Thursday, 22 January 2015

Aussie Ways

So i have just got back from the temple, and it was really great. So Everything is going really great here with the work, my companion is called Elder Derhak and he is from Rochester New York about 40mins from Palmyra. He is really great and just trying to get used to the aussie ways!!! we get on great and are having a great time, he spent the last 2 days in Brisbane at training!! It was awesome as I met some people who were at BYUI :) The work is going soooo well, We set 2 Baptismal Dates both for the 28th of February, one with Gary and one with Toni, the single mum with 5 kids!!! It was super amazing :) All is going really great!!! Also how are the Sea Hawks doing in the Football, i know it's random az that i mentioned it haah??? So It was really awesome as at the Golden Orientation, one of the sisters came up to me, she was from Idaho, she said there is someone on the phone for you....I was like what the??? and it was Caitlyn :D Ahhhhhh It was so good to speak to her again and to hear her and to know that all is going well and that one of her kids just had her 7th Birthday!!! So a massive shout out to Caitlyn, It made my day being able to speak to her!!! Samuel, he is the man, he is one of my closest friends, he was the one who had met me when I had only been on my mission for 4 days!!! and now he is leaving next week!, It is so crazy, but he will be the best missionary,he will be incredible!! me and Sam we actually go to go to dinner at Mooloolaba together on Saturday evening it was super awesome it's funny as Sam hates the hot weather and loves the cold, but I'm trying to bring him over to the ways of Summer ;)  the hat and the creepy Stalking Glasses, So there is no crazy story really behind the hat, but in My District we each have are own hat on it saying 'Deep Doctrine'  and have some weird glasses to go with it, and anytime any one speaks about something like  or starts going into to ''deep doctrine'' or just something completely irrelevant, we make them put on the hat hahah, we got the hat of some member and it has like beach shells attached to it, and with the glasses they are more sketchy az then the hat haha, with the glasses I was about Brother King's house and he puts his head in the cupboard and when he pulls it out he is wearing these really creepy glasses which he found them on the side of the road, who knows the story behind the glasses, where they came from, who they belonged to ;) and My address is the same as always, it won't change :) So It was also awesome As i got to go back through EMP area another one of my old area's and then today i met someone from EMP and they were so grateful for the work I done there, they said it's not the same, it meant a lot to me, to know that. And I also got to go to Cleveland Point to the Lighthouse with my friend, it was really cool as for some reason even before I came to Australia I thought I'm going to end up at that Lighthouse some how and I finally got there, It's not even that of a light house, but I think what was cool was finally ending up there :) So it was also awesome today as we were coming out the temple we were crossing the road and the tourist bus of Brisbane had stopped right outside the temple and we started posing and everyone was taken pictures it was crack up and just so random :) Also Australia Day here is coming up on monday the 26th,

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