one door was a skip bin and all and it had a few books in and we were going through it and all, and my companion he found our churches gospel principles book in there :P son we tried knocking on the door but nothing......... so we will go back next week and try to find them and see how they got that book! A miracle could definitely happen. Also with the Aboriginals we were chilling with, one of them was a 32 year Grandfather, that's right, 32 and a Granddad hahah!!! So we also helped with service to a member family and we helped them move there house and what not :) and we also went out in our ward mission leaders new truck a dodge ram 2500n heavy duty, in white, it's awesome, I know you always get big trucks in America, but it's definitely something you don't see back home. Also I jsut got back from the Temple and I had a wonderful time, I finished reading the Book Of Mormon again, I read the last chapter, in the celestial room, then said a prayer regarding Moroni's promise of reading the Book Of Mormon, it was a awesome and sweet experience, we had a great time :) We are doing are best just still trying to find people to teach and what not!!! but I hope you have a great rest of this week!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Only Ones Left

So with transfers and me staying we got a new guy in the flat, but he is already my good friend, Elder Bejarano is the flat with us and it's so much fun, the most awesome flat!!! I have learnt so much Spanish, it's so great!!! and is so much fun!! and also I got to see my friend the other week Elder Beauchamp, it was so great, me and him are so close who is also the convert of just a year before he went on his mission, I took him on trade off, his first week on his mission! but that was half a year ago already. We also had a crazy week, as our next door neighbour got deported back to India, it was so crazy, he knocked on our door at night after 10pm and was like boys, I need your help to move all of my furniture out of my apartment, so of course we did, we just felt so sorry for him, he is such a great guy!!! I can't believe are neighbour got deported :P and our other neighbour ran away to Turkey!! So now we are the only ones left!! we live in the Ghetto hahah! So this week was also got to Spray paint Elder Bejarano's bike All Black, it looks sick!!! and with our neighbour living to India, he locked my companions bike in the downstairs room, and we could not get in, so I just kicked in the door, one massive kick and the door broke off the hinges, it was so cool, it was like something out of a movie! and he left some sub-woofers for a car behind so we but them in the mission car, the toyota, so now the boot (Trunk) has massive 2000 watt subs in :) That's how us missionaries roll hahah! Also this week stopped and talked to a guy on the street who was walking his wild Dingo, only in Australia, will you find someone walking a dingo haha! Also we have been doing more Service for this woman, called Jackie and she is a 'carny' she works in the carnivals and we were sorting out her garage and we were literally swimming in 1000's and 1000's on soft cuddly teddies! Once in a life time experience haha, it was crazy!!!  This week was also fun because I got to train on 'Revelation through the Book of Mormon' and got to teach Gospel essentials as usual, I taught about the Church of Jesus Christ in former times. and I also got to Teach Elder Quorum and taught the Plan of Salvation!!! and we had such a spiritual lesson yesterday, It was pretty much all in Tagalog, for just over 1 hour, so me and my companion could not do much just a few words and a lot of smiles etc, but the fellowship was great! and at the end I shared my testimony about the Book of Mormon, and just started crying as I shared 1 Nephi Chapter 8 verse 12 :)