Wednesday, 10 September 2014

They Know Who I Am

So I have so much to tell you, but unfortunately I do not have that much time :/ It is Transfer day and we have been so busy, My companion Elder Parson left early though, yesterday morning as he had to fly up to Townsville, he will serve up there until he dies, it's his last area. and I'm better now as well, I'm so happy with that as the last few weeks have really been tough!! but got through it and all is well! So I'm with my new companion Elder Higham he is from the Factory #Utah. hahah another one from the Factory hahah! It will be great though, you should have seen how happy he was and is that he has me as a companion, he lit up like a Christmas tree when he i stood up and he was announced that he was with me!! you see he had heard a lot about me as well, also we have both served with elder eldridge from the Factory also, so he has heard a lot about me through him and different missionaries. I'm also the oldest missionary in the flat haha again. It's funny because all theses new missionaries are coming in and I have no idea who they are, but they know who I am haha! So my friend I have been with my whole missionary Elder Harris is done we took him to the Mission Home and he flew back today, he is already back in New Zealand, we have been with each other my whole mission, like every Zone I have been in, he was there, so it was weird saying goodbye to a good friend. After dropping off Elder Parson from the Airport, me, Elder Harris and Elder Bejarano were driving back to the flat when Harris just broke down crying, it just hit him all at once. It has been an awesome week, but a really weird one. Also a big shout out to Caitlyn, as Elder Huntington, came and stayed the night with us and we were talking about how awesome she is. The days off Bracken Ridge. We miss her greatly and Love her lots. It was also Father's day here in Australia :)  I'm doing my best with the work here in Camp Hill and I'm excited to start off this Transfer with Elder Higham! Also my family doing great, my mum went to the Visitor center the other night and listened to some converts on why they joined the church which is so awesome :) I also saw my old companion Elder Naumann, who I got at the start of this year well I actually got him December 31st last year it goes so quick!!!!!! and we were so happy seeing each other again, he just told me and it meant so much to me, he said the best 3 months of my mission were serving and having you as a companion, nothing else has compared to that. It really means a lot to me, that other missionaries think that, some maybe not haha, especially when I used to spike their muffins with hot sauce ;) hahah! but he was from the factory, so you will have to let me off on that one ;) But it was a really nice Transfer meeting hearing all these things and catching up with some good friend and old companions. I sat next to Ly Waut in the meeting my boy from Tahiti! we finish togther. :)

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