Monday, 16 September 2013

4 months down this week!!

Sorry I havent posted in a few weeks! I have just started school today, so ive been busy moving in and getting things ready! Sam has not said a lot these past few week about his mission! I wish I knew more. He also has been having computer trouble at the library where he emails. I thought I would post a little bit for those that are checking the blog! He has been teaching a lot of people and really loves his investigator named Nikki. She is planning on getting baptized and he is so excited for that! This week he will be out for 4 months!! It is going by so fast, but so slow at the same time! Thanks! Also, here is a link to his "I'm a Mormon" profile page that he created before he left. It has his testimony and things about him and his faith on it for everyone that would like to read it. :)

 The week has been going well I'm loving my new companion, he is the man just a really great guy, we get on super well and both love a good laugh, he gets on really well with the ward.  I eat at members house only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday however I can eat at a members house from Monday to Thursday but only if there is a non member there! so hopefully i will be going around the Mathieson's for dinner soon and Nikki will be coming so that will be awesome, I honestly can't tell you how excited I am for Nikki to be Baptized on the 29th of this month not very long.  It will get pretty cold in the coming months, its so weird for me to think that it is only going to get hotter and hotter here! It is going to be so humid as well! I will have to have like a BBQ or something! and that sounds awesome!  there are some really tough days, like crazy days, up so early working as hard as we can until bedtime! but it is all worth it!! Also Tell Joe, without him or his family, i would not be here or where I am today! Tell him, i can never Thank him or his family enough for all that they done for me! and yea I met a guy who worshiped the Sun, it was sooo weird, some random Italian man who was old hahah, trying to get out of that home was crazy, but i was not trapped in it hahhaha! I have met some crazy people here on the Gold Coast, you really do get the weirdest people haha! but you got to Love them! The mission is going well! Love you all! Elder King xxx

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