Monday, 27 January 2014

Many New Investigators:)

So at the start of the week, we were driving back at night and we it really dark out we saw a woman falling around, holding onto a bottle as tight as she could, she looked really drunk from the distance so I wanted to go to make sure she was ok, we pulled up and I got out and ran over to her and checked if she was ok, it turns out she was not drunk at all and the bottle she was holding was not alcoholic, well, she was falling around as she had a disability, she actually got hit by a truck when she was younger and it really messed up how she walks etc, I felt really bad that i thought she was drunk from the distance haha, well we got chatting and she told me who she was etc, she lives right near us and that she had a daughter who was 15 etc, she said how her dad got mad at her and kicked her out of the house, she is 36. Well I just wanted to make sure she had somewhere to go she reassured me that everything would be ok, and I asked if we could come and see her the next day to teach her, because I explained who we were and she said yes and we went around taught the 1st lesson and the daughter was there and really liked and also taught the 2nd lesson this week, they have been reading from the Book of Mormon and said they will come to church, and the 2nd time we taught the daughters friend was there and we gave her a book of Mormon and she said she wanted to come to church and try something new :) It has been awesome teaching them, and i will let you know how it goes :)  The awesome thing with this woman was hit by the truck, well she was told she could never have kids, because it was so bad, and well she has a 15 year old and we were talking about how wonderful that is It was so awesome :)Another awesome thing that happened was we were on Trade Offs me and my wonderful friend Elder Connolly from the Factory, yes Utah, from Highland. Me and him and really good friends and just have a good time and work well together, well we were out knocking some doors and we walk around this corner, and there is a road a car slams on the brakes in the middle of the road and a woman calls us saying 'Come here' Come Here' and we go over she says she has not got long, but she has been looking for us everywhere, all over and has been waiting for us, and wants us to come and see her at another day, well the next day we go to her house and she says how she wants to join the church :) and how her ex was a Mormon went on a mission I believe, and she knows all the standards and has no problem, so we are going to start teaching her when her work schedule free's up. It is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Also we have been teaching English a few times this week, to some people from Iraq we started it and it has been soooooo much fun teaching these people, we will continue to do so, over and over and he has learnt a lot already, I thought i would be the worst at teaching English, but It's going really well we are seeing them tomorrow :) So I was sick over the weekend, I still went out and taught English, but I could barely walk, don't know why, it was super weird I went to bed Friday night fine work up and was feeling really bad the whole of Saturday and Yesterday, I had to cancel dinner and all I had no idea what was wrong with me, then i woke up today and I'm fine, like back to normal, I have no idea haha!!! Also something awesome that happened this well it was super cool, I just felt prompted to go and find this woman from Afghanistan who wanted to learn English, we met her the other week and we knew what complex she was in, but for some reason we did not put down the door number, we knew whereabouts as well as it was not a very large complex, well because English lessons had been going so well with this lovely Arabic couple i wanted to go and talk to this woman so I went on the hunt, we knocked a few doors and could not find her, well we were just about to turn back and get in the car to go somewhere else when I wanted to knock on this last door, my companion was not up for it, so i just knocked and some massive island guy came to the door and i started to talking to him, and he was like come in, so we went in, sat down, then this woman walks down the stairs, it is his sister, they are both in there 20's and she is like hello Elders, they explain they are both Inactive but want to come back to church, and I was talking with the guy called Ezra, nicest guy by the way, so sincere and he has not been in chapel doors since he has been 14, he asked me if i was born in the church, they usually expect to hear a yes, I said No I have been a member coming on 2 years now, and he just looked amazed well he just said I'm so proud of you and have so much respect for you, we got chatting and he said you know I think I will come back to church, then he said NO I WILL COME BACK' like really determined he said, I'm going to have to get a new wardrobe, so he is going to start coming back to church after nearly 10 years, and we are seeing him again this Saturday with his sister, who has a child and is pregnant with the 2nd and wants to raise them in the church :) So also the other girl we have been teaching who is 18 and has a kid, says she wants to get baptized :) we need to sort everything out and see if she will get married but also teaching her has been amazing as we talked about the Plan of Salvation she cried!!! It was so touching, her partner, he is not of the same religion, he is of a religion from NZ :)

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