Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Ward, New People, New Experiences

 Church was really great, being able to meet the new ward :) and there was a Baptism, and we were able to get up and share our testimonies also my new companion  Elder Bejarano is the man and and we are getting on super well!!! I have been learning some more Spanish as I want to learn Spanish, well at least enough to get around :)  I just know like real basic Spanish, Like nice to meet you, what my name is, like I'm doing really good Thank you, and some cheeky Spanish, How do I get there etc.  I'm not joking I also get i'm from Spain, or Italy everyday when I'm talking to someone, and I they like wait a minute your not Australian, where are you from? I saw somewhere in europe, but you will have to guess they look at me and say I Spanish, I'm like nope, Italian? I also Always get I'm mid 20's hahaa! although my arms have gone kind of brown, people are now like your arms are not white, they have tanned pretty well, but I got smashed by the Sun the other day, I looked like a tomato, but it just went to a Tan :)  It was also super funny but awkward a like 2 weeks ago, we were teaching this elderly gentleman and he offered me a glass of water, It so hot so i was like Yes! Well he gave me a drink and i saw his ear wax fall out of his ear into my drink, It was disgusting, it was floating there, i was like Thank you so much for the water, I did not drink it I said what is that over there??? He turned around I ran to his sink and poured it down there and i said Thank you that was very refreshing hahaa! It was pretty funny at the time! So the other day, my friend and old ward mission leader just bought his New Audi, I think it was like the S5 V8 model something just expensive, he took me out in it as we were visiting members and we were driving down the GC highway I turned to him and asked him the question, can It go fast, just joking around, next second we are flying down the GC highway, it was a lot of fun though. the other week at Southern Conference when we had that massive Missionary meeting, there was like 200 of us there, and President Henderson says Elder King, can you come up here, so i get up and walk to the front and he shared a thing with everyone which i had just fond out earlier that Morning, so what happened is President's Son served his mission in Finland and he Baptized this Girl In Finland and brought her into the church, this girl is friend, as she has been serving her mission in the London South Mission, and I would see her heaps, we would also be laughing and joking around in the visitor centre, I had no idea President son baptized her though, When I found that out it was crazy!!!!!! Also This Mission is becoming a Book of Mormon Mission, we all our reading it together and will finish it just before Valentine's day. and also this mission the Australia Brisbane Mission is the biggest Mission in Australia and has 262 missionaries and they were thinking about whether or not they should split the mission because of the size, but they are not going to!!!  the place I'm serving in now is pretty Ghetto but I Love it, Me and Elder Bejarano done service for a bunch of Aboriginal people, and got food after :)  My companion is just the best at soccer growing up in South America, he learnt the craziest moves, so now we will just be playing soccer together in the morning. I have to get going now, Love, Elder Samuel King. 

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