Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fantastic Week In His New Area!

 I Have actually had a fantastic week :) It has been super good, and I'm loving my new area it is really awesome, but what is making me love this new area is my new ward!!! It is super awesome, the people are so friendly and welcoming and they were sooooo pleased I was from London England, as it is super super rare to have an English Elders serve out here, there is one other English elder and he does not have that long left, and then I will be the only one!!! For most people, in this side of the world, I'm the only English Elder they have ever met!!! So it is super awesome getting to meet all these awesome people!! I have been trying to learn just like hello and how are you the basic in different languages and I can say it in about 30 different languages, the crazier ones being Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Mauri (the native language of New Zealand) and Hungarian etc!! and plus it's like i'm serving in Asia here, no joke, just Asian people! There are 9 missionaries in my new ward and me and my companion are the EMP English elders and the rest are Mandarin (Chinese) Speaking :) I had some of the coolest experiences this week, one that just happened about 20mins just as we were heading to emails, are next door neighbour is deaf and is this Black African from London England and I was talking to him, with whiteboards, I would write something on a white board, he would write back, we then would erase it and write more, he was the coolest guy and As i know some people in the deaf community, we are going to arrange for them to meet :) The other night we went out to Dinner with the Ward Mission Leader, and we went to this Thai place, I just had Spicy Pork Belly, but it was pretty mean :) So on Saturday it was the hottest day here in Brisbane since like 2002, or 2005 something like that it got to 42 degrees Celsius which I'm not sure what it is in Fahrenheit deff over a 100 and we were knocking doors in it!!! An awesome experience though, as i would not be serving here in the 'Sunshine state' if it was not 42 degrees and knocking on doors haha! It's super quick and i have been just loving my mission, the i have become a changed missionary lately and I can feel the difference!!! and with 2014 here it's just become a little bit more real that I'm coming back not that long!!! and My companion is super quite, and does not talk a lot, a great guy, love him to death, just trying to get him out of his shell, because if i don't talk to him, then like no words are said!!!!!!!!! Im running short on time, but next week, i will write you this awesome thing that happened last night :) So about the miracle that happened before this happened my last week in Bracken Ridge, so i was church and woman came and sat next to me and thought she recognized me, i remembered her face but not where from, so we were talking and she asked me if i used to be on the Gold Coast, and i said yea i used to serve there, and then we realized who each other was, i was working with a less active down on the GC, it was her cousin and i was around his house, and i met her had a great chat with her, then said goodbye, she was not sure if she should come to church, up in Brisbane North ways but felt like she was prompted to go and then met me there, a few months on, she said it was a sign from God as she has been praying, she said how much of blessing and how much i meant to her etc!! and then the next day, she needed a blessing on the home and family members, she did not have my number, called the mission office and got the number for Bracken Ridge, she called it and another Elder answered she was super disappointed it was him and not me, that is what she said, she said it had to be me hhaha, then the elder told me we need to go give a blessing, he was not my companion, just another one i lived with, so i did not know i was going to see her, we went there knocked on the door and she came and she was so pleased to see me, and apparently i had to be the one to give the blessing, because she just felt something about me hahaha, it was an awesome thing that happened!!!

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