Monday, 30 June 2014

Hastening the Work

 So the last few day were great, Stephen, got baptized, yesterday, it was so lovely he also got confirmed a member afterwards, we had a goal in this mission to get 100 baptisms in June, and It has never been done before, like not even that close, but guess what this mission saw 100 convert baptisms this month, the first time ever in the history of this mission, so it was super exciting and guess what Stephen I'm pretty sure was the 100th one :) The Lord really is hastening his work, in this part of the vineyard. :) I was able to speak at the Baptism, about Baptism and I'm speaking again in sacrament, in a few weeks :) So it was awesome, as last week on emails, my companion's Dad emailed him giving him a referral in our area, you see my Companion's Dad served in this mission as well, the same years as when your Dad was serving, he told us to go and check out this house, and we went there and it was still the same guy who lived there :) It was super awesome, and the stories he was telling us Was great and I thought that was super awesome how his Dad served here. So the mornings here have been so cold lately like crazy cold I have been freezing my Balls off haha, So I have like an extra duvet cover on and I have my bright pink fluffy socks on keeping me warm, It's honestly been so cold, I hate it :P  I some times wake up and just think am I serving in Antarctica or Australia :P  So this week we are excited to help Steven prepare to receive the Priesthood this coming Sunday, So we will be working with him and hopefully he will be able to email you some pictures of us at the baptism. So these last few days, I have actually been getting phone calls from my old companion, he is really struggling, and he really misses me, He is having a pretty rough time, his new companion apparently does not say anything like ever, and he is finding it really tough, he was telling me that the flat miss me and it is different not having me there!! We are also excited for this coming week because we are going to go and see this Irish woman and her partner he is from England and there little kid, and she was telling us how her Dad used to be a Bishop back in Ireland and how her Partner is not a member, and she called us back setting up another time, which is also great. So i feel pretty good this morning, as I smashed Mt. Gravatt and run up it, and down, it was intense, but it was so worth it. :) I have probably have not been this fit in my life.

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