Friday, 15 August 2014

White Boyz Going Wild

Not to much happened this past week or so!!! But I did get to help out all these awesome aboriginals and do service for them, one of them is crazy, she said that if me and my companion, came in skirts and done her garden work for her that she would come to church this weekend! so we came in LavaLava's which is close enough right??? 
It was so much fun, while I was in it and wearing my snapback looking ridiculous, I was shouting out 'White Boyz going wild'. Also when we were out finding, knocking on doors, outside this one door was a skip bin and all and it had a few books in and we were going through it and all, and my companion he found our churches gospel principles book in there :P son we tried knocking on the door but nothing......... so we will go back next week and try to find them and see how they got that book! A miracle could definitely happen. Also with the Aboriginals we were chilling with, one of them was a 32 year Grandfather, that's right, 32 and a Granddad hahah!!! So we also helped with service to a member family and we helped them move there house and what not :) and we also went out in our ward mission leaders new truck a dodge ram 2500n heavy duty, in white, it's awesome, I know you always get big trucks in America, but it's definitely something you don't see back home. Also I jsut got back from the Temple and I had a wonderful time, I finished reading the Book Of Mormon again, I read the last chapter, in the celestial room, then said a prayer regarding Moroni's promise of reading the Book Of Mormon, it was a awesome and sweet experience, we had a great time :) We are doing are best just still trying to find people to teach and what not!!! but I hope you have a great rest of this week!

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