Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Elder King!

So just with Friday, it was super awesome, so Friday was the high light of the week without a doubt! Because Caitlyn who baptized last week, went to the temple on Friday night to do Baptisms and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super awesome to be able to witness that, and go in the temple with her on her first ever time! She had only been a member for 5 days and already went to the Temple, it was so wonderful to see it and so fast, it usually never happens this quick, but super glad it did and in time for Christmas, i don't think she could properly explain how much she Loved the temple, she had such a wonderful time in there, Just Loved it!!!!!!!! It was just a great experience to see her already take that step and she had, had a super tough week! so that made everything better, and her friend that has been helping her, came and got her temple recommend just before Friday and came :) which was awesome and we talked for a bit, as she is in my ward, she is living next week, as she is travelling the world for a year, but she sent me a text thanking me, saying because of you I actually have a relationship with Christ now ect and just Thanked us again, to hear that made everything! and made the week going to the temple, as for the week, I have actually been sick, and I have been up every night, pretty much got no sleep, so hoping I can recover fully, as we are having a big Missionary Party tomorrow being Christmas Eve which will last most of the day :) So also we had a great end to the week, as I don't know if you remember me telling you about the Japanese Girl, who we found on the street, and was just praying and we answered her prayers and she has been a less active back in Japan for years and years and well she came to Caitlyn's baptism the other week and came to church for the first time in ages yesterday which was awesome :)  Also we went to the Christmas Devotional last night, and that was really awesome as Caitlyn came and we got to meet Caitlyn's mum who is a Muslim yesterday which was pretty cool just to briefly be able to say hello! I have not really picked up an accent I won't lose my accent however I do say some words different and there are words which I use a lot now which I never used before I came to Australia :) , just reading the scriptures, daily prayer and attending church are the 3 important and little things we can do that will help us spiritually, i have seen since I came into the church, that if i did not do those things, then I really noticed a difference. 

So the Christmas Eve Party the other day was soooo good, it went on for the whole day!!! It was awesome, there were about 240 + of us missionaries in the same room, we done a few funny things on stage and just chilled the whole day it was really great!! and Christmas day was amazing, It's soooooooooo Hot here at the moment, it's blazing outside! It was so weird to have such a hot Christmas we had a BBQ and played Snooker (Pool) and just ate so much food hahah!! We started by going to Caitlyn's then we had a mean feed for Breakfast, then went back, and had a little power nap, had Lunch, smashed some more Food, then went back to Caitlyn's and kicked it there and then, Elder B, got to Skype his family, unfortunatley I have not been able to Skype them yet, as there were some apparently really crazy storms and all the power went out, so they are sitting in the dark for the whole of Christmas and today, the power i think is out for a few days, so it was really sad as my mum could not Skype me I was pretty upset about it, but i just sent her an email reassuring her that we will Skype within the next few days :) I just can't believe the luck haha. I guess bad Weather in England..............What a shocker haha!!!! but i can't wait for when i do get to Skype them :) My day so far has been good, just been at Caitlyn's for the morning as my friend Skyped his family there, so I have not done, much I just sat there outside waiting, it was nice soaking up the sun though, although it's too hot to be wearing a shirt and Tie.  and for New Years, New Years is going to be sooooo boring here hahaha, Missionaries have to be back in the flat by 5pm! That early, just nothing to do and it will just be sooo hot outside haha!!! Well I will have to come up with some thing creative to do!!! So as you know this Mission is now a Book of Mormon mission and what Not, so i was reading the Book of Mormon, i got to Mosiah, but then when this challenge came along I started the Book of Mormon again, and I'm just finishing Alma!!!  I got the a present yesterday, from this Less Active woman from NZ and altogether it must have been about $200 worth, like it was 8kg's heavy and was in 2 seperate boxes and was just full of Christmas decorations for our flat, she also gave me $50 and said I had to go and buy $20 worth of Fish and Chips haha! It was so kind of her, just super unexpected out of nowhere, she just wrote me I have been drawn to you since the 1st day I met you and just thought I could be related to her family in NZ it was super random hhaha!  Just so nice, I'm still in shock haha! I want to call her to say Thank you! I Loved the Gold Coast ward I was in!!! You know I;m going to Die coming from living in Australia to Idaho hahah, like I'm literally going to not be able to handle the cold haha When I saw Australia is hot or warm, It's a different kind of heat on another level!!!! When I come back here it will be so amazing and also Mission President said in 2018 he is having a massive Missionary Reunion so that every single Missionary that would ever have had him as a mission president is invited! He wants to see us and our wife's and what not. I think that is pretty awesome that he is doing that and it was cool, that on the Mission Party, we had to write something down and put it in the box and we won't get to see it again until that party :)

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