Monday, 8 December 2014

I am One of A kind, Rare Kind

So it is crazy as in 4 months I will be back!!! and It was awesome as we were knocking doors this week and the houses were right by the canal and this person is like there our dolphins in there all the time!! I also love that it is like Summer time here, wake up in the morning play some Basketball and then by 9.00am on someday it's already 29 degrees out :) Gotta love Summer ;) we will love it together, it is weird having this at Christmas time though!!! and this week we have the ward Christmas party!!! it's a cotton tree park at the swimming pools and it's crack up because we can't go in the water, so I'm just going to be smashing all the bbq food instead :P So the goal in the mission into have by the end of the 700 + convert baptisms as a whole ABM, this has only been done like twice before and both those times were when Papua New Guinea was part of this mission, so i have met quite a few people who served there!!! I know we will do it!! we set a baptismal date for the 7th of January!! Also we had an awesome experience we got a referral from someone who was not active and we went and the address did not exist, then we continued knocking around the area and we knocked on this one door and this other person was like Stacey is not in, I think I mentioned Stacey last week, the single mum, well we invited her to prayer and find out that there was a God, we promised her she would find a full time job and all, and then as soon as we left she went and prayed and within the hour she got a phone call with someone offering her a full time job!!! so crazy!!! Love it!!! Prayers work, I knew it before and had a strong testimony of it, but this just increased it heaps. Also we have been smashing heaps of Mexican food, I'm loving it hahah! and the other night we went to Carols in the park, in cotton tree in Maroochydore it was awesome Anthony came out with us :) and Guess what I'm the only English Mission here in the ABM!!! I'm a one of a kind, rare kind!!! The only one!! I'm really looking forward to Chrtistmas to Skype back home as well, it will be so great :)  Also Top shout out to those from my ward reading this!!!  Buderim ward is the best!!! a big shout out to Chelsea and the Portors family, As i know you will read this!!! :)

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