Sunday, 17 August 2014

Faith and Trust in the Lord

Everything is going well, but not much is happening to be honest, like it's such a hard area, I have not got much to write in way of work I would love to be able to but I just don't as we have no one to teach, nothing is really happening, so It's pretty tough, when you try every day but are getting no where, I just need to have more Faith and Trust in the Lord, that everything will be ok, we are going on trade-off tomorrow with the AP's (Assistant to President) which will be fun :)
and The ward is finally having an actual activity this coming weekend, first one in a crazy amount of time and all like years. My little sister finds out her exam results this coming Thursday and all. and just to let you know that I'm always still everyday praying for you and your family. I also just thought about something that is happening this coming week, we have 'Specialized Training' and Mission President will be there and it is a Zone P-day today. So we will be just sports, I'm still doing my best to keep fit by doing a lot of running etc. I have not played Basketball in like a month at all. But I have been playing a lot of soccer, I have started trying to get into it even more and have started to really enjoy it. :)  Say I say a big Hello from Down Under :) I'm also now starting to read the Doctrine and Covenants and all. I have a goal of finishing it before I finish, that and the New Testament and the Book of Mormon again

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