Monday, 26 January 2015


So It was super awesome as here in the mission for like only like the 2nd time or so here in the ABM mission, we got over 700 convert baptisms in a year, and the only other time we have done that or achieved that here is when Papua New Guinea was part of the mission, we ended on 702, which was incredible and a lot of miracles are being wrought here, Toni and her children and loving church, we even got to meet Toni's mum yesterday and she said she is so happy that Toni found the church and it's the best for her, I played some sports with her kids, Soccer and Cricket, I will have to teach you how to Play Cricket, just for fun :) It was so sweet at church as Matilda Toni's 8 year old, knew we were coming on Thursday as she was like this sucks I have to wait until Thursday to see them, so we dropped in a surprise visit yesterday and wished them a happy Australia day!!! It was a sweet day,It's cool here as people just shout out AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI. I'm helping my companion with the Lingo teaching him some 'Stralian'. They cut off the end of like every word here to pronounce it hahah, It know heaps of the terms and look forward to you hearing me give them a crack. Elder Derhak is the man and he is settling in really well, day by day, getting accustomed to the Aussie Traditions and what not, I Love him to death. It's really great training a missionary as you just Love them. and then you realize in yourself how far you have come, then I realize how far I still have to go :) I Love flying the Aussie Flag and Yesterday was a Rippa of a day!!! Nothing but chucking a few shrimps on the barbie ;) Always I'm super close with my Bishop and he is actually coming on holiday to England the week after I get home, so we are going to hopefully meet up, all though he is in town for only a few days, super excited though as i think it would be sweet if he can meet my family :)  maybe we will all go out for picnic!! So also American food here is super expensive I look forward to trying a Twinkie when I'm with you, as I can't afford them here as they are $27 for a little box!!! Also my companion's Birthday is coming up next month and I'm going to take him to the Australia Zoo for it, I asked straight away, when he Bday was he said in February, I was like RightO I'm taking you to the Zoo!! So that will be sweet az hahah ;) Also something I want to do, is if you buy an annual pass for the Zoo, you can go unlimited times, And it only costs as much as if you were to go twice, I would have got it the first time, but I never thought I would be able to go again, so next time I'm going to Buy an Annual pass, although it will be like the last time I go to the Zoo before I go back, but I'm just going to live the Annual pass in the Flat with a note attached to it, saying ''you might not know me, but here is a gift to you an Annual Pass to the Australia Zoo, also take care of my companion, work hard, play hard and have fun'' I think that would be a cool little gift for the new person. :) So I have to tell you something super awesome which happened, it was crack up and funny and random az at the time, So we were out knocking doors, on this street and over in the Distance I was like I think that looks like Sister Larkin, and then I noticed a Turtle following her and it was in the middle of the road, and I was super confused I was wondering and thinking wait why is sister Larkin walking her pet turtle and why is she walking him in the middle of the road ???? why not just the side path??? wait??? does sister Larkin even have a pet turtle hahaha??? It must be a wild one I thought, she we rush over to her and she was like I'm trying to rescue this turtle, I don't know what to do, I'm like I'll just go pick it up, she like are you good with animals, to reassure her I was like well I used to work on a farm, and I was thinking as a joke they don't call me the dog catcher for nothing ;) haha, well I ran and picked up before he got smashed by a car and we then put him in a bucket of water and then later released him back in to the wild and all!!! I was hoping they would actually keep him as a pet though!!! I have got a few pictures of me holding the turtle it's a long neck one and I will send them to you my love :) I mean I know I Love catching dogs and all, But i never thought I would catch a wild turtle. Well I now I'm just on the hunt for all different animals, next time I catch a wild CROC!!! CRICKEY!!! ;) 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Aussie Ways

So i have just got back from the temple, and it was really great. So Everything is going really great here with the work, my companion is called Elder Derhak and he is from Rochester New York about 40mins from Palmyra. He is really great and just trying to get used to the aussie ways!!! we get on great and are having a great time, he spent the last 2 days in Brisbane at training!! It was awesome as I met some people who were at BYUI :) The work is going soooo well, We set 2 Baptismal Dates both for the 28th of February, one with Gary and one with Toni, the single mum with 5 kids!!! It was super amazing :) All is going really great!!! Also how are the Sea Hawks doing in the Football, i know it's random az that i mentioned it haah??? So It was really awesome as at the Golden Orientation, one of the sisters came up to me, she was from Idaho, she said there is someone on the phone for you....I was like what the??? and it was Caitlyn :D Ahhhhhh It was so good to speak to her again and to hear her and to know that all is going well and that one of her kids just had her 7th Birthday!!! So a massive shout out to Caitlyn, It made my day being able to speak to her!!! Samuel, he is the man, he is one of my closest friends, he was the one who had met me when I had only been on my mission for 4 days!!! and now he is leaving next week!, It is so crazy, but he will be the best missionary,he will be incredible!! me and Sam we actually go to go to dinner at Mooloolaba together on Saturday evening it was super awesome it's funny as Sam hates the hot weather and loves the cold, but I'm trying to bring him over to the ways of Summer ;)  the hat and the creepy Stalking Glasses, So there is no crazy story really behind the hat, but in My District we each have are own hat on it saying 'Deep Doctrine'  and have some weird glasses to go with it, and anytime any one speaks about something like  or starts going into to ''deep doctrine'' or just something completely irrelevant, we make them put on the hat hahah, we got the hat of some member and it has like beach shells attached to it, and with the glasses they are more sketchy az then the hat haha, with the glasses I was about Brother King's house and he puts his head in the cupboard and when he pulls it out he is wearing these really creepy glasses which he found them on the side of the road, who knows the story behind the glasses, where they came from, who they belonged to ;) and My address is the same as always, it won't change :) So It was also awesome As i got to go back through EMP area another one of my old area's and then today i met someone from EMP and they were so grateful for the work I done there, they said it's not the same, it meant a lot to me, to know that. And I also got to go to Cleveland Point to the Lighthouse with my friend, it was really cool as for some reason even before I came to Australia I thought I'm going to end up at that Lighthouse some how and I finally got there, It's not even that of a light house, but I think what was cool was finally ending up there :) So it was also awesome today as we were coming out the temple we were crossing the road and the tourist bus of Brisbane had stopped right outside the temple and we started posing and everyone was taken pictures it was crack up and just so random :) Also Australia Day here is coming up on monday the 26th,

