Sunday, 26 October 2014

I Know Like Everyone

I have soooo much to tell you but like no time :/ I have kept getting phone calls during email time as we are sorting out things for tomorrow like I will be training to the Zone and doing Role Plays and just sorting out heaps of things, but I'm glad I have this little amount of time, prob like the best week on my mission, I just want to always be able to tell you all the exciting things that are happening here. I Love the Sunny Coast, I Love this place so much and I know I'm here for a reason, I don't want to sound like big headed, but I know like everyone here hahah, i don't even know how i just meet people and I already know them, or they have heard all about me. My first 2 days here, I set 2 Baptismal Dates, totally smashing it like this week was crazy taught so many lessons, just going As hard As i can, my companion, i love him dearly we get on great, he was shocked with me just inviting people to get baptized, but now we have 3 baptisms coming up in November, one on the 8th of November Vicki, and then Sarah on the 15th of November and then Anthony on the 25th of November. Blessings and miracles are happening here in Buderim. By the way my Love I'm totally bringing you to the Sunshine Coast, we are so going here together, it's the best :) So I had like the craziest and coolest experience on Thursday, we were out knocking doors, in the beautiful weather and we saw 2 sales guys, approaching us, it turns out that these 2 random guys on the street happened to be RM's, one served in Chile. Then the other guy turned out that he served in my home mission and he was the one that was visiting with my parents and family :D he had just got back his like last ward was my home ward :) He saw my family often :) his name is Dean Ormsby and he is the man!!! we got on well and got some pics, they are up on FB, I have no idea if you have seen them??? How crazy is that????? this random business man on the street happened to be the one who was seeing my family :) SOOOOOOO AWESOME :D I had always wanted to meet him, ever since I heard about him, and then we meet randomly on a street in the middle of the Sunshine Coast. Then On the Opposite side of the road there was this guy having problems with his car so the guy who served in Chile, he actually just moved in to our ward, well he is a mechanic and sorted out the problem asap, and it turns out the girl spoke Spanish so I'm speaking to her in Spanish, then he comes in Speaking Spanish and we are just throwing in around like there was no tomorrow, it was like for a short time, i entered into the Spanish speaking program, it's coming along well and my companion had served in Chile, it was pretty awesome.  I just can't believe I met Dean on the streets!!! It was not by chance, i don't believe in coincidence's i know that the Lord's hand was in this. And because I'm DL I'm going to go on trade offs to there ward and have dinner with the Ormsby family one night :)  I have sooooooooooo much to say but no time AHHHHHHHH!!!! So on Saturday night a few days later after meeting Dean, I go to this guy's mission call opening, well i think it is just this guy, well when I walk in with my companion we already have met each other and guess where we met??? He meet me my first like 3 or 4 days when I had arrived here in Australia, he listened to my first ever testimony at church in Australia, it was my 1st Sunday here!!!! He remembered me like just yesterday, it's so crazy and that testimony I bore that day has had an everlasting impact on him, like just the way he was talking and telling every one at the opening about it, I never knew that I had such a big affect on someone and he is also called Sam :) It was soo awesome to see him again and now be serving at the end of my mission and to see him on my first week!!! Then I met this Girl at the Mission opening and she is from South Afirica, I spoke some Afrikaans to her and it turns out she is leaving in 1 week to go to my mission, so hopefully she can see and help my family :) and she had actually just heard about me from Dean before, so she could not believe she was meeting me and I could not believe she was going to my home mission. And I asked her if she knew my friend in South Africa, who actually met my mum and she Knows him :D All this crazy stuff is happening, we knew some of the same people in South Africa. So we got a few pictures :) and Then at church the next day, I met her again randomly she is not in Buderim ward  and also Dean was there, so we all got a picture together!!! I really hope she meet's my family as well as she is friends with Dean. And at Sam's mission opening there was my really close friend from Eight Mile Plains was there, he is Georgie's cousin the one who we  got to baptize on like my last day there. Then at church on Sunday there, were other random people from EMP there as well haha!!!! So many exciting things have happened here!!! I LOVE THE SUNSHINE COAST, I'M SO HAPPY!!! 

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