Sunday, 20 October 2013

5 months down!! :)

 I can't believe it is 5 months and yes soon enough 6 and quarter of the way done. So This week was awesome as on Wednesday night we had a kind of ward activity around Tasmin's home and that was really great, it went really well and our investigator Brendan came along and I really want to try and set a baptismal date with this week, the night went well so we are having another one this Thursday night at a different members home :) Also we try and talk to as many people as possible and want to share the gospel with everyone we talked to this woman on the beach front for an hour and a half and most of the conversation it was going nowhere and she kept asking the same thing over and over, however by the end of the conversation we got somewhere and she said i really might consider joining your church, she just felt and amazing and then she told us that, that morning she had left her house and prayed to God to find the true church and then she meets us :) So that was awesome we will be in contact with her shortly and hopefully it will go somewhere, she was more then happy to take a Book of Mormon though :) We also gave quite a bit of service this week, we helped move all the furniture out of an apartment into another one it was really great to be able to help we got rewarded yesterday as she baked as a massive cake just to say thank you :) So also during Tracting this week or Door Knocking as it known I was on a Trade off with the Zone Leader in his area in Mudgeerba, it went really well and we were able to teach a few lessons, however one guy at the door really tried arguing with us and putting as down, we get this so much and he was just saying so much rubbish about the church, then i thought i could not just leave then i said to him, do you really think that me and my friend here would leave are loved ones back home, etc all that we had before for 2 years all because of a Book which is made up? I then just said I know what we share it True etc and I went on from there, but afterwards as I walked away It really made me think of why I'm out here on a mission and I just know it is the right thing without a doubt and yes you have to sacrifice when you go on a mission but it is the most rewarding thing that you can do. We visited a less active and she is from England but moved to Australia, well she was baptized about 20 + years ago, and the person who baptized her is from Evanston Wyoming :)  So we are going to try and track down the missionary who baptized her and reunite them and we have his full name we are going to see if the mission president can help, she was so sweet though, she said to me if he had not have baptized me I would have chosen you to do so, and It so sweet for her to say that to me, but i just said you know what at least you have found the gospel in your life, some people are still on a search they don't even know that they are on :)

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