Tuesday, 20 August 2013

3 Months Down 21 To Go!!

I have had a great week thanks I had some awesome things happen this week, So i have been teaching a woman called Nikki lately we had a few lessons this week and she is just amazing, she is a single mother and is 28, she has 2 awesome children i believe 5 and 6 called Felix and Milan. Teaching her has been going so well, she just loves the gospel so much, It is so great to see, so on Wednesday we were tracting (door knocking) and we knocked on this woman's door and she came out and said are you 'Latter Day Saints' I replied yes we are Madam, have you heard much about our beliefs' she said a little bit, and then she said my daughter went to your church on Sunday in Mudgeerba, we were shocked, we were like that is awesome, what time did she go and the woman replied at 1pm and we said that is when we went to church, what is your daughters name and she said 'my daughter is called Nikki, do you know her' I replied I know Nikki really well now in fact I'm having dinner with her later tonight and i have been teaching her, we have a lesson just before dinner. Nikki's mum was so happy she was like Nikki Loves church she has been telling me all about it and how much she can't wait to go again! and how excited she was went she came out of church last Sunday! We had a long conversation about church and Nikki, with Nikki's mum and her mum is not against it at all not one bit, apparently meeting us made her day, she said Nikki has been telling me all about you and how your a young man and how you have given up your time etc to do this and share this message etc etc, after talking with Nikki's mum we went and had a lesson with Nikki and we brought up to Nikki that we just met her mother and she was like 'Oh no' what was she like and I was just on about how kind the mum was and how excepting she was of Nikki coming to church. The lesson that night went great with Nikki and she said 'you know how some people hear all this things and it scares them away or people are to pushy well' well it does not scare me i just want to keep on learning and learning more and more and i hear all this new things and I love it' so yesterday at church Nikki came again and we taught her and we talked about Baptism and she said this 'I'm definitely going to get baptized' 'I can't wait' It was one of the best things ever, the best thing ever that i have heard as a missionary. She is so excited about baptism, i would have committed her to a date then to be baptized on, however we are sorting one out for her at the moment, so Nikki will definitely be baptized within the next transfer and I'm going to go teach her again this week, I hope i stay here so much on the Gold Coast Amery, it would mean everything to me and especially as Nikki said she wants me to continue teaching her! This week has been amazing to see her progress this much in the gospel and is such a great testimony builder for me, Miracles do happen! I know i have been put here on the GC for a reason and that is to have met Nikki, i know that if i stay one more transfer i can help her work towards baptism for sure, all of her closest girlfriends are in our ward, the fellowship we have for Nikki is just the best.  I think I'm giving a training tomorrow in front of the Gold Coast Zone, I'm not sure what on, i just got told earlier today. also speaking of companions Elder Carswell is doing really great and I will most likely not be with him next Transfer :( We wanted to spend another Transfer together but we will still keep each other updated and i will see him around at big missionary meetings!  LOVE  ELDER SAMUEL RYDER KING!!!!!! XXXXX 

This is a picture that someone in Sam's ward sent to me. It is with Sam and his best mates in the ward he is serving in! I'm so glad he has made such good life long friends while he has already been out!!

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