Sunday, 15 December 2013


 I Love my Mission, My mission is incredible, I would be no where in the world right now rather then here, everything else can wait. AHHHH this week has been BOSS!!!! Been smashing it Like A Boss. Caitlyn got Baptized Saturday and it was so amazing, even the mission President came to this special Baptism I had spoke to him a few weeks earlier, explained the situation that was happening at the time, and He said that he would come, So she was Baptized and he spoke as well at her Baptism, It was so powerful, when we were waiting for her and Elder Davis to get changed we played some videos as there were some non members there About how every Prophet Testifies of Christ, and then we watched one on the Book of Mormon about Christ visiting the Americas. Caitlyn is probably up there with the most amazing incredible people I have ever met, she is one of my Best friends and we got on so well, it is crazy, when I say we have a lot in common, we really do hahaha! So I have not got long left on emails at all, time is ticking, which has been like nothing, but that's ok, well I was able to Confirm her on Sunday, Yesterday which was SOOOO awesome, I was nervous as I have never confirmed anyone before! and I remember that only yesterday, It seems like I was confirmed a member of the church well a lot can change in that time. After the confirmation and Church we went Christmas caroling together, me, her and the rest of the Missionaries in the Brisbane North Zone. It was awesome. Anyways with time running down the coolest thing happened Caitlyn just got baptized and confirmed and has already got her Temple Recommend and she got it Yesterday and I'm going to the temple with her this Friday to do Baptism :) It is the coolest thing ever and for her to go to the Temple in less then a week of her being baptized within 5 days of her joining is crazy we had to make a few calls and set up some interviews but it was worth it you can definitely write about this on my blog, but I will write you more next week about what happened this weekend, please Pray for Caitlyn and get your family to do so, she is going through the toughest and most hardest times, It is super sad, so please pray for her always and I will and always do pray for you and your family :)

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