Sunday, 12 October 2014

General Conference

 So I had a great week, It was really great the reason being is because I got to finally watch General Conference, which I Loved! I always love General Conference and when our leaders address the world, it is just wonderful it was a very powerful weekend. I thought it was awesome the President Hamula, gave a talk because I got to meet him and shake his hand not that long ago, while he was working here in the South Pacific, I was hoping that he was going to share a story and say something like 'when I was working in the South Pacific, I came across'' and then go into a story but unforunatley he did not haha. My Favourite speaker from General Conference, was David A Bednar, he smashed it and made it funny at the same time, I really enjoyed what he shared and how he delievered it I found it very powerful, he also shared like my favourite scripture which is in 1st Nephi Chapter 8 and it is verse 12. I had a cool experience as well on Friday night, as we were working with a family that is very close to my heart, they are a part member family and we have really built up a great relationship with them and I Love them dearly, can't wait to see them again this week. I shared with them a spiritual thought, I had a feeling to share Helamen Chapter 5 verse 12. so me and my companion resighted Helamen 5:12 out loud to them and also there Home Teachers were there haha, but it was awesome it was such a wonderful night that was Spiritual and what I Loved is that over General Conference they kept reffering back to Helamen 5:12 which was really awesome. I will never forget my first General Conference when I joined the church it was a week and half after I joined and i still remember Part of President Monson's address which hit me so strong, and now to think for my next GC, I will be back home, it's crazy how quick it is going. I have already been going over my notes heaps and have been learning a lot of new scriptures that were mentioned in this conference, I had one of the best Personal studies this morning and I gained many insights. Conference is what I needed to help me in the work. It's tough here in Cleveland Zone, it's like the hardest Zone in the mission, but Miracles can and will happen, even if it is my last week here, I know I have been called here for a reason, I hope to stay, but we will see what happens. So also I keep seeing the most adorable thing outside our new flat and it is a mother Possum with a baby Possum holding on to the Mother's back and they are walking on the ground then, climb into the tree's I Love Possum's so much, The Possums here are different though to the one's in the States, I might be wrong but do you call them OPossums there??? Apparentley from my companion, the Possums here are a lot nicer looking. I'm excited for this coming week and for everything:)

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