Sunday, 23 November 2014

Best Transfer of My Mission

Ahhhh Everything here is going so great It was an incredible week and we are just smashing it here!! I'm Loving life here. You should check out Black Swan Park in Maroochydore and also Maroochydore Rotary Park, this is where we GQ like 3 times a week, we were there yesterday morning before Church and it is Paradise, the Sand, Sea and just the best Weather! :) The Reason it was such a great week was because Anthony got Baptized on Saturday and Confirmed yesterday :) I will try and get you the pictures :) It was the best thing, I can't tell you how much I Love Anthony and wanted to see him enter the waters of baptism!!! Ahhhh I felt the Spirit so strong and was just so humbled. I remember when I had first met Anthony nearly 6 weeks back I had known him for only 5 mins from the time we knocked on his door and had walked to the park next to him home to teach him, I then talked to him and shared my conversion story with him for 15 mins and then we committed him to be Baptized and he said Yes, and Wow since that day he is a changed man!!! Like he is so comfatble around us and we see him like every day :) and He has really come out his Shell. He is a great man, he is 34, looks like he is 22 hahah :) I'm just so Happy, This has been the Best Transfer of my mission. So many Blessings. We actually should be having another Baptism in 2 weeks time on the 7th of December :) her name is Lynn, her husband is a member, we had the most powerful lesson with her, I hope so but I don't know if you saw the picture i sent you with me with the glasses, saying I'm loving the work here, having a great night in a tropical storm, well after i got those pictures just for kicks and giggles, we taught her and asked her to be baptized and she just said YES. We are just trying to find out a date that would be best for her!!! :) Also I have to show you something 'cool'' hahah So the church was established in the year 1830 on the 6th of April, and there were 6 members of the church at the time. so if you go to your scriptures and go to Mosiah chapter 18 verse 30. (1830) and then read that verse you will read the word Mormon 6 times ;) 1 for each member hahah :) So guess what in like just over an hour we are actually going to the Australia Zoo, I'm taking the District there, as it is the last week on the Transfer! It should be awesome, can't wait to hug me a Koala. Also I got to interview a woman for Baptism, her name is Nisha, she is from Karikkatoor. Kerala in India and she got Baptized on Saturday 2 hours before Anthony so we went and watched her get baptized and took Anthony to that :) Also on Saturday night we went down to Mooloolaba, to the Esplanade to watch our friend Sing and play guitar :) Which was amazing, he is the Man!!!!!! and he smashed it and the whole Atmosphere was just awesome!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

G20 Summit

 So it has been hectic here because of the G20 summit, like so many cops it's unreal. and Today is a Zone P-day so we are going up to Gympie, so you can check it out, I have no idea if there is anything cool to do there, but that is where the Zone is meeting up :) Also it turns out my friend in this ward helped set up the church In Malaysia and all and he done a heap of work out there and then I was thinking back earlier this year when I was able to Baptize this girl from Malaysia and thought about how awesome that was, that he help set up the church there and then someone i taught was from there and went back there!! Also I got a phone call yesterday, and that same guy was like I just met this woman on the streets and she is a member from Crawley Stake! Her surname is Collings maybe your Dad met the Collings family?? We knew heaps of the same people as when he was talking to her on the street he called me and put me on the phone to her hahah! then she came to church the next day to meet me, she was in her 40's. So that was really random but pretty awesome :) Also Anthony is doing really great and is getting baptized this coming Saturday at Noon now and it is very exciting, I'm also interviewing this Indian woman for baptism this Friday at 2pm which is awesome :) Also guess what I caught another dog and got a picture with it, I actually caught 2 dogs recently one was called Chloe and one was Pepper! #thedogcatcherstrikesagain #10 Also there are heaps on Pelicans here that you can just go and feed it is pretty awesome you should check out this park called Cottontree Park in Maroochydore :) we go here to GQ people :)  It's crazy for me to think the sisters I came in with are going home next week!!! So many amazing things are happening here the work is going sooo great, I'm really giving it my all!!  Yesterday here it was about 34 degrees Celsius :) I Love this tropical weather!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I forgot to post last weeks email, so I will post them both together- Amery

November 3rd
  I'm Loving life right now and loving the Sunshine Coast! The work is going amazing, just totes ripping it up!!! just soo busy, even with today being P-day we have a few lessons during our P-day, just because we are that busy right now!!! I have sooooooo much to tell you, like it's crazy!! ) So i got a cool little email from my boy Danny he said ''literally know everyone. Two girls in my ward, Michelle Skonnard and Emily Rowe apparently met you in Utah when you were on the train. These connections are crazy hahaha!'' That is pretty crazy hahah.  I also had a cool experience where I met this person at church she was from Orem, and I said you might know this family I know in Orem and I dropped a few names to her and she knew them :) Or like This one time we went to see this elderly man who is nearly 80 and he said that he lived in Charters towers ages ago, and I said I we know the same man, I was very close with this one man, who used to be the mayor of charters towers, i used to go visit him 4-5 times a week, then he had to go to a care home, but it turns out he knows my friend who was the mayor there and that was awesome to see, even though this man was so much older, we still had the same friend from there :) Also, I was able to meet a family in my ward and I know there family on the Gold Coast because off when I used to serve in the Coast I was in there ward. :) It;s having little experiences like this that I treasure as well :) So we are having a baptism this week, her name is Vicki, she is 57 and she is amazing, we actually when and visited her daughter yesterday and started to teach her :) Vicki, is just incredible and she is being baptized this Saturday the 8th at 10.00am and it is at stake conference and in the evening she is going to talk at stake conference, what a boss!!! just no fear :) and it's awesome because at this baptism obliviously stake president will be there, and also our mission president and also a General Authority :) also had the best interview with President yesterday :) Great things are happening here in Buderim. we having a saying here in the Sunshine Coast, when someone shouts out 'SUNNY COAST'' our response is ''RISE AND SHINE''. Also we had a few more people at church, but Anthony the other one getting baptized on the 25th is just loving everything and is soaking up church. I unfortunately have to go now :/ but All is going well all is going great!! Sunshine Coast is amazing :) 

November 12th
So I have just got back from the temple it was a long journey down to Brisbane and I have barely got any time as P-day is nearly over and we are hectically busy, but i love being busy,  Ahhh I can't believe it because as i traveled back from the temple up to the Sunshine Coast I had to go through my old area Brisbane North and the train stopped for a brief second at Zillmere station that is where Caitlyn lives and she lives really close to the station, It was crazy as i was there nearly, well pretty much 1 whole year ago!! Big shout out to Caitlyn and her beautiful kids :) It has gone so fast but so many blessings have happened, I'm so glad Caitlyn was able to enter into the waters of baptism and that President Henderson was there!! The baptism with Vicki happened the other day and it was soooo incredible wow!!!! It was so lovely and President was also there :) So that was super neat!! The work is going amazing, Anthony is now going to be baptized a few days earlier on the 22nd of November at 10am!!! It is always a blessing being a instrument in the lords hand and helping these beautiful children of his change and grow in the gospel :) Everything is going super well, we are really smashing the area and the area has never ever since this much success :) Also on the way back we also had to get a bus back and it took us to the Australia Zoo :) So we will definitely properly go there one day and I'm going to try and get the whole district to all go together :) Also you have to check out the Glass House Mountains!!! So incredible and Beautiful, I Love it here, and seeing them!!