Friday, 25 July 2014


I can't believe that my Boy has been gone over a week, that is so crazy ahaha, Mad proud of him and for his decision, I saw some of the pictures, I got sent a few from his Mum, as he was set apart and all, but i'm sure there are heaps that I have not seen :), It was crazy for me to remember when I was set apart and all it has gone so fast since then, do you remember seeing those pictures go onto FB just after I got set apart. and also I can't believe Austin Leaves this week either that is super exciting and all, and that he will maybe see Joe around in the MTC. So this week has been pretty decent, We are doing are best to find new people and teach, we taught not a lot last week as like I said we have no one to teach but are doing are best to find some amazing people to teach. I met quite a few English people this last week, there are heaps of Pome's here, in Aussie, but known of them can tell I'm from England, as my accent has changed heaps already. and It was funny as I was talking to this one woman, and she was from Gloucestershire, I went down there on my 19th Birthday but she was like you sound Australian, you even say Heaps hahaha!!! and when I was talking with these other guys because I got to speak some of there language and knew a little bit about there country, they were so happy they were like I guess you all 'Cultured up'. As you know I also Love Husky's and I saw this type of Husky I believe it is called an Alaskan Malamute, (Not sure how to spell it) It was a boss of a dog. Also the dogs I really like are Pugs hahaha!!! So it was funny as I had a Chocolate Craving and I was in this store and I was like man I could really do with some Chocolate right now, then as I walk around the corner, a woman is standing in front of me dressed in a Lindt Lindor uniform and was like would you like some Lindor's I was just like heck Yea I would, and I ate it the proper way.
So also this week was awesome because we got to do quite a bit more service, so I was up on this ladder, then went on t the roof after and was cleaning out the gutters, for this man, he was American, from Colorado, but has been here in Australia for 30 + years, but he has such a strong accent still :) It was so much fun helping this man out and then after cleaning the gutters, I was on the roof and got a Chainsaw and had to cut down the top of this tree and all It was a heap of fun. 
I also got to do service for this lovely 93 year old woman, we done the garden work for her, and then had a wonderful chat with her afterwards, and It was super funny as remember me telling you about the Jehovah's Witness Ear wax experience when I was in the Gold Coast, well a similar thing happened even a glass of water again, but this time instead of ear wax she gave me this glass of water, but it was full of like dead insects floating around and the glass was really dirty, she walked out the room and I turned to my companion and was like Bro I can't drink out of this hahaha, it was so crack up. then I rushed around the table before she came back and poured the glass of water on to one of here plants that she had, then rushed back round to my seat just as I got to sit back down she walks in, It was really funny at the time :) Also this old woman has a really old car in the garage, like a 1950's model that has not been used for donkey's years. and I was looking at it and tried to open the door and it just opened and I was like what the heck hahah, then I look in and there is just this possum (bush baby) in my face just staring me down hahahah, i thought it was awesome that he lived in there, just chilling, kicking back like a villain. 
Also yesterday, I went of Trade off with Elder Harris, and the weather here in Australia has been pretty decent, I've only seen it rain twice in the last few months, and one of those days was yesterday and it came hard, we were going wild just sprinting in the rain down a few streets as we had just finished knocking doors and while we were running, we were getting smashed by hail also just hitting us in our face hahah! It was lot of fun though, then we got a lift back to the flat freshened up, then went to English Class, and it was so much fun we were just doing all these activities using a map of Australia, and every one in the English class is from the middle East, from Iran and Afghanistan, so they all speak Persian (Farsi) So I had a heap of fun trying to improve mine, this man was like this is so wonderful that you speak my language, what do you think of it, then I replied to him in Farsi 'I think Persian is a Beautiful Language' and his reaction was so priceless hahah! :) Also there is some exciting news, so Iran is being baptized so many people are joining the church here from Iran, and remember how I mentioned I was teaching my friend called Amir, and set a date with him, and then I got moved areas, well he is being baptized this weekend. the reason it took longer is that he had to be interviewed by the mission president and all and the area authority needs to give permission so that it can go ahead. It is so exciting, I'm so happy for Amir and his decision. So today is also a Multi Zone P-day, so 4 Zone are coming together, as our reward for the 100 baptisms in June and it's actually a ''full day'' P-day like untill 7.30pm which is awesome and it is at Karawatha chapel, if you have not checked it out you should do so :) we will be playing Basketball like crazy, President will be there and really wants to play, he has got out the basketball shoes and got a new basketball, it should be so much fun :) just kicking back and chilling shooting some hoops. So I'm also going to ask President If I can get permission to go to Amir's Baptism and all as EMP is just so close anyways. hopefully so. Also Transfers are next week :) and hopefully I will be going to the temple this Friday with Georgie, we are trying to sort it out :)

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