Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Living it up in Gold Coast!

This week has just been just amazing and so much has happened in it! So On thursday I was able to have an interview with the mission president, presdient Henderson from St.George Utah, I Love him so much and he really is a great man and example to me! They know my friend who is serving her mission in St.George at the temple there, she is from Dublin Ireland and she served in the London South mission for a while, while she waited for her visa's! On Wednesday night as well we were just cycling back and we talk to everyone well as many people as possible and i cycled past this bus stop and this woman was sitting down with some children it was late and my hands were covered in oil from the bicycle chain as it had came off and i needed to fix it, so i went and just started seeing how her day was and we started talking about church and she had got a divorce from her husband and she said i really think if i had church in my life i would have never of got a divorce and she is like I'm looking for a family orientated church! So i was thinking Perfect there is nothing better then this one and i started sharing about how the gospel can bless families and how I;m the only member in my family but how i want my future family to be raised with the gospel of jesus christ at the foundation of it and she said i want to come to your church that sounds perferct so we gave the address got her number and all, she is away in Sydney for a while but she wants to come so when she is back we will hopefully start teaching her :) 
Also i have not told you i teach gospel essentials/principles class every week in church and there was a non member there who is a young single mum with 2 children who loves hearing about families so i taught my class on how the gospel can bless families and how god is our loving heavenly father just a few basic points in an hour lesson, but by the end she was crying it was an awesome experience:) Also my good friend Elder Ly Waut from Tahiti, we get on so well he is just amazing i have so many good friends here well he cut my hair for me Friday night and it came out interestingly you should say haahhaa it looks pretty crazy but it will grow back hahaha It's not that bad at all though he done a pretty good job! 
So today is my P-day but yesterday i had a great experience I went to Brisbane yesterday and most the missionaries in Queensland where i think the only ones who were not present were the ones in the North, so i got to see my district from the MTC again it was so good seeing them most of them were sisters all America from Idaho, Utah, California but i also got to see my MTC companion again Elder Farr so it has been months since i saw him last and he is doing really well :) He is great just a wonderful person, but yesterday was really good as i got to meet a member of the 70 Elder Pearcing I'm not sure if i spelt his name correctly though but he spoke to us for about an hour and a half, his wife was my old mission president, President Langelands sister! I got to speak to Elder Pearcing breifly and he said to me 'Thank you for your service' It was lovely :) I'm going to surfers Paradise later well pretty soon as it is P-day and we have been allowed to go so I'm going with the rest of the Gold Coast Zone which will be fun! Also yea I have to wait for my letters the zone leaders brings them to us like once every week or 2 but I just love it when i get them :) Transfers are coming up in the next 2 weeks, so i will let you know what happens, they are occuring on the 28th :) Love, Elder King

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