Monday, 1 December 2014

Australia Zoo

 So It is Transfer day today and I did not get transferred :) I'm staying here which I thought I would which is awesome!! So the week was great we had a very special Sacrament meeting and it was across the whole of the Pacific, it was known as an Invitation Sunday. It was really centered around Jesus Christ and we had quite a few non members turn up :) and the missionary work here is going really great, and we should hopefully be able to see a few more people enter into the waters of baptism. Lynn will be Baptized next month, 2015 what the hahah :P and we are teaching this guy called Gary and as we left he said just out of the blue 'You can helped me get baptized right??' and we were like we sure can haha! So we will continue to work with him. We also had an awesome experience yesterday were we ended up teaching this single mum, who is really going through a hard and tough time, she is in her 30's and is so humble and loved the lesson we shared with her. And she is coming to church this Sunday we are actually trying to get her to someone's house for a dinner this week :) We Also got to go to the Australia Zoo, and for like a lot of the day we just done impersonations of Australian accents :)  It was soooo awesome and I got to see some Red Pandas :) I'm getting closer to seeing the other type hahah, one day I will get to see one!!! Also the keeper's were walking a Cheetah and we were about 4ft away from it, it was so incredible :) and I got to stroke and cuddle with a Koala!! it was awesome, we also saw the bird the Cassowaries. and I also at this other time they were walking a wombat on a lead and I got to stoke it, then it climbed into a thing they had made for it a 'wombat wagon' and then they wheeled him away haha :) we also got to go and see heaps and heaps of Kangaroo's and lye with them and feed them and just mess around with them it was soooo much fun!! I also got to see a Tasmanian Devil. and got to watch the Crocodile and Tiger shows. We also got to see Giant Tortoises and something I have always wanted to do is go and see the Giant Tortoises on the Galapagos Islands :)  we had Thanksgiving at our friends home who is actually from Vegas and we had Pumpkin pie and Root beer floats. I also went on a few trade-offs last week, and we went to Coolum Beach, it was awesome and to Mount Coolum it is so nice there :) I should also be going up to Noosa, or Noosa Heads in a week or so on another trade-off, and there are a few other places also, Sunrise Beach, Peregian Beach etc. Also I found Spongebob Sqauepants home we are always going past this place near Forest Glen ways called the 'Big Pineapple'. we are super excited to start this Transfer are we straight ravished the last Transfer! We are happy we are both staying in the area, people actually were writing to the Mission President and just asking for us to stay. Or is there any way you can stay here. It was so kind and thoughtful, I truly love this ward and the people in it :) When we were finding out Transfer deliberations, we had a group of members listening in as well and when they heard that we were staying they were cheering and shouting haha, it was sooo sweet off them!!!

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