Sunday, 28 September 2014

World G20 Summit

 I'm definitely looking forward to General Conference, I always get a lot of things out of General Conference and I will fast while it is on. So the week was a great week, we were working soo hard and It was really nice as we were visiting this member he is less active, and his sister and her children were visiting, his sister has a non-member husband, but she has stopped the missionaries from coming around and visiting him, as they were 'To forceful' and then  she just  told me ''why can't we have you in our ward, isn't that right kids, a cool awesome missionary like Elder King' It meant a lot to me for her saying that as she said she would gladly have me over any time and I could teach her husband as I'm Kickback and still work hard but also I can joke and have a great time and actually be friends, I'm not robotic in any way I'm just myself,, I just love becoming people's friends and then after I can share more about the gospel with them, they love it. Also we had dinner with a wonderful family in the ward and she said to me ''If it was not for you, we would not have you elders around the house, you are the reason we have you around''. I did not really reply to that and she said she did not like my old companion, but that the only reason we were still coming by was because the family really loved me'' and it definitely means a lot to me to know that coming from the members because that is great if they like me as an individual and want us to come around and share the gospel.  I try to help the best way I can, but I just Love the people and Love the people in this ward, I really want to stay another 6 weeks, please pray for me that I will be able to stay for another 6 weeks. I also made some friends with these wonderful people from Sri Lanka they are our neighbours, they were so happy when I spoke some Sinhalese to them. Just a few words, they then just wrote on some paper there address back home and said come and stay with us any time :) Also we helped with service in the back garden and I got permission to go and start this big fire, we had the hose there under control we had to cut down and burn all of this excess waste to create more room in the garden, I guess you can kind of say we were like Moses and had are own Burning Bush Experience......Literally, then after played soccer with the kids,  Also we have been seeing our investigator Brad, like every day, he is coming along really well, we Love seeing him and he loves seeing us. He has been having a lot of problems with family etc, but he just can call us up at anytime and talk to us for ages and we love it, we love that we mean that much to him we he just call us and we want to help him so much we love him and his family. I will have to send you a picture of Brad, his partner and there kids, the most adorable kids ever, it will be awesome for you to put a name to a face :) We will get a picture this week. :) So also the world G20 summit is coming to Brisbane and soon and there is much preparation and anticipation that is going on, especially the way the world is going right now, It will be interesting to see what happens when It comes to Brisbane and we are only like less then 10 mins away if that from were the summit we be held. I also for the first time ever yesterday in Church gave a friend the priesthood, he is a recent convert who I have been seeing every week since I got to this area, his name is Jack and he is mid 50's  it was one of the coolest experiences being able to give that to him, his excitement was so wonderful after and he just was soooo happy, I Love seeing happy people and he came up to me after and Said 'I will do anything to serve the church in any way that I can' He is not all there mentally, but it was the sweetest thing when he said that to me. The Love I have for him and his willingness to help even in the slightest way. So this week should also be great coming up, tomorrow with have a massive Zone Conference that goes from 8.30am-4pm So it's going to be an awesome meeting tomorrow and I'm really excited to receive something out of it. :) Also we should be moving this week, into a new place in Morningside, which will be fantastic as we live in a really not very nice place at the moment, let me just put it like that, so that will be great, it will make everything a lot better. Also I met up with my friend from Eight Mile Plains ward, he is an active member and his family are awesome, there are from New Zealand, there are heaps of Kiwi's here. Kiwi being a person from NZ. So I have not actually had my own set of scriptures for months on end, it has been tough. I gave them to him to get them fixed up and I finally got them back, but they look like they our brand new again, It's so nice to have them back and to see where I marked everything, there is nothing like your own personal set of marked scriptures which is personal just to your self. We met up had some Lunch in a place called Hogs-Breath Cafe and then we talked for a while then, he went back to EMP. 

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