Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Companion!!

So my today has been hectic hahah we have had Transfers and I'm with my new Companion!!! and I'm still here in the Gold Coast :D I'm soooo happy!!!!!!! So my New companion is called Elder Eldridge and he is from guess where? Go on you will never guess it ;) from Utah, he is actually from Logan Utah so the Cache Valley, where McCall is from, and get this he knows McCall, he went to the same high school Mountain Crest and had a class with her, they had a Chemistry class together! It's such a small world can you believe! haha! That is so awesome! Elder Eldridge is the Man! He is a really nice guy and although I have only just met him, I'm sure we will get on just great! So, so far I have had an Australian and American companion! Elder Eldridge has been out for 10 and half months and has just came down from the furthest North part of the mission - Cairns!!!!! He served up there for 6 months. It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Carswell, but it was fine as we will see each over around in the mission! So in the flat where we live Elder Kozak has finished his mission and is heading back to Toronto Canada tomorrow! and Elder Ly Waut is in the Flat still and his new companion is Tongan but has been raised in Sydney, his name is Elder Nalesomi, so there has been some big changes :) So Amery a massive Miracle this week was on church after Sunday, we were not sure where to Tract (knocking doors) and we where lead to this place in our area we have not been as it is really out the way, but we felt like we should go there, so we ended up knocking on this door and this man came out and he is called Steve, and Steve was really happy to see us, he had just got back church and we started talking to him and he said his Brother is a member and that he has family living in Utah now and we set up a time to come back and see him this Thursday at 4pm, we left him with a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet with our names and numbers on the back. So yesterday I got a phone call and it was on a private number so I had no idea who was calling I picked up and said 'Hello Elder King speaking' Steve responded hey Elder King it's Steve here, I read and prayed about the pamphlet that you gave me and I know I need to become a Mormon, I prayed to God and he answered my prayers' I was reading about the 3 heavens, Telestial, Terrestial and Celestial and it all just made so much sense to me' I know being a Mormon is the thing I have been needing my whole life, reading that Pamphlet filled a gap in my soul which i have been yearning for my whole life' Amery how incredible is that! My mouth dropped on the phone hahaha I was sooooo happy! We had a great conversation, and he is really excited to be seeing us on Thursday! I will set a baptismal date with him :D It was the coolest experience. Also this week we found a Mauri Family Mauri being from (New Zealand) well this family from New Zealand we tracked into and it was awesome they were interested in hearing more, as we spoke to the woman we came back around there house and The dad is actually a Less Active, who was raised in the church and turned away at about 15 and has not gone for many years! He wants to come back eventually and he wants his son to learn about it, and his son has never been raised with it or anything, the wife is a non member as well as the son and they also have an older son who is 14 :) So there is big potential to help bring this family into the church :) We also got talking to another family from New Zealand yesterday and they are struggling and are down on there luck at the moment and they are living in a tent, we were able to buy them nappies for the babies, (Diapers) being American ;) and Milk etc and help them out! And we are seeing them tomorrow and will be having a lesson with them as they invited us around to do so as they are interested! So more potential there with another family. and I told you about Nikki last week how I have been teaching Nikki for the last few weeks and how I set a baptismal date with her for the 29th of September and she can't wait for Baptism :) She is so sweet and kind, she and her children are lovely the gospel has completely changed her life already :) and I'm teaching her again tomorrow night :) and I can't wait for her baptism my first baptism and she is so awesome It is hard to describe I have wrote so much in my Journal about Nikki :) Nikki was telling me the other night about how her children are praying to Heavenly Father for the first time it was the cutest thing! I have to get going now! Love you!! Elder King XX

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