Friday, 25 July 2014

Fire of Motivation

So I had a good week, it was pretty decent, last P-day, we ended up instead of playing Bball, we went to an indoor sports center and we all played Netball, and some Cricket, it was the first game of Netball I ever played in my life, I was playing the position of Goal Attack, the only reason being because I play Basketball. Cricket was also fun playing it has been ages since I last played and we were teaching are American friends on how to play it :)So also in this ward, I am teaching the Gospel Principles (Essentials) class, I have been teaching it my whole mission. Also I have been asked to speak in sacrament meeting again next week, so that should be great. one of my very close friends, who I have been with for pretty much my whole mission, we were in the Gold Coast together, and Brisbane North and now here in the Cleveland Zone, and it is so much fun living with him His name is Elder Harris, we have such a blast, if I was not in the flat he would go crazy and be so bored hahahah. Have you ever seen the film 'Forever Strong' I love watching that film, well he played for the Highland team. BYU wanted him to play for them but he turned down because he said that the Rugby is better in New Zealand.
I will have to contact my friends in Kuwait and see how they are doing, we will have to go to Kuwait one day :) They also have a house in Idaho, 2 and half hours from Campus and they said I can go they anytime :) 
So this week, we also had a Mini Missionary with us and just took him out for the week to show him how it is done and he had a great week and loved it, It was a good experience for him, and he is excited to go on a mission. 
So this week, I also got to try a deep friend Mars Bar, Have you ever tried one????? They a massive in Scotland. Also this week I have been trying to get more motivated, I have lost so much motivation lately, I just have not been the same, I'm trying to get back my Fire, and they last few weeks I have been really finding in hard, I have been listening to a lot of motivational things which have really helped me, by this man called 'Eric Thomas' Maybe you have heard of him and listened to one of his things??? Also every lunchtime for the last few days, I have been practicing my dribbling in Basketball, my shooting is not bad and that's because I practisced heaps, but I not that good at dribbling the ball, so I thought the only reason why, is because I have never practicsed it, so I know that if I practice, during my lunch break even for a little bit  I will definitely improve. Also Guess what??????? I saw Elder Elisara, as the area I am in connects with Eight Mile Plains, and one of the people we got permission to visit lives in Eight Mile Plains so It was crazy to go back to my old area, and Elisara happened to be in the same neighbourhood, called him and we met up :) So this week, I had one of the best days on my mission, I went out with my good friend Elder Nelson on trade offs. I was also with him down in the Gold Coast, he was one of the first missionaries I ever met. I met him when I had just got off the plane at the mission home, and he remembers the first time meeting me and seeing me, I was the only one walking around the mission home talking to every one and introducing myself all the other missionaries were to scared, or nervous, he said I remember seeing you 'Elder King Loud, and No Fear' he is going to BYU Idaho aswell so we will kick it there, will be awesome. we had a crazy day, got up to crazy times, it's good to be able to work hard and have fun, i Always think of this 'Work Hard, Play Hard'. He is from Yuma Arizona and he is the man at Basketball and Golf., So happy got to work with him we were just cracking jokes all day. Also one night we were bored so Elder Harris and me decided to shave a massive Crown into my thigh haaahaha it was crack, i Just hope it grows back hahaha

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