Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boxing Kangaroos

 I saw some awesome things this week, I watched some Kangaroo's have a full on boxing match, they were smashing each other, and then started kicking each other, it was actually sooo cool to watch haha. So this week has been a great week, we are really struggling for teaching as we are down to 1 investigator but he is awesome and hopefully we can set a baptismal date with him this week, so we have been doing a lot of finding this week! but it has been awesome, the investigator we have is reading the book of Mormon like a Boss, he is just a champion haha, he takes absorbs the information like a sponge, the only problem we have is that he has Word of Wisdom problems, like he is addicted to cigarettes he smokes like 5 just while we are teaching him, he is also addicted to Alcohol, i can relate to him in this area, but i'm so thankful for church standards, and now to be living the WofW as i honestly notice the change and anytime i have slipped up I always notice the impact it has, but I know we can help him overcome his trials, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change anyone, i have seen the changes so much in my life, since i have started to join the church, I know that Gospel Standards are there for a reason :) So we also had a Barn Dance night with Square Dancing and Line Dancing etc, country style we were not allowed to go as missionaries, as apparently it was not appropriate but it was a great night I heard, we got a less active to go and I'm determined to get her back to church before i get moved into a different area, I'm nearly there and seeing her later tonight, so hopefully she can start to come back :) I also got to teach Primary Yesterday and the kids were awesome! They were really well behaved, well most of them haah, then we went to the Mathieson home although none of the Mathieson were there hahah and we had Dinner with a guy in my ward who is living at the Mathieson's and Nikki and her kids it was awesome :)   Love, Elder King XX

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