Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lessons & Languages

The new flat we moved into is awesome, expect for there is no hot water, so it sucks just have a freezing cold shower in the morning!!!!!!! Also not 2 much happened since last time, but we have been teaching this girl Georgie and Patrick the ones who are 18 and have a 3 month old and it went super well when, we shared the first vision with them, Patrick said he had Tingles and so did Georgie and Georgie knows it is true :) and Then i shared to Patrick about the first time I ever prayed when I met with the missionaries, and I invited him to Pray and just reassured him that he would be fine and he said the perfect prayer it was so sincere and heart felt and then Georgie came to church this Sunday!!! And we are going to teach them again this week and I want to commit them to Baptism, then we see what happens about them getting married etc it will be awesome :) We have been teaching a guy called MJ he is from Iran and he can never go back, as it is illegal to change religion there and because he fled and came to Australia and wants to become a Christian if he goes back he will be executed, it is so sad, that he left his family and it is sooooo crazy!!!!!!!!!! but he came to church yesterday and we are going to catch up with him this week and see how he found it!!! also we are going to be starting up an English School and teaching people from like the middle East English and I'm going to give someone a lesson tomorrow, he is from Iraq so hopefully that will go well!!! and it was awesome the other week as i met someone from Afghanistan and they spoke Hazaragi as a first language and so i learnt a few simple words and i thought i would never be able to use, then a few days ago and i knock on a door and a woman comes out from Afghanistan, and I ask her to you speak Hazaragi, and she said yes, then i said a few words to her in it, just hello how are you! because that is all i knew, the shock on her face, was unreal, she was like how do you know this language, and i explained i just met someone and asked them, and she should also be coming to the English school then she taught me how to say like God Bless you in it and also in Persian!!! :) So Also Next week, I Believe is Australia Day!! So i think all the shops will be shut, so i might have to email on Tuesday or something!  I really want to have a bbq here on Aussie Day it would be mean!!!!! :)  i Have no idea how teaching them English will go, we will see!!! Hopefully i can learn some Arabic from the guy tomorrow, even just a word or 2, :) I was able to say how are you to someone yesterday in Malayalam, and Language spoken in the South of India, and the woman understood it as are next door neighbors speak it, I learnt a bit more Hindi, so I can say like hello, how are you, my name is, what is your name, nice to meet you, Do you speak English, I'm from England, Thank you my Friend, and like Very Good etc, so real basic, but it is awesome to be able to say it, because they just love that an effort is being made!!!! :)  It is pretty funny, so I only know like 3 words in or so in Mandarin, and one of them is like No worries or No Problem, so that is the only thing i say to them and then they think i can speak Mandarin and they just start going hard, and i have no idea what is going on, then i say to them i can't really speak it, that is one of the only words I know haha, I want to learn in Mandarin and say to a Chinese person, 'Yes I'm Fluent in Mandarin, In fact Mandarin is my Mother Tongue' and then just sit back see what happens, and have no idea what is going on a just keep smiling at them and nodding my head haha!!! I have heard back home, that it has been the wettest January in History or something like that and that the floods have still be causing problems!!! That is so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! While over here apparently we have been getting a heat wave, which I have been loving!!!!!!!  So here in the ABM we have to learn scriptures and do memorization, so obviously i know my purpose as a missionary, then i have learnt D&C 4 The Standard of Truth, Helaman 5:12, My missionary commission and Moroni 10:32 and there will be more to come!!!! 

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