Wednesday, 17 September 2014


 I just got back from the temple, I put you and your families name on the prayer roles!! :) Please also tell Natalie that I put her name on the prayer role also, and I also say a massive CONGRATULATIONS!!! to her as well for getting her mission call and that she will be an incredible missionary. So there is a cool video I want to try and send you over email sometime, I have been playing a lot of soccer lately and really getting into it and all and with the video we parked the car a while away and popped the boot (Trunk) and the video is of me getting the soccer ball in from distance into the trunk, it might sound lame, but it is pretty cool and was definitely harder then it looked :) So last week was an awesome week, the best week, work wise since I have been here in Camp Hill and I'm continuing to work my hardest to build up this area. Also I had this cool experience this week, this less active man had been struggling and we got a call from him to come and see him, we knew it was bad and I was just bold and asked him straight up because I knew I could and the moment was right, ''Have you been having suicidal thoughts'' and he opened up immediately and said yes I have, I was thinking of killing myself earlier today. Then talking to him and reassuring him about everything and all, by the time we left he was happy and now he is fine :) So that was a relief, but at least I was able to help him before something bad happened, my companion was not there, i was on trade off with a member from our ward. Also this weather has just been fantastic and the weather again today is looking great so far :) We are also having another ward activity this week, 2 in a row, we had one last week, we had bare foot bowls and a bbq after our investigator brad came and he loved it, and he also came to church on Sunday which was fantastic and he has made heaps of friends in the ward already which is great!!! we see him pretty much everyday and teach him. :) Guess what Amery, I saved another dog hahah, there have been a few more as well and this brings the total up to 5 :D #Thedogcatcherstrikesagain. We found him near the chapel, but he was so dehydrated as well, so I took of my belt when I caught him, tied him to a pole under some shade, then got a big plastic container filled it with water and then called the RSPCA and the Brisbane City Council, we had to wait to 2 hours with him, but in the end he was safe :) while we waited we had a meeting in the chapel, and you could keep seeing him jump up at the window to get in! It was so cute, he is now our Mascot hahah. Also yesterday was awesome, Elder Nelson, my good friend, came and stayed the night with us from Toowomba, we had a crack up time it was soooo much fun!!! we might room together in byui, probably not but we will kick it for sure. Ahh it was crazy, Dinner was the funniest, it involved me wheeling myself around in a wheel chair, we ate quite a bit, but usually I can smash the food and I'm fine,

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