Sunday, 13 October 2013

General Conference

General Conference was soooo awesome I Loved it and I really enjoyed watching it, especially as a missionary that was awesome!! Yea having the picnic yesterday was awesome and the weather was really great, The other day I was able to see some more Kangaroo's there as they are on the church grounds so i got some pictures. So I have found out that I get to got to the Temple on week 5 of the Transfer so I can't wait for that! So this week I have just been doing a lot of finding and That is what this week will be, not to much happened, the highlight was definitely Conference and also it was awesome that there was an Australian guy speaking there :)  So This Thai Lady is being baptized next week, I meet her at Conference and she cannot speak English that well but as I testified about how I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true and the sacrifice I made of going on a mission, she started to cry with happiness and I thought even though she might not be able to understand all that i say and the accent does not help ;) however it made me think the Spirit only speaks one Language and I could just tell it was working in her when i was testifying to her of the truths :) So next time I email you will be like my 5 month mark :) Love, Elder King

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