Wednesday, 22 October 2014

District Leader in the Sunshine Coast!

So here has been so hectic lately so much has happened and I have like no time on email to tell you everything. So today was Transfer day and I'm emailing you from my New Area, that's right, I got transferred and I'm now The District Leader (DL) in the Sunshine Coast :) I'm in a place called Buderim I just arrived here 15 mins ago, P-day is pretty much up and it took us over 2 hours to drive up as I had to go to Leadership training after transfer meeting, this is crazy for me because the Sunshine Coast is the hardest Zone for missionary work in the mission, Cleveland was about next and Now I'm District Leader in like one of the toughest areas, but there is a reason I was called and sent up here to serve these other missionaries and especially the people of the Sunshine Coast, I was so sad to Leave Camp Hill It killed me hhaha, It was so tough, i love everyone so much there and I love that ward, one of my closest friends just got made Bishop there on the Sunday just gone, I can't tell you close I am to his family, they have 5 young kids under the age of 10 and we are soooo close so I got him a gift when he was called as Bishop I will have to explain what it was I got him when I got back, I used my imagination :) We got pictures and i will have to send them to you some day,  He is the man!!! Such a champion and the best Bishop, I was so happy for him :) I had people come up to me in Camp Hill and just grab me and hug me and say Don't leave!!! I really Love that ward, more then I ever knew I would. So I have my new companion he is brand new on his mission and has just came out and yes he is from the Factory, his name is Elder Meyers, but I will make sure I set the best example for him that I can, and Love him and serve him and help him grow as much as I can as a missionary and in doing that I will also grow myself. I've had quite an amazing change these last few weeks, General Conference, really helped me and I've had a lot more Spiritual experiences things happen, great things are happening here in the ABM. I was shocked in Transfers when I was called into Leadership haha and with a new missionary, but I'm definitely doing my best to rise up, I'm making the most out of my time :) Great Things are happening here, I'm a different Missionary now then when I first came in, I'm really Obedient and have seen a great change, It's awesome as I started in the Gold Coast, I was born there, and now this will probably be my last area before I finish, which is crazy but it will be awesome to know that I went from 'COAST TO COAST, FROM THE GOLD COAST TO THE SUNSHINE COAST'' :) Which Is really cool. I'm excited for the work I have heaps to learn and do in my new role especially as this time as like November will be the most exciting month in the whole South Pacific areas :) I can't wait to meet the ward :) I'm excited for everything. 

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