Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End Of 2014!!!

 I can't believe we are at the end of 2014!!!!! Everything went super great, I had an incredible Christmas, it was so wonderful, we had 7 dinner Appointments, it was so crazy hahah, but it was so much fun being with the members and just eating like a boss. Skyping my family was sooooo awesome and incredible it was soooooo great to see them again, I had the best time, I'm excited to just catch up with my mum, dad and sister and spend some quality time with them, They are all doing super well, it was crazy listening to them as they are super English haha, they have the most English accents I have ever heard!!! It blew me away, I never noticed it before :P  It was funny as my family knows how much I love my dogs back home, they sent me a Christmas card with 2 paw prints in and it said Merry Christmas Sam, lot of licks and woofs hahah, I Loved it :) It put a big smile on my face :) ! It's New Years eve we have to be back in the flat at 5pm and stay there for the whole evening, so I'm not doing much, but we have heaps of Pancake Batter Mix, Chocolate, like $400 of Chocolate it's like the only thing I have been eating hahaha, just straight Lindor all the way ;)  It was awesome as we were knocking doors yesterday and we ended up teaching a woman called Natalie and her daughter and by the end of the discussion she was super excited to come to church this Sunday and all it was an awesome day, yesterday as we also met with Lynn and went over the baptismal Questions with her and just helped her prepare more, she is so ready and is being baptized on the 10th of January and 10:00am :) Also we made an old lady cry in the good way ;) we helped her in her garden and done service for her and after we sung her a Christmas hymn :) It made her Christmas :)  I'm loving this work and i'm making the most of it and I'm loving this weather it's 33 degrees outside as i write this to you :) It's the best weather!!! We also went down to Mooloolaba Wharf the other day and helped out on a boat, we were sanding it down and filing it and make it also nice and smooth, It was super awesome just working on it on the Sun and the Mooloolaba Wharf is super nice :) Also we are moving flat!!! We will move a little bit of our stuff today, so I guess that it what some of our New Years will be :P So also i just thought i should put about how weird it is not having a cold Christmas and the fact that we ended up having an Aussie BBQ!!! BBQ on Christmas, it's actually pretty awesome,  It's a great thing!!! Also I tried Camel hahaha, I know :P but it changed my life hahaha, it's actually surprisingly really great :P

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