Sunday, 10 November 2013

Last week in the Gold Coast:(

Honestly this week Amery is stacked, every week as a missionary is so busy, trying to find time to set apart everything to do!  the last weeks We have been working so hard, I have just noticed the change I have really been trying to KILL it lately and I'm not just going to KILL this week I'm going to KILL and SMASH every single week and make the most of it! So the last week and a bit was awesome we had massive lightning storms on one day and had a blackout on the Gold Coast highway, all the lights on the road and everywhere were dead, So there was nothing to do during dinner time as you could not see anything, so i just went to bed for a little bit. So the other night at church we had a ward activity a Trunk 'N' Treat where the Trunks of the cars or boots if your back in England is all decorated with candy etc and that was a good night a few non members came! I think next week, could be must last week in the GC transfers are coming up on the 19th! then my Half Year mark! So on one of the days I was woken up at like 4:00 am as we live pretty much on the Beach someone was having a firework display hahah it was awesome.  So I met people from a place called the Torres Straits the other day and the first people i also met from Papua New Guinea :) I love meeting all this people from all over it is so awesome!  So I also can't believe that this could be my last week in the Gold Coast, P-day will be next Tuesday for me, I feel I will be moving so the next time I email you could be from a different area. This week has been great though we have done a lot of finding and for every 6 people we spoke to we got a potential, like a return appointment and a lesson, so this week, It honestly will be the craziest and busiest week, especially as it is the last week of the transfer, we are going up to Brisbane again this Thursday for a thing known as Southern Conference! where all the missionaries come together in South Queensland for a special day of meeting and trainings. Church was really great, there was a massive thunderstorm outside that was really cool, to watch and we had our investigator come to church and a few other non members came, and also I have been working closely with this less active woman from England and i made a promise with her that when my last week comes you have to come to church with me, so she will be coming this week and we have been teaching the lessons to her again, when we met her she was not prepared to come back, but after getting her to a few activities she is feeling more ready :) and wants to work towards the temple :) we went to Brisbane last week for the temple, well we also had to go up to Brisbane the week before that to pick some things up from the mission office, and we will probably have to go Brisbane again next week for Transfers! It will be sad leaving the GC the ward is awesome, I got on so well with the people in the ward! It will be sad, but I'm really excited for a new area as well.  I can't picture snow anymore not here in Australia hahaha! I can't tell you how crazy it feels here at this time of year hahaha the Christmas trees are with the palm trees :) Talk to you next week! Love, Elder Samuel King XXX

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