Monday, 12 January 2015


 So as I email this to you, It is Transfer day. I'm actually emailing you from my old area Camp Hill, crazy huh??? I'm only here for the day though. I'm still District Leader In Buderim in the Sunshine Coast, But I'm now TRAINING, I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!! :D I Look forward to getting a Golden Missionary. I'm also really excited as now I should be finishing here in Buderim, so I really did go from Coast to Coast. :) 
I'm super pumped and excited the reason why I'm back here for the day in Camp Hill is because I'm staying over night. Then going to the Airport and Mission Home tomorrow to get the New Guy. It's going to be great a great experience for me :) There is a lot of great work happening we just had a Baptism on the weekend with Lynn. Her Husband baptized her, it was the most beautiful baptism I have ever seen. It was such a wonderful moment, i will treasure forever. We have a lot of great things happening and Toni, the single mum, brought all 5 of her kids to church and they loved it, we hope for 4 baptisms coming up Toni and 3 of her Children who our of Baptismal age. So this Transfer is an interesting one, it's only 4 weeks. I only have 1 Transfer left and That is a Long Transfer an 8 week one. We also moved flats again and moved back to the one in Maroochydore, as we got all the problems fixed. Also Underwater world was a Blast. I'm so happy I'm staying here in Buderim ward, members had been praying for me to stay, and I got a few people come up to me and be like I just want to lock you in my cupboard and keep you here forever, I'm just glad to have this relationship with the ward and will keep on trying to build it up. It's a great ward and we will do our best I look forward to letting you know how it all goes, I have to go back up to the Sunshine Coast, in a few days, then like in just over a week I will be coming back down to Brisbane, for a Golden Orientation, which is for the new missionaries. Everything is going super great I'm super Happy.  I got a phone call, this week and it was about booking my flight ticket home, such a hectic time, but I'm working harder then ever and have been the most successful missionaries ever in this ward, which is super nice to know,  I Unfortunately have to go now :( But I'm super excited for everything that is happening here!! - Elder King

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