Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Message

So I'm really looking forward to Skyping home as well as that will be super awesome!!! It will be so great to see the family again and be able to speak to them!!! I'm really happy about that, so I actually also get to spend Christmas at the King's. I Love how there is a family in the ward called the Kings :) It's weird spending Christmas with the King's but in Australia haha :) It has been a great day already, we just got finished with hiking up Mount Coolum.  I Loved it!!! It was so nice up there, and I heard this couple speaking Spanish, and I was with my friend, and he can Speak Spanish, he was born in Sydney but his parents are from South America. We started speaking to them in Spanish, but they were both from Europe. the girl was born in Finland, raised in Sweeden and the guy was from Italy. The week was great as well, we set another 2 baptismal dates. so Lynn for the 10th of January :) and also Meegan, who we just found for the 21st of January, we are also going to try and set another date this week, with Gary, for the 17th of January and we have Kathleen on date for the 7th of Janauary, so overall that would be great to see all these wonderful people enter the waters of baptism. Also it is 1 year ago and a big shout out to Caitlyn as she was baptized and confirmed a member a year ago. :D That is super awesome and I'm so proud of her!!!! This week we are also going Christmas Caroling and I remember when we all went out a year ago and done Caroling as well and Caitlyn came it was super awesome :) Also the weather this last week has not been that great, but today is super nice!!! So it was also awesome as we were also able to help this family with service and he was the missionary who served my family when he was in the London South Mission, so it was great to be able to repay the favor :) Also one of my friends a while back we got matching One Direction toothbrushes, as he knows I Like them and I'm from England, and the toothbrushes sing a few songs as well, it's awesome haha!!!  I Love this work, I will continue to work my hardest we are seeing great success in like one of the hardest areas!!!! the next P-day I get to go to the Brisbane temple on New Years Eve!! Something we Love to share and I don't know if you have seen it yet is the Christmas video on It's only about 3 minutes long and is centered around the Savior. I'm looking forward to this coming week though, It's awesome to be able to share the Christmas message, people got up in church yesterday and were like have you got the Elders round to share a message with it was the best, they shared it to my dad who was not a member and we have never seen him act like that before he loved it and now wants to learn more :) It's little things like that which are awesome, who would have known it would have had such a big effect :)

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