Sunday, 1 June 2014

Powerful Week

This last week I went as hard as I could, All I have ever wanted to be is a consecrated missionary. In companionship study I broke down crying because I know I don't have long left and all i have wanted is to be consecrated and work my hardest and I'm finally doing that, it's been super hard for me to do this, I have had to change somethings but I'm getting there and I have had a really emotional week, but like 1 one of the best weeks I have had on my mission, every lesson I was in I cried, because it was such a powerful lesson the spirit was so strong, I noticed changes that were wonderful, I shared such a powerful thing about the Plan of Salvation, It's something I will never forget, I was teaching our investigator who lost her Baby, I was crying as I shared this tender moment with her. :) When I thought of that last week, i went so hard with work, I set another baptismal date and have been working so hard, better late then never, I set a date with Georgie. Georgie will be being baptized on the 14th of June, it also happens to be the day I get to Skype home :) I can't tell you how much joy that brings me in my life, when i first met Georgie, she said it would take her years to be baptized because she had to get married and all, a things happened in her life, and she is no longer with her boyfriend, but she is now able to be baptized, it's sad that they are not with each other especially for her baby who is 6 months old, he was born when I first came into the area, but this is the best step for Georgie in her life and also with the lesson, who did I teach with but the mission President :) So amazing, he is going around every zone, and went out with missionaries who had lessons, that day he was in the area, we scheduled a lesson with Georgie and president came :) I have taught with president before, It's funny because when I first came out to Australia, I was still so fresh in the gospel and I did not really know how to teach, but I'm so much better now and president was super impressed by my teaching and I know it made him so happy to see the progress I'm making. So the week went to fast for me with teaching with president, to having many emotional lessons, we are teaching this Muslim man at the moment, and it is going super great, we have been having some incredible lessons and he will be coming to church this week. :) The week was also great because we had an Inactive woman come up to us on the street and say hey Elders reactivate me and my family, for any one reading this who is not a member, I'm not talking about robots and because reactivating kind of sounds like I'm on about a robot or something, it's just where she has not been to church in donkey's years like soooooooo long and wants to come back, so after 5 minutes of talking to her on the street 5 minutes later we were in her home visiting with the family and she came to church this Sunday she needed the extra push, put the Lord places us where we need to be, she had just moved into the area and  she just happened to see us cycling at night, it was pitch black out and it was about 8pm but we needed to be there at  this time! and her 1st cousin goes to our church on Sunday and she did not even know it, so they got reunited :) Also Fast and Testimony meeting was great, sacrament actually went over 30 minutes longer then it was meant to as I have never seen this but 20 people all went up at the same time to share there testimony, so there were heaps of people just sitting on the stand waiting. So powerful I was paying full attention to what they shared! You some times get worried with Fast and Testimony meeting when you bring your investigators to church as you know that the 1 crazy person in the ward will get up there and say something just insane, every ward has one :) but luckily all went well for us :) The week was also great as we had a 'Come Follow Me' Fireside, with the Mission President there and 3 recent converts spoke, It was so wonderful and they were from all over the world, it's funny because none of them were Aussie, one was South African, one was from New Zealand and 1 from China, but It is so wonderful to know that the gospel is for everyone no matter what background or walk of life, or like me from little ol' England. What I Love about My mission is that no matter what door I knock on, I have no idea what kind of person they are going to be, what they look like, where they are from or there kind of personalty, all i know is that whoever is behind that door i know that the message of the gospel will bless and help them and bring more joy into there lives, I love 2 Nephi chapter 26 verse 33 and this kind of says it all! I Love that we never force, just invite :) It was also awesome last week because at the fireside, there was my old friend Elder Double' from New Zealand, he was back in OZ for a few weeks and he wanted to find what area I was in to come and say hello knew me from me being fresh on the mission or just a 'Greenie' Elder Double' now just Allan was my first Zone Leader back when I was in the Gold Coast. We had a great catch up and got a picture, it was really good seeing him, seems like it was literally just yesterday we were going on trade offs together having a blast, but that was nearly a year ago. 
Always going on in Australia right now is the biggest sporting event of the year 'State of Origin' Queensland, VS New South Wales, it's so intense and everyone gets involved. Have a Blessed and wonderful week!

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