Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Learning Many Languages Even in Australia!

The area is awesome, we have heaps of opportunity for upcoming baptisms, well 4!! This less active women wants her child baptized, so we will start teaching her and then set a date for the baptism, that is if the child wants to get baptized, then get in contact with the family and then they will fly in from America for it :) Then this other Family, well they are less active and the daughter is 18 and has just had a baby, and her partner is 18, so it's a young couple, and she has been asking a bunch of questions about Baptism, and thinks it sounds awesome, and I remember when I was talking to Patrick I was sharing how i was 18 when i joined the church, it's weird to think that I'm nearly 20 now! It has gone so fast!!! Well I shared my story with him and about how the gospel can bless us, we are going back tomorrow for the first proper lesson :) So we will need to get them married, before they are baptized, but I can deff see it happening in not that long a time, then there is another connection to this family, and the niece lives in Northern Queensland, she is 18 and wants to get baptized as she knows joining the church and loves the standards etc is the right thing, so is coming down these ways to live at the end of this month, so we will start teaching her and she should be baptized so heaps of miracles have been happening!!! We are really working hard, and we had interviews with President Henderson yesterday and this was the best one so far!!! It went really well, and he pretty me said how I'm training Elder Naumann, and how i will be training one day, someone who is new so like i will eventually get someone who is 1st day out on the mission! which i was awesome as we talked about this, and i can see how I have been progressing loads as a missionary lately :) smashing out the work :) also with the Languages I have been fascinated with Languages the last few weeks I can now say hello and how are you in 42 languages :) this week with Sinhalese, Tamal ) and I'm learning to bless the food in Mauri :) It has been so much fun, also I have properly been trying to learn French lately not just like hello, how are you bye, but the whole thing and it has been going really well, had my first proper conversation in French with some yesterday :) It has helped as i have picked it up quick because I have been living with a French person, so in the last week, i have just been studying it and i have remembered it, then i just talk to him with it and make sure the way i say it is clear and that he can understand :) but I don't want to move houses from him as i have been with him for nearly 7 months of my mission, i have lived with elder Ly Waut like the whole time so we are super good friends, me and him are real close now and his English is Boss!!!!!! We were also able to do service yesterday, by just helping some guy, lift a washing machine quite some way to his house, he found it on the side on the road and was trying it on his own, we were able to helped him, found out that he has just came from Iraq and has been in Australia for 2 months, we are going to help him out as he lives near us!!! also we found a fridge at the side of the road, it was was kind on a mini fridge but a lot bigger, but not bigger enough to be a proper size one, so like in between medium size hhaa, well we some how fitted it in the car, we made it fit haha, then cleaned the crap out of it, and it worked fine, going to go hard a just fill it with drinks, like Mountain Dew or something hhaha :) So I'm out of time now, have a great week!! 

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