Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boxing Kangaroos

 I saw some awesome things this week, I watched some Kangaroo's have a full on boxing match, they were smashing each other, and then started kicking each other, it was actually sooo cool to watch haha. So this week has been a great week, we are really struggling for teaching as we are down to 1 investigator but he is awesome and hopefully we can set a baptismal date with him this week, so we have been doing a lot of finding this week! but it has been awesome, the investigator we have is reading the book of Mormon like a Boss, he is just a champion haha, he takes absorbs the information like a sponge, the only problem we have is that he has Word of Wisdom problems, like he is addicted to cigarettes he smokes like 5 just while we are teaching him, he is also addicted to Alcohol, i can relate to him in this area, but i'm so thankful for church standards, and now to be living the WofW as i honestly notice the change and anytime i have slipped up I always notice the impact it has, but I know we can help him overcome his trials, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change anyone, i have seen the changes so much in my life, since i have started to join the church, I know that Gospel Standards are there for a reason :) So we also had a Barn Dance night with Square Dancing and Line Dancing etc, country style we were not allowed to go as missionaries, as apparently it was not appropriate but it was a great night I heard, we got a less active to go and I'm determined to get her back to church before i get moved into a different area, I'm nearly there and seeing her later tonight, so hopefully she can start to come back :) I also got to teach Primary Yesterday and the kids were awesome! They were really well behaved, well most of them haah, then we went to the Mathieson home although none of the Mathieson were there hahah and we had Dinner with a guy in my ward who is living at the Mathieson's and Nikki and her kids it was awesome :)   Love, Elder King XX

Sunday, 20 October 2013

5 months down!! :)

 I can't believe it is 5 months and yes soon enough 6 and quarter of the way done. So This week was awesome as on Wednesday night we had a kind of ward activity around Tasmin's home and that was really great, it went really well and our investigator Brendan came along and I really want to try and set a baptismal date with this week, the night went well so we are having another one this Thursday night at a different members home :) Also we try and talk to as many people as possible and want to share the gospel with everyone we talked to this woman on the beach front for an hour and a half and most of the conversation it was going nowhere and she kept asking the same thing over and over, however by the end of the conversation we got somewhere and she said i really might consider joining your church, she just felt and amazing and then she told us that, that morning she had left her house and prayed to God to find the true church and then she meets us :) So that was awesome we will be in contact with her shortly and hopefully it will go somewhere, she was more then happy to take a Book of Mormon though :) We also gave quite a bit of service this week, we helped move all the furniture out of an apartment into another one it was really great to be able to help we got rewarded yesterday as she baked as a massive cake just to say thank you :) So also during Tracting this week or Door Knocking as it known I was on a Trade off with the Zone Leader in his area in Mudgeerba, it went really well and we were able to teach a few lessons, however one guy at the door really tried arguing with us and putting as down, we get this so much and he was just saying so much rubbish about the church, then i thought i could not just leave then i said to him, do you really think that me and my friend here would leave are loved ones back home, etc all that we had before for 2 years all because of a Book which is made up? I then just said I know what we share it True etc and I went on from there, but afterwards as I walked away It really made me think of why I'm out here on a mission and I just know it is the right thing without a doubt and yes you have to sacrifice when you go on a mission but it is the most rewarding thing that you can do. We visited a less active and she is from England but moved to Australia, well she was baptized about 20 + years ago, and the person who baptized her is from Evanston Wyoming :)  So we are going to try and track down the missionary who baptized her and reunite them and we have his full name we are going to see if the mission president can help, she was so sweet though, she said to me if he had not have baptized me I would have chosen you to do so, and It so sweet for her to say that to me, but i just said you know what at least you have found the gospel in your life, some people are still on a search they don't even know that they are on :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

General Conference

General Conference was soooo awesome I Loved it and I really enjoyed watching it, especially as a missionary that was awesome!! Yea having the picnic yesterday was awesome and the weather was really great, The other day I was able to see some more Kangaroo's there as they are on the church grounds so i got some pictures. So I have found out that I get to got to the Temple on week 5 of the Transfer so I can't wait for that! So this week I have just been doing a lot of finding and That is what this week will be, not to much happened, the highlight was definitely Conference and also it was awesome that there was an Australian guy speaking there :)  So This Thai Lady is being baptized next week, I meet her at Conference and she cannot speak English that well but as I testified about how I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true and the sacrifice I made of going on a mission, she started to cry with happiness and I thought even though she might not be able to understand all that i say and the accent does not help ;) however it made me think the Spirit only speaks one Language and I could just tell it was working in her when i was testifying to her of the truths :) So next time I email you will be like my 5 month mark :) Love, Elder King

Monday, 7 October 2013

He's staying in Gold Coast again!!!

