Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Transferred Again!!!

 HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! well as I right this 2 you, It is new Years Eve and I have to be back in the flat soon! Also as I write this to you, I'm writing it from my New Area!!!!!! That's right I got transferred here about 30mins ago hahah I'm now in Eight Mile Plans :) I have my new companion he is new on the mission, been out just 3 months and is from the Factory, Yes Utah hahaha! I'm excited for this transfer, going to smash the work here! Can't believe I already finished my time in Brisbane North! Saying goodbye to Caitlyn was super difficult and hard, but I told her it's not goodbye, It's only a See Ya Later!  I had a great time in my last area! I know I was meant to have been there! and have met Caitlyn and go to the Temple with her!  I can't believe 2014 is here! and that when I will be in 2014 it will still be 2013 for you haha! I'm looking forward to this coming year and to share this wonderful spiritual experiences with you as well!  So one of the sisters was from Finland like i mentioned before my friend Sister Pherminson and she was baptized my President Henderson. the mission presidents son, who I met today :) I got a picture with him! It was awesome as he served there 3 years ago! Such a small world and it was crazy as i was talking to this sister missionary who i was in the mtc with, she is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and well i know the people in her ward hahah! Such a small world! It's pretty awesome and I did'nt tell you about my friend Elder Blinkov he is from Russia, I met him a few months back, he awesome, we get on super great, it was funny as i learnt a little bit of Russian of him, then later met a woman in the streets who was from Russia and got to use it yesterday! :)  also I have been working on my study journal lately and have been making it all fancy and flash or whatever and It's really helped me! I know having a good structured and organized study journal has already helped me become a better missionary, and the work will keep on being smashed! my new Zone will be awesome, I have a lot of awesome people hear! so my friend Elder Ly Waut from Tahiti, well I lived with him for the half a year i was in the Gold Coast and guess what I'm living with him again, when we saw that we were living with each other again we went crazy haha, it was sooo exciting haha! Have a Happy NEW YEARS AND START TO 2014!

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