Monday, 12 January 2015


 So as I email this to you, It is Transfer day. I'm actually emailing you from my old area Camp Hill, crazy huh??? I'm only here for the day though. I'm still District Leader In Buderim in the Sunshine Coast, But I'm now TRAINING, I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!! :D I Look forward to getting a Golden Missionary. I'm also really excited as now I should be finishing here in Buderim, so I really did go from Coast to Coast. :) 
I'm super pumped and excited the reason why I'm back here for the day in Camp Hill is because I'm staying over night. Then going to the Airport and Mission Home tomorrow to get the New Guy. It's going to be great a great experience for me :) There is a lot of great work happening we just had a Baptism on the weekend with Lynn. Her Husband baptized her, it was the most beautiful baptism I have ever seen. It was such a wonderful moment, i will treasure forever. We have a lot of great things happening and Toni, the single mum, brought all 5 of her kids to church and they loved it, we hope for 4 baptisms coming up Toni and 3 of her Children who our of Baptismal age. So this Transfer is an interesting one, it's only 4 weeks. I only have 1 Transfer left and That is a Long Transfer an 8 week one. We also moved flats again and moved back to the one in Maroochydore, as we got all the problems fixed. Also Underwater world was a Blast. I'm so happy I'm staying here in Buderim ward, members had been praying for me to stay, and I got a few people come up to me and be like I just want to lock you in my cupboard and keep you here forever, I'm just glad to have this relationship with the ward and will keep on trying to build it up. It's a great ward and we will do our best I look forward to letting you know how it all goes, I have to go back up to the Sunshine Coast, in a few days, then like in just over a week I will be coming back down to Brisbane, for a Golden Orientation, which is for the new missionaries. Everything is going super great I'm super Happy.  I got a phone call, this week and it was about booking my flight ticket home, such a hectic time, but I'm working harder then ever and have been the most successful missionaries ever in this ward, which is super nice to know,  I Unfortunately have to go now :( But I'm super excited for everything that is happening here!! - Elder King

Sunday, 4 January 2015


 I hope all is going well, we had a great last week, all went really well, I played Baseball for like the first time, and on my first hit, I hit a home run ;) It was awesome hahah, and this week we have been living off 'Krusteaz' light and fluffy buttermilk pankcake mix :)  Also guess what???? I caught another dog #Number 11 I believe, it was just walking in the streets and it was so lost, but I caught him and we got it back to the owner, the dogs name was Sunny!!!! and I Love it because are here in the sunshine coast. So today we are going to Under Water World, In Mooloolaba, it should be a lot of fun and should be a great day out, we are going with also Brother King in our ward and he has a little son called Benny, and Benny calls me his Big Brother and he actually looks like he could be my son hahha, He is adorable, he was like after your mission can you just come and live with us and then we can just play soccer all day :) Also you should check out the Maroochy River and Chambers Island we always drive past this and they are now doing Sea Plane rides. I also went to Mount Coolum again this week on Trade-off with my Tongan friend, we had a great day and we went to Point Arkwright, we caught a crab there as well, then just put it back.) So also the work this week has been going amazing, it is going so great here, we are loving it, we knocked on this woman's door the other day and got a return appointment, she is 35 single and has 5 kids ages from 2-12, we went back taught her, then the next day went around and done service for her and mowed her lawn, then she came to church on Sunday, walked her in Sat her down and went and got Bishop straight away to meet her and it turns out they actually know each other and then she sat with Bishop's wife and all there kids are the same age, and it's funny as we were thinking of fellowship and we had come up with some names of families we thought would be great for her and it turned she knows them, so when she came to church she already knew quite a few family because all there kids go to the same school and all, it was so awesome everyone was so happy she seems to be Golden, and also Lynn is being baptized this Saturday at 10.00am so we are super excited, The work here is going really well, we have found a lot of new people to teach this last week, and we are so happy because of that we have been doing heaps of door knocking as well, like the day we found Toni we done like 7 hours that day. But we have also been able to teach a lot as well and are seeing great things happen here.