Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hot Christmas in the Down Under

My P-day was Today and I only found out late last week that it was changed as I ended up going to the Brisbane Temple Today :) Christmas is so weird on my mission and also as it is super hot, I mean I Love the hot, but it is weird it being hot at this time of the year!! I was wearing a Santa on the Brisbane Temple Grounds. So we had an awesome Miracle this week, we were tracting this random street, just out of nowhere, Not even sure why we are there, but I saw his Asian Girl walking up behind us, I was busy just knocking on some door and I said my Companion go and Talk to her, so off he went and then I came over after we were talking and she was from Japan she must have been early 20's she had just came from Japan 1 month ago to Australia on her own and was feeling very lonely as she was the only was there of her family, well she could not speak a lot of English, and well she just started crying and kept crying as we found out she was Actually a Member, who had been Less-Active for most of her Teenage years, she said we were an answer to her Prayers as we found out just 30 minutes earlier she had prayed because she felt lonely and did not know what to do, then we turn up and we are talking to her and she keeps crying because she is so happy to see us and she was on about how she has no friends here as she is finding it hard because of her English and we were just like we are your Friend and the conversation kept going, we are also going to help teach her English and we are seeing her this Saturday :) So the other Night was awesome, I was bearing my testimony and sharing my Conversation story as the person really wanted to hear it, I was also asked the Question 'How did you come to Believe in God' as Obviously I never believed in God for pretty much my whole life until I was 17 and a half, and as I was sharing the story I got really emotional about it as I was thinking about how much has changed since then for the better.
 Also the other night, I was able to string up or put up some Christmas Lights at night time, so it was pretty funny I climbed up on to the roof of this house and was doing the Christmas lights for our Investigator who by the way is getting Baptized in less then 2 weeks :) It was awesome doing the lights and being up there. Her name is Caitlyn and she is 22 and has the most adorable kids, one is turning 6 and the other is 2 and they are so sweet, the 2 year he has a problem with his windpipe he cannot speak, he is the sweetest, he keeps wanting to just give you hugs and stuff, and the other day he gave me a Christmas decoration put it in my hand, walked me over to the Christmas tree and pointed where he wanted me to put it hahaha they are awesome :) 

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