Monday, 6 October 2014

Nightmare Experience

So This last week was hectic, It was a roller coaster of a week that is for sure with some great things happening and some not so great a things that occurred. Well last P-day was awesome, it was a great day and we got to play heaps of sports and It was funny because there were like 20 other people in the park and most of them spoke Spanish, it was super random, but Spanish is coming on really well at the moment, and my friend Elder Bejarano, has not heard me speak Spanish yet to some one from like South America, so I he was listening to me speak to these people in Spanish and was really impressed about how quickly I was learning. On Tuesday it was a massive Zone Conference, from 8.30am-4pm, which was a great and amazing day, it was a shame that for that day that I had an eye like infection thing and i was in a lot of pain, but it went the next day which was great. But at the Zone Conference we were doing Real plays so we were just teaching these other people in a big group, and we smashed it. I have not felt the Spirit so strong in a long time, and I felt it sooo strong there, I was teaching some women from England. I can't tell you how strong I felt the Spirit then, i Loved it and I really needed it. It definitely has helped me keep going this last week. So we moved Flat also, we spent the whole on Wednesday and Thursday moving in and had to clean all the walls etc and move all our furniture in we live at the top so we had to go up 4 flights of stairs. I was on the phone so much over those 2 days, like a little business man calling and sorting out everything, it was awesome though as when we officially moved in it was just such a good feeling getting a nice newer place. We still have no fridge and sofa etc but we are expecting it all to come today. Also we were in a hardware store getting some supplies and I met this man again, and we remembered each other straight away his name is Jason and I knocked on his door over 1 year ago while I was serving in the Gold Coast, not it is crazy to think that come tomorrow the 8th of October I have 6 months left and come the 8th of April I will already be back home, that is crazy for me to think and I have had some great spiritual experiences this week :) . I taught him a few times as well when i first knocked on his door, it was so awesome to see him again, I could not believe it, it was an awesome experience, it felt just like yesterday though when I first knocked on that door. It was a shock when we saw each other and it was in the most random place we were getting hoses for our washing machine to hook it up and make it work and there he was hahah. So come Saturday, Saturday morning we got a phone call, from a member inviting us around for dinner, we said we need a non member to be there on the weekend other wise we cannot come for dinner so we call our investigator Brad up to see if he is available, him and his family and is free for Saturday night, so Saturday night comes and we are all at the members house having dinner and it was a wonderful wonderful night all was going so well, Brad's kids were playing with the members kids in another room we were all at dinner having a great time, then 10 mins before we are about to leave and call it a night, Brad just starts dropping swear words shouting them out of no where, like dropping the 'F' Bomb. and the 1st time he dropped it we were like that's ok, but then he kept doing it and then burst up out of his sit and started smashing the table with his fist and screaming and swearing at the member and challenging him to a fight and saying let's go let's take this outside, absolute has gone completely crazy at this point while sitting next to the members wife, this was absolutely out of nowhere, he is about to go and attack them member and I just burst out my chair and push him back now I'm toe to toe with him and I just calmly say  Brad think about this, you don't want to do this. He replies to me ''you know I can hurt you'', so ''I say I know you can'', but let's take this outside, instead of in front of everyone, I'm like let's just go out side and you can get some fresh air, so I gently start to push him back towards the door and I make him walk out their house and I go outside with him and he is going crazy, not at me but on about how he wants to fight and go and smash the member all apparently because he gave him a ''weird look'' he then just ran off into the night ran up the road and that was it. my companion then walked out the house and I was like he just ran off. we went back inside and we were just in shock about what just happened it was the most embarrassing night of our missions, we were so up set and disappointed with Brad's behavior and the way he acted it was honestly out of nowhere just imagine every is sitting having a great time, then all hell breaks loose in the matter of seconds. I felt so sorry for the member being threatened in his own home but a crazy man. Then obviously later that night the calls come, from that member who was about to be attacked and he was totally ok with us, as we did not know that such a thing would happen and he was just happy with us, he was not mad at all, then we got a call from Bishop and others etc. Then came Sunday we obviously thought Brad would not come to church on Sunday after the scene caused the night before and it's fast and testimony meeting so open Mic and who comes busting in the chapel but Brad and a few people knew so we were all on edge he went right to the first row and then we sat with we knew that if anything happens we would have to do our best to restrain him, lucky my companion is also a bigger guy, we were so on edge, he stayed for the whole of church and nothing happened,  but It was nightmare experience. The last few days for us have been hectic trying to sort everything out, the members wife came up to me after sacrament and just said thank you for intervening, by standing up to him and taking him out side, I just was thinking I don't dare want to see any one else get hurt I don't care if I get used as a boxing bag haha but I know I can defend myself when it comes down to it, but i did not say that to her, i did not say much, but as long as  he did not hurt the member or his wife or some one else etc that's the main thing, and also the Lord watches over his missionaries. So nothing bad happened to us..... few want an eventful last few days.  Also I had a cool spiritual experience during personal study, so I love to memorize where scriptures our like for example in 1st Peter Chapter 3 verses 19-20 it talks about the spirit world. So there was this one section all about the spirit world in section 138 of D&C and I thought I don't know this section so i turned to it to look at it and the revelation was received on the 3rd of October 1918 and it was by Joseph F Smith and it was on about him pondering about the Spirit world on the 3rd of October while he was sitting in his chair and I was going over section 138 and it was the 3rd of October when I was looking at it and I was pondering and sitting in my chair about the same thing that he was but like 96 years later hahaha It was pretty awesome at the time. I'm excited for General Conference this coming weekend here in Australia :) I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. You need to let Elder Higham help you with the bigger contacts he is soft at heart but he can take care of that kind of person just ask him about camp Bartlett when he had the run in with one of the nature merit badge counselers
    Elder Higham's Dad