Sunday, 4 January 2015


 I hope all is going well, we had a great last week, all went really well, I played Baseball for like the first time, and on my first hit, I hit a home run ;) It was awesome hahah, and this week we have been living off 'Krusteaz' light and fluffy buttermilk pankcake mix :)  Also guess what???? I caught another dog #Number 11 I believe, it was just walking in the streets and it was so lost, but I caught him and we got it back to the owner, the dogs name was Sunny!!!! and I Love it because are here in the sunshine coast. So today we are going to Under Water World, In Mooloolaba, it should be a lot of fun and should be a great day out, we are going with also Brother King in our ward and he has a little son called Benny, and Benny calls me his Big Brother and he actually looks like he could be my son hahha, He is adorable, he was like after your mission can you just come and live with us and then we can just play soccer all day :) Also you should check out the Maroochy River and Chambers Island we always drive past this and they are now doing Sea Plane rides. I also went to Mount Coolum again this week on Trade-off with my Tongan friend, we had a great day and we went to Point Arkwright, we caught a crab there as well, then just put it back.) So also the work this week has been going amazing, it is going so great here, we are loving it, we knocked on this woman's door the other day and got a return appointment, she is 35 single and has 5 kids ages from 2-12, we went back taught her, then the next day went around and done service for her and mowed her lawn, then she came to church on Sunday, walked her in Sat her down and went and got Bishop straight away to meet her and it turns out they actually know each other and then she sat with Bishop's wife and all there kids are the same age, and it's funny as we were thinking of fellowship and we had come up with some names of families we thought would be great for her and it turned she knows them, so when she came to church she already knew quite a few family because all there kids go to the same school and all, it was so awesome everyone was so happy she seems to be Golden, and also Lynn is being baptized this Saturday at 10.00am so we are super excited, The work here is going really well, we have found a lot of new people to teach this last week, and we are so happy because of that we have been doing heaps of door knocking as well, like the day we found Toni we done like 7 hours that day. But we have also been able to teach a lot as well and are seeing great things happen here.

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