Sunday, 6 July 2014

All Around the World

So My week was awesome, work is going well here, we have not really got anyone to teach at the moment, which kind of sucks hahaha, but we are doing are best to find new people and got 10 return appointments in 1 day, so hopefully these potentials can turn into solid people really wanting to learn more, Also I met this guy, who had lived in England for 4 years, he is a member and he just moved back from Kuwait in the Middle East as he was out there for 4 years, and I asked him if he knew my friends 'The Bomans' who live in Kuawit and he is bestfriends with the son of the Bomans, and the reason I I know this family is became I became really good friends with Melissa the daughter as she served in the London South Mission, when I was Investigating and Joining the Church and then just after i Joined. So i thought that was awesome that I had that interesting connection to Kuwait, again, I always find this connections haahah It's awesome :) we got a picture together and sent it to them. saying that I serving in his ward. Also this week we have been working a lot with the recent converts like Stephen, he just got the priesthood and we were working with Josh, he brother plays Rugby for England, which means he is a Boss, and Josh is playing for Queensland and will probably end up in the NRL over here, National Rugby League, he has been scouted by a few teams and all, he is in Darwin this week in a competition. But it is great to see these young guys coming into the Gospel. I have been very blessed so far on my mission with being a Convert being able to connect so well to people, one of my friends Brother Baptista, well his son is on his mission in Perth, he asked me about my story, I shared it with him and all, and then after I said your friend might know one of my friends from my home ward he is also serving in Perth, unfortunately a few weeks ago I found out my friend had to come home early because he has Cancer, he had been serving for 18 months, he is a champion, I have so much respect for him, I really look up to him, he is actually from Arizona, but moved to England, well I was telling Brother Baptista about him and how his son might have met him, then I go to Brother Baptista's fridge to get something out and who do I see on the fridge but a big picture of my friend with his son, at a baptism, it turned out my friend who had to go back, trained Brother Baptista's son :D I Love these connections, there has been a few this week, but I always randomly get these, for all around the world. :)

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