Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sick Week

So this week was pretty decent, went out with the AP's on Monday night and Tuesday and we had a great day together, although he was really sick, we still smashed the work out. I went out with my friend Elder Jensen from Draper Utah, Jensen is such a Mormon name :P 
We had a blast together :) unfortunately I became very sick from it and was in bed for 2 days after special training with President, and being sick on the mission sucks, as it is so boring hahaha 
I gave service for some woman in her garden, then was in my bed after that and was sick on Friday, It was the sickest I have been on my mission and only the 2nd day since serving which I had to take off, because I really could not work.
But we did have a miracle this week :) It was Wednesday, we were sitting in a park eating lunch in a place called Morning Side. A man walks next to us and says hello, I say would you like a seat, and I move along the bench, he sits and we all end up talking for an hour and half, we got a return appointment on Saturday and when I was feeling slightly better, went back and we were talking in his kitchen and said 'So when I get baptized' and 'I know I have to be clean to go to the temple' So he is solid, his name is Brad, and no joke, he likes to talk way more then I do :P I have actually by far met my match hhaha!!! He has 2 adorable daughters :) and we will have to get him married first, but even if it is sometime in the future it will be done :) and he invited us to dinner, so we are going tonight :) That was a miracle last week. 
Also we were able to teach Primary Yesterday which was fun as always :) and I don't know if I told you, maybe I did, but my companion Elder Parsons, well his Parents and sister are coming to England next month on holiday and they are going to visit my family :) which is super awesome :) 

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