 I actually cannot believe I'm staying here in the GC again!!!!!!!! That is so awesome, I really was not expecting it though :) I Love the Book of Mormon Amery, I know without a doubt that it is true, I Love reading from it everyday, it has changed my life, it has changed everything and I'm so thankful to have the Book of Mormon in my life, I never thought I would be religious or be a missionary, I never thought I would believe in God but If i never got handed a Book of Mormon when I was 13 I would not be here now and it took 4 and half years for it to have an effect on me, but it has changed everything. So I'm going to start reading it again :) I have also started reading this morning the New Testament :) So I'm excited to be starting that my goal is to finish it by the end of this Transfer :)  So something else awesome happened this week and it was such an incredible experience for me Amery and that was to help confirm Nikki a member of this church :) Wow it was awesome and Nikki has come so far, I never thought in my wildest dreams that when I joined the church i would be out on a mission, get to teach and see someone so close to me get baptized and then help confirm them a member of this church, as I helping Confirming Nikki a member, I thought back to when I was being confirmed and all so that was a great experience for me and I was really excited that I was able to be a part of that Amery :) So the other week on the 25th of September, that was my year and a half mark in the church from when I got baptized back on March 25th last year! It has gone soooooo fast and so much has happened in that time.  I'm so grateful for the gospel and none of this would have been made possible if I never got handed that Book of Mormon at 13, so much has changed and for the better. I was able to be with Nikki and Drew last night, unfortunately I could not go to Tasmins for dinner, but I'm sure i will be there soon and It important and I love spending time with Nikki as she has just become a member, she is awesome, the amount of hardship she has gone through to be where she is know is incredible! Also someone in Fast and Testimony meeting shared about something and it was about when I shared this scripture with a while back, they did not mention who, they just mentioned about someone coming into there home and sharing this scripture with them, It was the one i shared with them, a favourite of mine and a common one I can know recite word for word, it is also Kate Mathieson fav scripture and is Proverbs 3:5-6 I did not think it would have that big of an effect on them but it did. So Also Amery, yesterday it was 37 degrees Celsius out and I think that is near like a 100 Fahrenheit  you might have to check I'm not that sure but it was getting super hot and it is only spring! then it dropped dramatically to 24 degrees! But it is getting hot 37 is the hottest i have seen it here so far!  I'm getting a tan! It's funny as my arms are now so much darker then my legs, my the difference looks crazy :p  and not to much else happened this week, I was able to do quite a bit of Service in gardens, so I done quite a bit of gardening but other then to be honest not to much! Not to much on week 6 happens because of Transfers and a thing called Deep clean where we have to clean the flat and make it spotless for at least 4 hours, But we are just trying to pick up the teaching and finding more people to teach so hopefully we can find some miracles this week, I'm sure we will we also see miracles for sure :)  I actually went for a run with her yesterday morning there was a group of like 10 + of us and it was pretty intense run for me seeming as i just have not run is so long hahahah, but it was awesome, I hope to do it again sometime soon, but no joke my legs are wrecked hhaha I can barely walk on them every step i take hurts hahaha, she is probably fine the thing is i injured my right calf ages ago I'm not even sure how to the point where i could not run on it because i was in so much pain, so yesterday was the first proper run in done other then the MTC and it smashed me, I'm feeling it today, so i'm just going to stretch out my calf again after, also when i went on the run with her i did not stretch before i went straight into it. I'm looking forward to Conference this weekend and as missionary :) Love, Elder King XX

Here is a picture his friend (in the picture) sent to me. He thinks he is so gangster....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Probably His Last Week in Gold Coast :(

So the Temple was amazing It was so awesome, I really looking forward to going back in another 6 weeks, Unless I get sent up North then I won't be going as it is to far, But i had such a wonderful time there, I really enjoyed it and I ended Up be like the last missionary to leave the Celestial Room, but I did not want to leave there as it was so peaceful in there!!!!!!!!! It just felt soooo nice and I was so relaxed :)  So Nikki's Baptism WAS AWESOME, IT WAS SO FANTASTIC AND I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so blessed to be able to witness such a special Occasion such as Nikki's Baptism, and It was just so incredible, It is kind of hard to put into words, It was emotional!!! Nikki is just such a strong and amazing woman and Really just is a fantastic person, with 2 beautiful children. That definitely was just fantastic and Made Last Week! To see her progress so much in this Gospel was really moving for me as a missionary and being the one that was able to teach her was incredible, she was so sweet and was on about how she was glad I was the one that taught her etc, I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am for having that chance and that opportunity, you know what Amery, the reason, I wanted to come on a mission Is obviously because this Gospel has blessed and changed my life so much and has really set out my future and where I'm going in life. This Gospel means everything to me, I could not imagine life now without it and without you and I wanted to go on a mission to help change someone's life on as my own has been changed, I wanted to find someone out there, who was so willing to embrace the gospel with both arms and just want to immerse them self in it and to keep on learning and learning and to see it make a family change for the better. I have already been able to achieve my goal on my mission by Nikki, I know that i was meant to meet her and she knows it, the gospel has came at the perfect time in her life! It really has! I fasted for Nikki today, as she finds out about a Job tomorrow and whether or not she will get it, she is a mid-wife and has delivered so far 41 babies :) So the Mathieson Family also took as out last week to a restaurant  and Kate was there it was the day before she got set apart it was called Wahoo's a Mexican Restaurant and It was awesome :) We also just us 4 missionaries in the flat had a McDonalds Ice Cream cone Eating competition just after we smashed some dinner at a members house and it was the first one to be sick from eating as many ice creams as possible, we all got 8 done, and it was the worst feeling but was entertaining watching it other :)  I was about to be siiick hahaha I ate way to much food before, that :P I heard No Other Love as I was getting my haircut at a place in Burleigh called the GodBarbers some Awesome GC hairdressing place! The Wednesday last week we spent most of the day going from Doctor to Doctor as my toe nail that came off :p got infected I know it's disgusting so I had to get that checked but it has healed up so quickly already the antibiotics sorted it out no problem :) Love, Elder Samuel King XXXh